Jay Heaps vs. Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Postgame Quotes: Revs 1, Dynamo 1

New England Revolution head coach Jay Heaps
Well, I thought it was a good effort and great energy from our group. We played a tough opponent tonight. I thought we had opportunities to close the game out but Houston is a really good team and they hold on. You wonder why they’ve made it to two MLS Cups in a row. They know how to grind these games out and unfortunately we didn’t take our chances as well as we can. It’s a point but at the same time we need more points at home

I thought (Juan) Agudelo did an excellent job coming in but I have to be honest with you, I thought Dimi (Imbongo) played his heart out. I thought Dimitry (Imbongo) was excellent at holding the ball, smarted play, because it didn’t take a genius to look at the field and see what was happening. First play of the game, Dimi gets his ankle rolled up on him. Demi did an excellent job of holding it and keeping his head. I like that one-two combo because once Agudelo comes in their center backs are tired from battling Dimi and Juan Agudelo is able to really change the game. He’s got the skill, the ability to hold the ball and our runners are able to find good little seams off of him.

I think [set pieces] is something that we continue to work on. They’re not easy. It’s not something you can sit there and go, “We want to be good at those.” We work really hard at them. I thought our play in the first half was really good with (Chris) Tierney. That was a designed play. I agree, I think it happened to us a little bit last year where we get on a little bit of a roll, and we are really tough on the break. So what do they do? They foul us and they stop it. I agree. We need to be better at punishing teams that are going to foul us 25 yards from the goal.

It’s everybody (contributing). I don’t think at this point … I think we do have young players and they’ve played themselves into real critical roles. This is going to take a team and I’ve always said it from the beginning. They would always ask me, “Where are we going to get our goals from?” Early on Kyle (McCarthy) would ask me. I just said, “We have to be balanced in how we attack.” We felt like we didn’t have a Taylor Twellman. We felt that we had a lot of really good players that can get five to six, seven, 10 goals depending on how it is and they have to come from different ways. I think that when we’re playing well guys like Saer (Sene) are finding space because they have to close down Lee (Nguyen) or Kelyn (Rowe) gets a little bit more room because Diego (Fagundez) is making a cut inside. When we’re playing well we have to spread that out. I think when we get into games like this guys like Saer (Sene), guys like Lee (Nguyen), they’re going to lead our players. For me, Saer’s goal was really two good players on the same page. Lee weighted it perfectly.

I think no matter what happened tonight it was going to be a tough four games coming up. We could go back and talk about all the areas where we wanted to get points. Tonight it wasn’t for the way we played. I thought we really played a pretty good football game tonight. I thought when Cam Weaver came in you saw the game even more vertical than it was. They are excellent at that. They took advantage and we could have done better defensively on the goal that we gave up. That said, I’m proud of the guys the way they played but at the same time we have four games left that we have to get points in. There is no question in my mind; it’s going to be a tough road.

(Houston’s history of coming back late in games is) one of those things where ... think about their team. Think about how long they’ve been together. Think about the players in that group. Brad Davis has been in how many MLS Cups? You see how many he’s won. They’re just established in that regard. I think you could go back and look at the Revs in 2005, 2006, 2007 and put a very similar type of feel out there. It takes winning in MLS, and doing well in the MLS to get that spirit and that kind of resolve. We are working at it. We’re close. We’re a team that emulates a team like Houston that can go on the road and go down a goal and then fight for a scrappy goal and get back in it. When we have our chances we want to be lethal and we weren’t. They took advantage of that.

New England Revolution defender Chris Tierney
We talked about it all week – they’re a good, strong, physical side. They’ve got some big, strong players up top, so they were trying to hit those players and get runners off. It was a goal kick in the end that broke us down, so I think that was their game plan. Credit to them; they caught us out there once.

We had a good run of play (after Saer Sene’s goal). We created plenty of chances. I think had we taken one, I think 2-0 would have been curtains for them. Unfortunately, we didn’t get that goal. It’s disappointing. I think on the whole, we played pretty well tonight. We created enough chances to win the game. We had the better of the play, but they’re a good team and they’ve got players up top that will punish you if you make that one mistake, and unfortunately we did.

That was something that we focused on all week, was making sure we matched them physically. I thought on the whole we did a good job of that. It’s disappointing. One point hurts here because I think we played well enough to get three.

We have just got to stick to the plan (the last four games) and trust in the players that we have and the way that we’re trying to play, which is creating chances and getting our attacking players in good spots to score goals, which Saer (Sene) – you saw what a brilliant goal he scored tonight. I thought all of our attacking players were really good at creating chances. It’s just about taking them. So there’s times when you need that slice of luck and we didn’t get it, so hopefully we’ll get it in these next few games coming up.

New England Revolution midfielder Scott Caldwell
I thought we played well, a couple mishaps. We got a point so it’s not the end of the world. We still have four games left to get maximum points. But, overall I thought we did O.K. You’ve got to move on.

(Juan Agudelo) created a lot. He held the ball up, he brought in an extra energy, worked hard defensively. Dimi (Imbongo) also did a great job when he was in there. The last half hour we definitely created stuff. We’ve just got to put that final chance away.

