Postgame Quotes: Revolution 0, Whitecaps 0

New England Revolution head coach Jay Heaps
It was a difficult, hard-fought match, difficult to get a ton going on both sides. We had 17, 18 chances created, I thought we had a good time trying to get there, but sometimes the goalkeeper I thought made two really good saves. But in the end, I was happy with how we played defensively, but we have to be better offensively.

I think when we’re really playing well and everything’s gelling - we’re dealing with a couple of injuries, we’re getting everyone back. When you have your full roster and the full players, I thought we did well at times, but still coming together a bit in that final third. That’s always the hardest part early in the year.

I think Andy (Dorman) really came on in this game and trained well all week. I thought he played well last week in Philly. Andy’s been a player where when the going gets tough and you need to rely on someone, he’s always been a player who’s done well there. I was excited about his performance and he went 90 (minutes), because he had a couple of little injuries in preseason he was able to get through.

I think (dead ball opportunities) is something we wanted to be a little better at. Fortunately, we work on those and we want to make sure we observe the other team’s situation. I thought our decision-making on whether we go short or long was wrong. We need to be a little bit better recognizing when we have the advantage, how quickly we can play a corner. The reason why I say that is because it was a difficult wind. It wasn’t an easy place to put a ball. When you do that, what do you do? You’ve got to play shorter, you’ve got to make better decisions on the corner kick when you see the team playing one against two you take that advantage and we didn’t do that.

Obviously, this has not been an ideal start. You go on the road for two difficult games, but we got home and I thought at least we put it together in some areas. We defended well, we didn’t give away a ton. I thought our backline was really good tonight. I thought (Andrew) Farrell did an excellent job. A.J. (Soares), Jose (Goncalves) and (Chris) Tierney all defended really well with the help of (Andy) Dorman. Their chances were limited, I don’t mind if we have that many more chances than the other team. I think in the end, we’ll get more points. Unfortunately, it wasn’t good enough.

(Daigo Kobayashi) came in and I thought he had an excellent game. I don’t think he had a wrong foot. He had a great chance, worked hard. He’s so good with the ball and crafty. I’ll be honest with you, I was right in front of that last play where he didn’t get called for the foul, it was 100 percent a foul. The guy clipped his foot. Daigo is without question probably the most honest player, person, you’re going to meet. If he thinks he’s fouled, I’m betting with him.

(Getting a shutout) is a positive. When we look at this, we’re going to take away a good, solid performance defensively from top to bottom. They didn’t have a ton of chances and that’s always good. I think when we had our shutout streak last year when we did well, the other team wasn’t getting a ton of chances and we limited them today. We have to be more clinical on our chances.

New England Revolution defender Jose Goncalves
Andrew (Farrell) played right back, you know? There were no problems. We know each other very well and if I have to play left back or center half for Andrew it doesn’t matter anymore.

It felt good, to be back on the pitch. It seemed like every other game for me and I am really focused on my game now.

I train everyday and give 100 perfect when I’m on the field. I didn’t see any situation or problem, all I did was train and focus on my game.

Hey, look I did my job all week. Like I say, I try to be a professional every time I step on the field. At the end of the day Jay (Heaps) has the decision (about who is captain) and the most important thing for me is to be 100 percent and to help my team.
I think everything is going normally right now and everyone is focused on the game. There can be a lot of outside speculation but I’m here playing with my team which is the most important thing.

I think everyone is prepared and knows we all need to rest which is very important.  We need to get back in training next week and get back into a winning mentality. We definitely are going for the three points in the away game, which is going to be tough. We lost a lot of points early in the season, but we still can change everything and turn it around.

New England Revolution midfielder Diego Fagundez
It was a tough game. It could’ve gone either way. I think both teams worked hard. All week we worked so hard to try to get that last pass to get that last goal, to get that first goal for us. Finishing-wise, myself, I just didn’t do as well as usual and we just need to break that ice, not just myself but everyone as a team. We need to break that ice and I think more goals will come.

I think we definitely had a lot of chances, today. I think it’s always because we come home and we feel comfortable and we want to get a victory here. As a team we did well but, we just didn’t finish our last chances.

(The team’s scoreless streak), it’s one of those where you’re trying to break the ice and the ice is not broken yet and its tough because you feel like it’s on yourself and it’s just not working.

I’m going to make sure I go out there this week and make sure to take 100 shots instead of 10 (yard line).

I think we all worked hard (for the shutout). We knew they’re good players and we knew that we had to stop them. Our back four did an awesome job stopping them and Bobby (Shuttleworth) in goal, good saves. So overall, I think we all defended hard and that’s what we wanted. If we can’t get that goal we know we have to make sure that they don’t score.

Every time we have players that we can combine, it’s always nice. If anybody can be in that position, we just have to get comfortable and play off each other and Saer (Sene) and Kelyn (Rowe) have been here for a couple of years, so it’s nice that they’re out there and we know what they’re going to do. Now it’s just getting used to the new players and keep developing.

