Robert K. Kraft - Investor/Operator

Jonathan A. Kraft - Investor/Operator


Brian Bilello - President


Bruce Arena - Sporting Director & Head Coach

Curt Onalfo - Technical Director

Richie Williams - Assistant Coach

Dave van den Bergh - Assistant Coach

Shalrie Joseph - Assistant Coach

Kevin Hitchcock - Goalkeeper Coach

James Collins - Director of Sports Performance

Remi Roy - Director of Scouting & Player Personnel

Chris Tierney - Director of Soccer Operations

Harrison Hall - Head Performance Coach

Conor Sweeney - First Team Sports Scientist

Sergio Neveleff - International Scout

Tyler Fletcher - Director of Team Administration & Gameday Operations

Kevin Mellon - Manager of Team Administration & Gameday Operations

Scott Emmens - Equipment Manager

Tim Crawford - Analyst

Todd Kingston - Team Video Coordinator


Clint Peay - Head Coach

Marcelo Santos - Assistant Coach

Yuta Nomura - Assistant Coach (Goalkeepers)

Pablo DiBenedetto - Sports Performance Coach (MLS Next Pro)

Brandon Miskin - Team Administrator (MLS Next Pro)

Ian Michaud - Equipment Manager (MLS Next Pro)


Rob Becerra - Director of Youth Development / Head Coach

Roland Uribe - Head Coach

Liam Connors - Head Coach

Jasir Charris - Goalkeeping Coach

T.J. Love - Assistant Coach / Academy Scout

B.J. Noble - Assistant Coach / Academy Administrator


Matthew Kirkpatrick - Athletic Trainer – MLS

Joshua Williams - Athletic Trainer – MLS

Darrell St. Jean - Athletic Trainer – MLS NEXT Pro

Matthew Zaremba - Athletic Trainer – MLS NEXT

Sabrina Murray - Athletic Trainer – MLS NEXT

Glenn O’Connor - Massage Therapist

Jennifer Green - Physical Therapist – MLS

Tim Needham - Physical Therapist – MLS NEXT Pro

Dr. Scott Martin - Chief Medical Officer & Orthopedist

Dr. James Yeh - Team Doctor, Internist

Dr. Ashwin Babu - Team Doctor, Physiatrist

Dr. James Guseh - Team Doctor, Cardiologist

Dr. Yoshio Kaneko - Sports Psychiatrist

James Doorley - Sports Psychologist

Monical LaHair - Medical Care Coordination & Administration

Adam Miller - Chiropractor

Alex Taylor - Neuropsychologist


Brad Feldman - Executive Producer

Charlie Davies - Color Analyst

Tamara Brown - Sideline Reporter


Adam Klionsky - Director of Communications

Harold Rivera - Communications Manager (Español)

Daniel Shulman - Communications Coordinator

Merisa Boyd - Communications Associate


Jason Dalrymple - Director of Digital Media

Jeff Lemieux - Senior Staff Writer & Editor

William Whitelaw - Social Media Manager

Mimi Murad - Social Media Coordinator

Olivia Reckley - Social Media Coordinator

Kurtis Burke - Senior Digital Content Producer

Luke Robitaille - Digital Content Producer

Chris Miglorino - Graphic Designer

David Silverman - Team Photographer


Cathal Conlon - Vice-President of Marketing & Community Relations

Dave Campopiano - Director of Fan & Community Engagement

Matthew Miller - Fan Engagement Manager

Alexandra Mitch-Brand - Activation Coordinator

Emily Plowman - Community Engagement Coordinator

Brendan Flood - Fan Engagement Coordinator

Tavis Cabral - Director of Business Intelligence

Andrew Hosmar - Business Intelligence Supervisor

Eugene Lee - Business Intelligence Coordinator

Justin Rogers - Director of Marketing and Digital Advertising

Emilio Yanez - Digital Marketing Supervisor

Miranda Cheung - Digital Marketing Coordinator


James Mullins - Vice President of Ticket Sales and Service

Nick Mann - Associate Vice President of Sales

Joe Chamas - Senior Director of Business Operations and Customer Service

Patrick Mund - Senior Manager of Business Operations and Customer Service

Matt Fedorka - Customer Service Manager

Steven Castillo - Membership Service Representative

Connor McCarthy - Lead Membership Service Representative

Victor Scena - Customer Service Representative

Ethan Tavares - Customer Service Representative

Jonathan Carter - Lead Customer Service Representative

Austin Gaudreau - Lead Customer Service Representative

Drew Burrows - Customer Service Representative

Spencer Fletcher - Customer Service Representative

Samuel Sloan - Customer Service Representative

Caroline Gaughan - Supervisor, Hospitality and Events

Joe Medcalf - Group Sales Manager

Taylor Duquette - Group Sales Coordinator

Kyle Lindsay - Senior Account Executive - Group Sales

Jay Gardiner - Account Executive – Youth Soccer

Jack Meaney - Account Executive - Youth Soccer

Jeremy Nadler - Account Executive - Youth Soccer

Justin Rosa - Account Executive - Youth Soccer

Nicholas Scaltreto - Account Executive - Youth Soccer

Andrew Frawley - Account Executive – Youth Soccer

Adam Richichi - Senior Account Executive – Business Development

John Gallagher - Account Executive – Business Development

Connor Maloney - Lead Account Executive - Business Development

Duncan Moller - Account Executive - Business Development

Madison Perlmutter - Account Executive - Business Development

Peter Jameson - Package Service Representative

Zach Muller - Package Service Representative

Marc Rogers - Inside Sales Manager

Brian Bradley - Inside Sales Representative

Giovanni Caserio - Inside Sales Representative

Michael Driscoll - Inside Sales Representative

Tom Gatanis - Inside Sales Representative

Abby Hutchinson - Inside Sales Representative

Nicholas LoConte - Inside Sales Representative

MacKenzie Peterson - Inside Sales Representative

Marc Roche - Inside Sales Representative

Dominic Scutti - Inside Sales Representative