Isaac Angking 2018 preseason

The future is bright for Angking: “It’s a chance for him to prove himself”

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – The New England Revolution see a bright future for attacking midfielder Isaac Angking, the club's newest Homegrown Player signed in early January.

“If he really applies himself, there’s no telling how good he could become,” said head coach Brad Friedel.

Angking becomes the fourth Homegrown Player in Revs history, and the second-youngest to sign at 17 years old ─ Angking has since turned 18 ─ only two years older than Diego Fagundez’s signing at 15.

What sets Angking apart from all of the other Homegrown Players? Diego Fagundez, Scott Caldwell and Zach Herivaux are all Massachusetts natives, while Angking is the first Homegrown Player from another New England state, coming from Providence, R.I.

“It’s pride. I respect the guys in Providence,” said Angking. “I’m just trying to do it for my state because we're a really tiny, small state.”

While their home states in New England may be different, Angking is close with the Homegrown Players who have come before him. He has a special bond with Herivaux, as they played together during Angking’s first year in the Revs academy.

“He’s been helping me a lot,” Angking said about Herivaux. “He’s a role model to me and I’m going to keep following him and try to get better.”

Angking quickly climbed the ladder of the Revs Academy with noticeable talent. He started before the 2013-2014 season, rising swiftly from the Under-14s to Under-19s, always playing up to an older age group. His ability and potential stood out, catching the eyes of the Revs’ coaching Staff.

“He's grown as a person. He's grown as a player,” said Bryan Scales, the Revs’ Director of Youth Development. “Every coach, every member of our staff has been involved in trying to help Isaac move along through this pathway. We’re really proud of him. We’re happy to see he has taken this opportunity and now it’s a chance for him to prove himself.”

Angking plans to do just that. As the current youngest member of the team, Angking starts the 2018 season on the same playing field as everyone else on the roster, and is ready to show the Revs how much he can really do.

“He has an incredible amount of technical ability and a ton of potential,” said Friedel. “Now, it’s up to Isaac to learn how to become a pro, develop into the player on and off the field, which is incredibly important.”

Angking will head to Bradenton, Fla., on Friday for preseason with the team to continue to prove his worth to the Revolution.

“All I need is one chance, and that chance, I’m going try to make the best out of it,” said Angking. “Everybody’s fighting for a spot with the new coaching staff. Nobody is guaranteed a spot. Hopefully I get into that one game and I kill it. I’m just waiting for that one opportunity.”