Headline News: World Cup musings

After 32 days of lunch breaks spent crowding around computer monitors, standing shoulder-to-shoulder in local bars, and turning out by the thousands for watch parties at City Hall Plaza, the World Cup is over. Of the 32 teams who long ago began the quest for soccer’s holy grail, Germany has been crowned champion. In his most recent article in the Boston Globe, John Powers explains why the 2014 World Cup was successful in revealing the greatest soccer team in the entire world.

If the World Cup television ratings are an accurate indication of soccer’s growing popularity in America, Major League Soccer has a bright future ahead of itself. Revolution President Brian Bilello discusses how MLS plans to build upon the excitement surrounding soccer following the World Cup in Stephen Hewitt’s latest Boston Herald piece.

Garrett Quinn’s most recent article on Masslive.com provides soccer fans with four ways to quench their thirst for the ‘beautiful game while they count down the days until the 2018 World Cup kicks off in Russia.  

Despite being a member of the losing side in the World Cup final, Argentinian forward Lionel Messi was named the winner of the Golden Ball – an honor bestowed upon the player considered most valuable to his team during the tournament. Boston Herald’s Ron Borges weighs in on whether Messi deserves his most recent accolade, drawing comparisons to star NFL Quarterback Peyton Manning.