To tell you the truth, I think every single one (frustrated me when it didn’t go). It’s one of those that if I had that chance again I think I would bury it. I just have to keep working hard and practicing and try to keep finishing those.   

Carl Robinson, Vancouver Whitecaps Head Coach
It’s a good point for us on the road. It’s a difficult place to come here. Conditions weren’t ideal for both teams. They put a lot of set pieces in. We handled them very well. David (Ousted) made one or two good saves. Maybe we could have nicked it, but it’s a positive point for us.

Yeah, we knew the first 20 minutes – the first home game, they’d come off two defeats – we knew Jay (Heaps) would have them fired up. We knew that it was important that we weather the storm, and we did that very well. The second half, we played more of the type of football I want, based upon the wind, as well. So I’m quite pleased in the end.

We had a long travel. It took two flights to get here. (Pedro Morales) felt a slight back issue on the way over, so I didn’t want to risk him. It’s about 34 games of the season, so it was the right decision for me. I knew Pedro was going to play at some stage.  But you’re right. He does make a difference when he plays on the team and rightly so.

We tried to nick it. I tried to be positive with substitutions. We had Darren (Mattocks), Kenny (Miller), Kekuta (Manneh) on the field in the end with Pedro (Morales). I wanted to make sure I’d win the game. Obviously, I didn’t want to be naïve and lose the game, which was important, but we did try to be proactive in the substitution; and I was. And I just said to the guys, it’s a hard place to come here. It really is. The home support is great here for them, and the manager gets them fired up. And we handled the set pieces very well. They’re a bigger team than us and we were able to cope with that.

We got a clean sheet. It’s a very good effort from the whole back, forward and midfield players—especially the goalkeeper. They came up with some big saves. You know, they’ve done their job today. And it’s important if you pick up points on the road that the defenders, and the team as a whole defensively, that they’ve done their job.

I hope so. I really do. Brad [Knighton] is a very reliable goalkeeper, a great shot stopper. And Daigo [Kobayashi], you can see he has got great ability, fantastic ability and drifts in and out of games sometime It’s about finding the right position for him. But I hope both of them do very well, like Lee Nguyen did.

Vancouver Whitecaps FC defender Andy O’Brien
Yeah, I think we were happy with the result. Playing in the first half against the wind, from a defensive point of view, if we could have kept a clean sheet we would have been happy. We came under quite a bit of pressure throughout the 90 minutes from them. It was their first home game, as well. Like I said the conditions didn’t make it easy for either side, but away from home with the distance that we traveled we are pleased with a point.

Yeah, I think (Daigo Kobayashi will) do well. I think he’s a good player.  We wish him luck. We’re pleased today, as usually sometimes can happen that old players will play against their old clubs and score. Like I said before, we are pleased with a clean sheet today.

I think there was a feeling of maybe disappointment last week due to the fact that we were playing against 10 men, but I personally haven’t had a chance to speak about it, but I think you have to credit the opposition sometimes for their work ethic and making it difficult for us. Again it was a difficult game today. Away from home statistically teams don’t pick up a lot of points, and two difficult games it appears we have kept one clean sheet, and have not lost.

(David Ousted’s) worked hard, and he’s dedicated to his profession. He did very well today. We were grateful that he was on form.

Vancouver Whitecaps FC goalkeeper David Ousted
Yeah, I think it was a good point for us. It was a difficult game today ... But that said, great work from the guys getting the result, getting the point from here.

We did what we always do, we defend. The guys in front of me did a great job today, had some important blocks, and played really well. (It’s) Nice to get a clean sheet and get a point from that.

Yeah, definitely, (Pedro Morales made an impact). We wanted to be on the ball more, and try that. Also, we got the wind in our back a little bit, making it easier to put pressure on them, but we were really disappointed that we didn’t keep the ball more than we did. But again, a point away from home is never something to be sad about.

We knew that the Revolution was coming, because, like we said before the game, they had two bad results in the beginning. We knew they wanted to come home in their stadium and set some things straight. So we knew the first 20 minutes especially were going to be hard, but we weathered the storm and got away with a point.

(Chris Tierney) whipped in a really good corner, a nice header, and I just had to react to it. Like you said, it was more of a react and save than something I thought about, so a good save in an important time.

There are always improvements that need to be made, and I’m always looking at what I can do better, but I’m glad with the performances I had in the first three games and hopefully I can continue.

We’re going to look forward to getting back into BC Place, getting back to our style of play. We have a tough opponent in Houston next week, and we’ll do all we can to get ready for that, and I’m looking forward to BC Place and our fans again.

Daigo (Kobayashi) is a great player. You can see his technical skill on the ball is great, and when he got in, I thought they had more of a presence in the midfield. I think he’s going to do great here. He is a great guy and a great player.

Brad (Knighton) is a hard worker and is out there every day, working hard, and improving. I think the Revolution will be happy with the way he is pushing (Bobby) Shuttleworth, who’s in there now. I think it’s only going to be a strength from their side to have strong keepers in there.