Casa Grande matches

We've seen quite a bit of chatter on our social media channels on the subject of streaming our games from here in Casa Grande.

While we always appreciate any feedback and the desire to have this game available, I need to make it clear that if there was a way for myself and the digital staff to stream these games, we would. Grande Sports World is a tremendous venue for the team to accomplish everything they need to on the field, from the indoor workout facilities to the 10 soccer fields and a host of other amenities.

View from my hotel room. Not bad at all.

As you can see, it's all about the fields here. Unforuntately for us digital folk, this is not a stadium. There is no outdoor power on the fields and there is no hard line internet connection. There is no press box, just bleachers for fans and staff to share. This makes it impossible to set up a live internet stream of a soccer match.

We've also had a few folks mention that we could bust out our iPhones and just stream the game from there.

To an extent, this is true - it's physically possible to hold a phone on the sidelines and stream the game from the sidelines over a 3G connection (with a mere two bars of service).

However, the product you'd be seeing on the other end would be less than remarkable. For example, I shot this during our game on Friday against Sporting KC:

The angle of view alone is not great, as the only time you'd have a decent view is when play is on the left side of the center circle. Everything else is a blur in this clip.

Now - imagine the buffering and pixelation that would also be a part of a live stream. It would be awful, and I guarantee fans would be shutting this off soon after they turned it on. Not to mention I am not confident that an iPhone battery would last for an entire 90 minutes of live streaming.

This may just sound like a laundry list of excuses, but I can't be any more honest when I say that if we had the option to stream these games, we would. MLS will be streaming each of our Desert Diamond Cup matches in a few weeks, and we'll continue to provide coverage of the team from Casa Grande and Tucson with a week at Gillette in the middle.

Editor's note: I originally embedded a few fan tweets simply as a reference to what was being said on our Twitter feed and #NERevs hash tag, but I have since removed them as to not single out a small group of fans. Again, we appreciate all feedback and suggestions whether it be on social media or here on