I’m sure (Juan Agudelo) makes the back line space out, give cover. It just takes another defender away I think and gives our attack more options.

We just have to take each game as it is. We’ve got to get maximum points in just about every game and we’ll talk about it as the week goes on. I think we have to just think of it as another game, you can’t think of it as away from home or home. You just have to go out and perform.

I think we did a fine job with (Houston’s physicality). I think we did a fine job with it and we were able to get, overall, better of the play, more chances. It’s just something you’ve got to deal with when you play a team like that and I thought we did fine.

I’ve just got to be in a good starting position (to deal with Houston’s physicality). Really try to read the game as much as I can so that I’m there before them. Or if they beat me to it, I can’t make it a physical battle. I’ve got to be smart about it and pick my chances to win the ball or drop off, give support. I just can’t put myself in that type of situation.

… Anything can happen. We’ve just got to take care of stuff as much as we can on our own, get the maximum points.

Tonight was awesome. The fans really brought it. It was one of the best of the year, I’d say. You could really feel it out there and its definitely nice seeing that as we get down the home stretch and the fans coming out and supporting.

Houston Dynamo head coach Dominic Kinnear
It’s a good result. I mean obviously coming from down a goal makes it even a little bit better, but I thought it was a pretty evenly matched game. A tie seems to be a little bit fairer – two teams that are fighting for everything now as we are getting close to the end of the season and we’ll take the point.
Third game in a week, a lot of changes. Obviously, some guys pulled duty in every single game, and the weather helped us tonight, obviously, with the weather being nice and cool is always good for a good run-out. I thought we played some good stuff. We defended well, obviously; they did the same. We have a couple injuries right now that maybe we could have moved some guys in and out on Wednesday, but it wasn’t to be the case, so big pat in the back to some of those guys that played in all three games.
We had to go a little bit in search of (the the game-tying goal), because if you want to get something you have to go look for it. Boniek (Garcia) has another play and it’s a great finish. It was one of those games of momentum swings and they had the momentum when they scored. I thought we had the momentum when we scored and then it was kind of battling in between that.
It’s all about the result. You could come in and play terrible and get a win, and it’s a beautiful win. So in the end, when you’re coming down here with the standings the way they are, it’s all about results. It’s not about managing. You’ve just got to play your hardest and if you get your chances, take advantage of them.
We have got four games left. They’re all against conference opponents, as I think most of the teams do. I think parity is definitely showing its face to the utmost this year and it’s probably going to come down to last weekend.

Houston Dynamo goalkeeper Tally Hall
The result’s big for us. I think we definitely played well enough to get this result and I wouldn’t have been surprised if we had gotten a win, but that’s not the way it played out. I think to keep them behind us – to add a point – it’s a good result for us, against a team that has a lot of good soccer players. They’re always dangerous. Towards the end of the game, they had three or four guys just kind of sitting in front of our back line waiting to make something happen and be dangerous. They’re always willing to take a chance going forward and luckily we were able to finish up the game well. Will (Bruin) comes up with a huge goal – great finish, and we’re out of here with a draw. I think we’re a happy group.

I think we were good enough to win. When I got the ball, a lot of times I was still looking to play it out. A couple of times Boneik (Garcia) got open and I think he’s one of the best players in the league with the ball at his feet. I don’t want to waste time. I want to see what he can do with the ball. My thought process was kind of, ‘Go for it.’ Obviously, later in the game, in injury time, you’re not going to see me play the ball up too quick. But after we scored, yeah, I was still looking for another one.

Definitely a new level of intensity for this game. It’s good that some guys got to see that time. Warren (Creavalle) had a good shift in today and that level of intensity is going to help him going forward. [Jason Johnson] was able to come on and kind of come into an atmosphere that – I mean, it was a playoff atmosphere. It was that intense. There was that much on the line. We couldn’t give up a second goal and they couldn’t either. We were both pushing for it at the same time. We knew that there would have been huge implications if that game had ended in a win for one team or another.

Houston Dynamo forward Will Bruin
I think we showed some character after giving up a goal, and keeping our heads in it and pushing for that goal. Boniek (Garcia) and I made eye contact when he picked the ball up and he gave me a great ball, and I just turned and hit it. This time it went on the right side of the post as opposed to a few weeks ago. Hopefully we can build on it enough with our home games coming up.

Coming down to the final stretch of games, all the points you can get are the best, especially picking up points on the road are huge. Hopefully this can bring some momentum coming home this weekend.

(The Revolution defense is) an organized group. They possess the ball very well and they’re good at attacking for it. I think (Jose) Goncalves does a good job of organizing their back line. We’re a confident team going forward. We know if we keep grinding at it and pushing, we’ll get our chances, and we finished our chance.

I didn’t feel anybody on my back, so I turned expecting somebody to be coming hard and when I realized nobody was there, I’m just like ‘I’m going to try to put this hard on frame.’ It scared me a little bit because it hit the crossbar, but it fell down.