Brad Knighton vs. Philadelphia Union_14

Postgame Quotes: Revs 5, Union 3

Head Coach Jay Heaps

Thoughts on your performance
“It was an interesting night. I think there were some moments of some really good stuff that we did and the last fifteen minutes we didn’t really love.  But, I thought we did some good things.  We played some good football, as did they.  They came out – give them a lot of credit because they played on Wednesday night a really hard game and they fought back.  I thought 2-0 in the first half we took control, but they dug right back in.  You can credit them for that.”
On the mobility
“I think we’re moving the ball well and we’re making good passes, breaking a little bit of pressure.  We have good fluidity and I think whether it’s Diego (Fagundez) cutting inside or Teal (Bunbury) cutting inside, with the help of (Patrick) Mullins mulling it up, it’s creating a lot of movement.  Add in our outside backs Chris Tierney and Darrius Barnes we get fluidity.”
On the bright start to the second half
“That was the big talk at half.  We wanted to start the first half well and first ten minutes in the second half to get going.  When we came out in the first ten minutes of the second half that was some of the best stuff we’ve had.  It was really good all the way around.”
On the goals coming in a variety of ways
“Yeah, I think we’re working hard on set pieces.  It’s nice to get the free kick, Chris Tierney’s free kick and Chris Tierney’s assist.”
On being part of a team that has finished their chances this well
“No, I don’t think so.  I think that the game was wide open.  Both teams could’ve had a chance for more goals.  We need to do a better job of closing it up once we get what we need.” 
On Brad (Knighton) stepping in…
“Brad was great.  The header off Andrew Wenger was a great header and a great save.  Late in that game his calming presence was great; stopped Leo Fernandes in the first half and second half save against Ray Gaddis.  I had already turned away thinking it was in the upper corner.”

Brad Knighton
On getting the call and stepping in
“You have to be ready when your name’s called.  I feel bad for Bobby, it’s unfortunate, but you have to be ready for when your name is called like I said and try and help this team win and make saves.  We were fortunate enough to come here and get our first win.  We’re just trying to keep this train rolling and maybe people will start believing in us.  We still have a ways to go, but there’s a lot of young talent on this team.  We’re on the up right now and we’re dangerous to play.”
On his perspective of the game
“Yeah, it was a pretty wide-open game at times, but there was some unbelievable play from us and there was some play that we wish we could have back.  I’m sure it was exciting for the fans and everything, but these are the types of games that we need to win.  When it’s 5-1 we need to see the game out there and get six or seven, but they had a spill there around the 70th minute and they just kept coming in waves and waves and we need to mature a little bit and recognize that and learn how to weather the storm.  But, a lot of guys stepped up tonight, a lot of guys took their chances and we’re going to win a lot of game if people take their chances like that.”

Chris Tierney
Thoughts on performance and coming away with three points…
“It was important.  It’s never easy to play here.  We knew our record.  We’ve never won here at PPL Park, so we’re happy to take the three points – that’s the most important thing.  I think we could’ve managed the game a little better down the stretch, but we scored five goals and won the game, so all in all it’s a good day for us.”
On starting strong in the second half
“Yeah, I thought we did some really good stuff and stuff that wasn’t so great.  We were clinical when we had our chances and that’s important, especially on the road.  I thought the guys took their chances well when they had them.  Again, I thought we could’ve managed the game a little better towards the end.  Like I said, all in all great result and the start of the second half was definitely important for us.”
On the set pieces working tonight and the significance of that
“Whenever you can get goals on set pieces it’s very important. We work on that a lot and credit to A.J. (Soares). Yeah, it’s important for us to score on set pieces.  It gives us a chance to steal goals and steal points.”

Diego Fagundez
Thought on the performance
“It was a tough game, but at the end of the day we all worked hard.  We came in with a game plan and everyone accomplished it.  From Brad (Knighton) to our forwards I think everyone worked hard.”
On the importance of coming out strong in the second half
“We knew that that third goal was going to be the game-decider.  We just wanted to get it before they did.  I think everyone worked hard and we were trying to look for it.  We got that third goal and it felt a lot better for us.  We still have to be better on some of the mistakes we made.”
On being a part of a team that finishes like this the past couple of games
“I was talking to Chris (Tierney) about it and were thinking the last time we scored ten goals in two games.  It’s great that we’re all finishing our chances because that’s what wins games.”
You said if you got off the mark you’d keep scoring – this is two weeks in a row
“Yeah, I’m feeling a little confidence and it’s nice I could score one today and get an assist, but as long as the team is scoring.  It’s not all about one person.  There’s eleven guys that we’re playing.  I think this is getting our confidence going for the next game.”
On the incredible run that they’re having
“I wish we can play tomorrow, but our bodies need rest.  It’s going to be a big game next week and we don’t want to lose on our home field.”