Postgame Quotes: Fire 3, Revs 2

Frank Klopas, Chicago Fire Head Coach

On the players mentality

“I thought the mentality and the attitude was incredible for the team. Most important thing is that you have a good locker room. It was one of those games that when you think of the history of the team this is one of the games that’s out there. Coming from behind and never giving up and creating chances. It was an exciting game, not so much for the coaches.”

On the players possibly being tired from being on the road

“The difference with this is that we played two on the road. The guys were fatigued so we have to make some changes. We had a game plan going in but the last ten minutes we felt like the game was open. Alex obviously gives us a lot in possession, but he is also very good in tight areas. All of the subs and all the players on the field did fantastic tonight.”

On being in playoff position

“We had a slow start with some of the injuries. I just think that the team never gave up. We fought hard. The changes we made helped on and off the field. The group has the right mentality. You want to be right there in the end and we are right there, so there is a lot to play for. We are very excited to be in the position. The guys have earned it with all the hard work. We are not happy where we are but it is a step to where we want to be.”

On changes he would make to the defense

“It seems like this ref missed every single call for us. They got a play out of nothing that’s why I was frustrated. It’s never easy giving up a goal in the forty-fifth minute. I told the group that it’s good to play with emotions but you have to keep it under control not to do anything silly now. We just kept playing and came out with a lot of energy.”

On changes to the starting lineup

“One of the reasons, I said it’s the third game within a week. We monitor the recovery of some of the guys with the technology that we have. The thing with this is that we traveled. Some of the guys were fatigued obviously we can’t make changes for everyone. What you saw tonight is that we have a good group and everyone is ready to contribute to play.”


Mike Magee Chicago Fire forward

On Alex’s goal

          “My reaction was at first I was about to go nuts, but then I looked at him and thought it didn’t go in because he didn’t celebrate. I was in extreme disappointment and then went nuts again.  It was amazing.  We’ve been trying to get that type of goal at the end of a game for a while now, and now that it’s finally come at such an important time feels massive.”

On the win taking some pressure off

“For sure [it takes the pressure off].  This is probably our third chance at trying to get a win and move into the top five, it’s nice to get that weight off of our back after all the work we’ve done just to put ourselves into a top five spot.  To get over the hump is a big step.”

On the locker room at the half

“I thought it was good. Jeff [Larentowicz] came in and said a few words, but I just got the impression that everyone knew what was at stake and it wasn’t one of those times where we were all disappointed that we gave a goal at the end. We had the mentality that we were going to get it back. It was a good quiet half.”

On Juan Luis Anangono’s play

“He was involved in a big way. His goal was huge to tie it up the first time and helped on my goal tied it up the second time.  He put his body in front of a defender who was just going to clear, to shield it just so I have a chance.  If he doesn’t do that I’m not scoring a goal.  He was great today.”

On scoring his 10th goal with the Fire:

“The win means everything.  I’m not going to start goal counting, not just yet.  To get that win, the tying goal and to help the team is better than 10 goals.”


Jeff Larentowicz, Chicago Fire midfielder

On what he said to the team at the half:

“I said we’re down a goal and we can’t treat the second half too lightly.  It’s basically 45 minutes to keep ourselves in it.  Every week the season gets shorter, obviously, and the chances to get into the playoffs and make a push become less and less, so I just said to make sure the last 45 minutes to give it their all.”

On the frustration at the end of the first half:

“I wouldn’t say it was frustrating, they just made a good play.  It’s frustrating to be down 2-1, but the team responded well in front of our fans, in front of our crowd – they kept us going and we pushed until the end. I thought it was a great effort.”


New England Revolution Head Coach Jay Heaps

Thoughts on the match:

“It’s a difficult match for us because we had the lead twice and we let it go.  We aren’t a really happy group because we didn’t finish or play well in terms of when we got the lead or even at two-two at the end of the game, we need to be smarter and not give up the last goal.”

On how the team reacted when they tied the game:

“I think we went into halftime with a little bit of a jump but unfortunately we came out in the second half and never found the rhythm.  Saer’s [Sene] goal is good, we just saw the film on it.  It’s disappointing because that makes it three-one.  It’s two-fold there, at our level, we can’t defend the way we did but the assistant referee cannot miss the call he missed, simple as that.  All of us need to be better for our league to go forward.”

On getting Saer back into the lineup:

“We wanted to get Saer scoring goals like he used to.  He added a little bit of a spark for us there with the goal.  It’s a tough result for us.”

On having a short memory and moving forward to D.C.:

“Turn the page.  I think we will learn from our mistakes tonight and take our medicine and get back after it.”


New England Revolution Midfielder Kelyn Rowe

On the result:

“Scoring two goals on the road is always a good thing.  I don’t think it was good enough, the whole team, it wasn’t one guy, it wasn’t a couple guys, whole team wasn’t good enough.  You can throw a lot of things in there.  Obviously some crazy plays but we have to do better to hold onto the game, two-two on the road isn’t a bad result.  Obviously we’d like to win it.  We needed to get a point out of this one.

And now we have to go to play D.C.  Saturday and win.”

On the game changing after the Fire tied the game in the second half:

“Obviously you don’t want to take your foot off the pedal, it’s two-two.  Earlier in the half we had time to go get another one.  I thought we were pushing forward decently and finding decent chances.  Not putting the ball away is something we’ve done in the past but it’s not something we’d like to see.  Obviously we want to see the ball in the back of the net as much as possible.  When it’s two-two on the road, we have to hold that result and that’s that.”

On his goal:

“Like you said, it’s a little bit of confidence; I saw space in front of me and it took a nice little deflection, tipped over the goalkeeper so…a goal is a goal.  I will take it.  Unfortunately it didn’t lead to anything.”

On moving forward to D.C. next Saturday:

“We have to go game by game.  As far as D.C. on Saturday, we only have six games left for us to make this playoff round, and it started five, six games ago.  We are trying to get on a run and we need to win the next couple of games.”


New England Revolution Defender Stephen McCarthy

His thoughts on the match:

“It’s really frustrating.  It’s tough to take because we really needed those points but we have to move forward.  Looking back it turned into a shootout there at the end, going both ways.  We need to be smarter and get guys behind the ball.  Second half was not our best stuff.”

On going into the half with the lead, but losing the lead in the second half:

“It’s tough.  They have great fans.  You try and keep your head and I don’t think we did that as well as we should have.”

On turning the page against D.C.:

“We have to get points.  We have to get wins.  We need three points every game now.  We have to make playoffs.”