Club Staff

Robert K. Kraft Investor/Operator
Jonathan A. Kraft Investor/Operator
Brian Bilello President
Michael Burns General Manager


Brad Friedel Head Coach
Mike Lapper Assistant Coach
Marcelo Neveleff Assistant Coach
Ruben Garcia Goalkeeper Coach
Anton McElhone Head of Fitness
Remi Roy Director of Scouting & Player Personnel
Jason Gove Director of Soccer Operations
Tyler Fletcher Soccer Operations Coordinator
Scott Emmens Equipment Manager
Tim Crawford Analyst
Todd Kingston Team Video Coordinator


Evan Allen Head Athletic Trainer
Phil Madore Assistant Athletic Trainer
Glenn O’Connor Massage Therapist
Scott Martin, M.D. Head Team Physician
Luke Oh, M.D. Team Orthopedist
Patty Gibbons, M.D. Head Team Internist
Stuart Klein, M.D. Team Internist
Michael D. Weinman,  D.C., C.C.S.P Chiropractor                                
Jennifer Green Spaulding Rehab Specialist  
Tim Needham Spaulding Rehab Specialist  
Alice Richer Spaulding Rehab Nutritionist 
Brad Feldman Supervising Producer
Paul Mariner Color Analyst
Naoko Funayama Sideline Reporter
Kaitlin Gangl Communications Director
Adam Klionsky Communications Manager
Scott Altman Communications Coordinator
Kevin Noonan Communications Coordinator
David Silverman Team Photographer
Jason Dalrymple Director of Digital Media
Jeff Lemieux Senior Staff Writer & Editor
Merrill D'Arezzo Digital Content Assistant
Kurtis Burke Digital Content Assistant
Alyssa Hanifan Email Marketing Coordinator
Cathal Conlon Vice-President of Marketing
Dave Campopiano Director of Marketing
Natalie Benjamin Marketing Coordinator
Matthew Miller Multicultural Marketing Coordinator
Cosmo Mills Grassroots Marketing Coordinator
Kaila Tzianabos Partnership Marketing Coordinator
Sean Ndebele Community Relations Associate
Taylor Coombs Marketing Associate
James Mullins Vice President of Ticket Sales and Customer Service
Joe Chamas Director of Business Operations and Customer Service
Adam Richichi Package Sales Manager
Tavis Cabral Analyst - CRM Sales
Richard Powell Group Sales Manager
Paul Blanchard Lead Account Executive
Damian Kolb Lead Account Executive
David  Krakower Lead Account Executive
Tyler Barnes Account Executive
Kevin  Caputo Account Executive
Francisco D’Auria Account Executive
Rebecca Doherty Account Executive
Owen Dugan Account Executive
Spencer Fletcher Account Executive
Mitch Gaynor Account Executive
Mac  Kaseman Account Executive
Kyle Lindsay Account Executive
Christopher Martinez Account Executive
Nick Osborn Account Executive
Shana Pina Account Executive
Alexa Quintiliani Account Executive
Nicholas Scaltreto Account Executive
Adrian  Tarbox Account Executive
Nicole Taylor Account Executive
Quinn Graves Sales Coordinator
Matt Fedorka Retention and Events Coordinator
Patrick Mund Customer Service Supervisor
Steven Castillo Lead Customer Service Representative
Connor McCarthy Lead Customer Service Representative
Caroline Gaughan Customer Service Representative
Elizabeth Rennie Customer Service Representative
Akash Shah Customer Service Representative

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