Highlights image - Revs vs. Red Bulls

Postgame Quotes: NYRB 4, Revs 1

Jay Heaps

On the match:
Not good enough across the board. We have to be better, we have to hold ourselves accountable. We as staff we have to get the guys playing better and right now we’re not doing it. We prepared for the opening 15 minutes for maybe too much, but we knew the first 15 minutes were going to be key to this game and rather than it being an objective it actually became a major problem.

On what led to the snowballing of goals early:
I think not being clean with the ball, not staying connected in terms of – the ball went out of bounds, they turn around and play it real quick and we weren’t turned on – little things like that that normally we’re really good at and I think when you hit a stretch like this and it’s a sad stretch, and we’ve got to be really good on those things and if you don’t get a break you’ve got to make a break and right now we’re not making any luck because right now we probably don’t deserve any luck because we’re not doing all the little things right.

On their current difference in form from last November, New England’s most recent trip to Red Bull Arena:
Yeah I mean obviously, when you lose five games. I want to say that the last two games for sure we have not had the edge that we need to win games in this league and that’s on the staff, that’s on me, that’s on our group, that’s on us getting more ready, but I’ll take the blame because I got to get our guys to get that edge because that edge is the difference in those last two games we haven’t had. I think in the other games we’ve had moments of it and we were definitely aggressors in those games, but not the last two.

On if there’s plans of any new acquisitions:
We’re having conversations all the time about it, it’s just how quickly it can be pulled off and it’s unrealistic for next game, but it’s a concern for us.

Bobby Shuttleworth

On the breakdowns tonight:
Yeah I mean just not starting the game properly. We talked about it all week how they’re going to jump all over us in the first 10 minutes and that’s exactly what they did and we just weren’t ready to go and pretty much lost the game in the first 10 minutes.

On what led to the early goals:
Just breakdowns. [We] just gave away too many things in our own half and they played right through us and got good chances and finished them well. We knew they were going to come out like that in the first 10 minutes and we didn’t take care of business and it cost us three points.

On how to end their current losing streak:
We got to be tougher, everyone. Every single player on the whole squad, we have to be mentally tougher, we got to be ready to start games for myself, all the way through. It just wasn’t good enough today and I think every other player in this locker room would say the same thing.

Chris Tierney

On the match tonight:
It was so disappointing, we have no one to blame but ourselves. We trained hard this week, the coaches got us ready to play and we just didn’t execute so it’s on the players, which is not good enough from any of the 11 of us that started the game and there’s only one thing to do and that’s tie our boots back up, go to work this week and take three points next week at home.

On how to break the losing streak:
You just keep working hard. You get sick of saying this stuff, but it’s true. There’s nothing else to do but stay positive and work through it and hope that eventually things change. We just don’t have enough guys playing well at the same time right now. There’s too many of us to be honest, myself included, we’re playing not up to their full potential. When you do that, you just can’t win games in this league so everyone has to take a long look in the mirror, myself included, and us senior guys we have to be a better example for this squad and we’ll do that this week and we’ll be ready to play this weekend.

On what’s changed in the team this year as opposed to last November, the last time they visited Red Bull Arena:
It’s just form. Team’s go in and out of form, but that’s last season. This is a different squad this year so we’re not thinking about last year at this point. We had a losing streak last year, but we had to work our way out of it last year and we’ll have to work our way out of it this year so, a new group of players and it’ll be a different job for us, but there’s still time, that’s the good news, but we’ve got to turn things around sooner rather than later.

Red Bulls coach Denis Hamlett

On the play of the team:
Credit to the guys. The message from me and Jesse [Marsch] this week was that when we are at home, we're in attack mode. We want to take the game to the team and tonight, those guys were able to do that. I think once they got going, it was just a matter of finishing their chances. I think we've created a lot of at home this year, but just haven't been able to finish them, and tonight we finished them and made the game look a lot easier.

On the play of Robles:
[Robles] has been solid all year. He's made a lot of big saves for us all season. We talked about getting a shutout tonight, I think he's a little disappointed he didn’t get that, but he's been excellent for us all season.

On the play of Anthony Wallace:
I think he had the start against Columbus, but he's been around, he's been patient, and although his name hasn't come up that much, I think he's been able to take advantage of being able to train with the first team and then applying that to Red Bulls II. I think he felt that when his moment came, he'd be ready for that, and this wasn't an easy game for him to go into dealing with Teal [Bunbury] and sometimes [Juan] Agudelo.

On Wright-Phillip's play and starting him over Abang:
We felt that with Lloyd back healthy, that was the team we wanted to put out on the field. I think Lloyd's play opens up the middle of the field for Bradley, and I think his ability to cut under the defense helps us insurmountably, and when you get that package together, you see what you saw tonight. Abang has been good, he's still learning, but we're happy with him so tonight was a difficult decision, but we felt that that was the team we wanted to put out.

On how much the rest helped the team:
It helped a lot. I think it's been a crazy stretch with so many games, and big games too in terms of the New York game, and the Cosmos game. Two important games because of the proximity of the teams so I think that takes a lot out of you both mentally and physically so it was good to shut down and re-charge the batteries a little bit and prepare for an important stretch because 16 out of the next 17 games are conference games so we want to make sure we get off on the right start.

Red Bulls forward Bradley Wright-Phillips

On the first 20 minutes:
Excellent. Excellent performance. I said to Lloyd and Sasha when I got on the bench I was proud to be on the team. These are the type of things we do in training and it came off in 12 minutes and we won the game.

On the effect of having time off:
I’m not sure maybe. I have to tell Jesse to do it again and we’ll see. I definitely felt sharp and a couple of the players looked sharp. The result speaks for itself.

On being back at the top of the formation:
No. From the heart I can tell you I honestly don’t mind. I feel like anywhere attacking I like to play. You can still get chances from the left. As you see Lloyd and Mike have a good goal tally.

On extra motivation with Jesse suspended:
A little bit because it is something he drills into us. He tells us all the time this is our team. Where we are just as important as he is and today we showed that. We were organized and got the job done.
On the offense clicking as the season moves on:
I don’t know, because I haven’t felt like I’m not going to score. Every game I think that I’m going to get a chance. I just feel that it’s one of those seasons for me. Like I said at the beginning of the season, I wanted to balance out. I wanted more assists. I don’t think you are going to get 27 goals and 27 assists. I think I’m doing more for the team and I’m enjoying it.

Red Bulls midfielder Lloyd Sam

On the start of the game:
To take a three-goal lead that early, it gives us an advantage, and it’s hard to come back from, so it was a great start for us.

On the win:
It was an amazing win against our rivals, we needed it.  It’s always good to beat an Eastern Conference team.

If they had in mind New England’s slump:
We didn’t take into account their form. We just thought let’s just do the best we can do from the off.  We were saying all the right things before we went out there.  All the players seemed fired up and you can see we just took control.

On the goal:
I was very surprised to get that much space.  I hope everyone gives me that much space, I was very surprised.