Youth playoffs - U18s

Revolution announces 2013-14 youth squads

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – The New England Revolution has announced the rosters for its 2103-14 Revolution Academy youth teams. In total, 63 players from the New England region were selected for the Revolution’s youth squads: 17 on the Under-18 team and 23 each on the Under-16 and Under-14 teams. The players were scouted by the youth development staff over the past year and selected after both invitational training sessions and open tryouts this summer.

Coming off the 2012-13 season which saw the Under-18 team advance to the U.S. Soccer Development Academy Finals Week for the first time in club history and finish seventh overall in the country, the upcoming year’s squads are highlighted by 34 returning players, including 11 members of the Under-18 team who are entering their at least their third year in the Revs’ youth system. There are 29 new players, including four U18s, eight U16s, and 17 U14s.

Now, in its second year, the Revolution U14 team – which competed in U.S. Club Soccer’s Northeast Pre-Academy League in 2012-13, finishing third with a 20-5-2 record – will join the newly-launched U.S. Soccer Development Academy U14 division starting in the fall.

“We’re pleased with the progress of our program and believe that this group of young men will represent the club’s very high standards, both on and off the field,” Bryan Scales, director of youth development, said. “The returning players have helped raise the bar each year, and this year’s new players have accepted an opportunity and challenge that other talented soccer players are not as fortunate to have. We have plenty of work to do to continue to close the gap with the world’s top professional academies, so we’re looking forward to getting started next week and building on last season’s success.”

Entering its sixth season, the Revolution’s youth development program – which U.S. Soccer rated among the nation’s top 10 youth programs last year – is the only fully-funded youth soccer program in New England, and competes in the prestigious U.S. Soccer Development Academy. Qualified and talented players are accepted into the program without regard to their financial situation. All players’ needs and expenses related to soccer activities – training, facilities, equipment, uniforms, travel associated with competitions – are provided by the Revolution at no cost to the players or their families.

Players born January 1, 1995 or after are eligible for the Under-18 team, while players born after January 1, 1997 are eligible for the Under-16 team and players born January 1, 1999 or after are eligible for the Under-14 team.

No.      Name                               Position       Height             Birthdate                 Hometown                           Former Club

21         Luke Albertini                 M                 5-11               04/02/1996                North Attleboro, Mass.        Blackwatch Premier
34         Leandro Alves                M                 5-5                  08/24/1995                Pawtucket, R.I.                      Juventus
14         Daniel Apajee                M                 5-9                  03/28/1996                Cranston, R.I.                        Blackwatch Premier
4            Chris Arling                     D                 6-2                  07/26/1997                Windham, N.H.                    Seacoast United
25         Federico Ferre               D                 5-6                  03/10/1995                Waltham, Mass.                   MPS
8            Nathan Gill                      M/F             5-8                  10/05/1996                Foxborough, Mass.             FC Bolts
7            Gabe Gissie                    F                  6-0                  11/23/1996                Worcester, Mass.                 NEFC
23         Zachary Herivaux          M                 5-11               02/01/1996                Brookline, Mass.                  Shalrie Joseph
50         Bruce Johnson               GK              5-9                  03/20/1996                Brewster, Mass                    Crusaders
6            Guyllain Kabala             D/M             5-9                  10/14/1996                Manchester, N.H.                 Seacoast United
11         Emmanuel Kollie          M                 5-7                  11/04/1996                West Roxbury, Mass.          FC Bolts
24         Declan McCabe             M                 5-0                  01/12/1996                Weston, Mass.                      MPS
32         Matthew Nyeayea         F                  5-7                  03/30/1995                Worcester, Mass.                 MPS
19         Will Rasid                        D/M             5-7                  03/01/1996                Wilbraham, Mass.               Western United
27         Lukas Ritzer                    F                  5-9                  08/10/1996                Sutton, Mass.                        FC Bolts
41         Christian Sady               D                 5-8                  01/05/1995                North Andover, Mass.         NE Aztecs
28         Wes Turner                     D/M             5-6                  07/10/1996                Newton, Mass.                     FC Blazers

Under-18s Coaching Staff
John Frederick     Head Coach
Khano Smith        Assistant Coach
Bryan Scales        Assistant Coach
Karl Spratt             Assistant Coach

No.        Name                               Position     Height             Birthdate                 Hometown                           Former Club

12         Austin Aviza                    GK              6-1                  02/17/1997                Medway, Mass.                    NEFC
36         Derek Blanchette*         M                 5-5                  02/13/1997                Scituate, R.I.                          Bayside
35         Santiago Cardona         M                 5-2                  08/25/1998               Winthrop, Mass.                   FC Bolts
37         Max Diamond*               D                 6-0                  02/03/1998               Hopedale, Mass.                 MPS
15         Michael Faria                 M                 5-5                  01/18/1997                West Warwick, R.I.               Bayside
5            Justin Freitas                  M                 5-5                  05/21/1997                North Attleboro, Mass.        Bayside
44         Brandon Girard              M                 5-10               09/11/1997                Beverly, Mass.                      SF Vikings
60         Levy Herandez              M                 5-8                  01/04/1998                Worcester, Mass.                 FC Blazers
40         Aaron James                  D/M             5-9                  02/07/1998               Amherst, Mass.                    D.C. United
9            Amadu Kunateh            F                  5-8                  01/24/1997                Lynn, Mass.                          North Shore United
3            Matt Morana                   D                 5-7                 02/24/1997               Shrewsbury, Mass.              NEFC
46         Dylan Mott                       M                 5-11               09/13/1997                Andover, Mass.                    FC Stars
22         Adam Norman               D                 5-9                  03/10/1997                Natick, Mass.                        NEFC
48         Jack O’Brien*                 M                 5-4                  12/11/1998               Milton, Mass.                        FC Bolts
54         Matthew Ranieri*           D                 5-8                  01/14/1998               Natick, Mass.                        MPS
53         Nicholas Ranieri*          D                 5-8                  01/14/1998               Natick, Mass.                        MPS
49         William Sinibaldi           GK              5-9                  07/07/1998               Plaistow, N.H.                       Seacoast United
56         Freddy Stokes*              D                5-5                  01/08/1998               Westhampton, Mass.          Western United
63         Bill Tuloe                         F                  5-7                  08/01/1997               Dorchester, Mass.               Hammer FC
20         Edward Venta-Yepes    F                  5-7                  01/17/1997               Lowell, Mass.                       Colorado Rapids
52         Ben Waithe                     D                 5-11                10/19/1997               Plymouth, Mass.                  MPS
55         John Wilkins*                 M                 5-5                  09/04/1997               Natick, Mass.                        MPS
59         Nicholas Woodruff*      D                 5-10                  08/03/1998             Attleboro, Mass.                   Scorpions     

* - Denotes that player has graduated the Revolution Academy’s elite training program.

Under-16s Coaching Staff
Bryan Scales        Head Coach
Hobie Hare           Assistant Coach
Ross Duncan        Assistant Coach
Karl Spratt             Assistant Coach

No.        Name                               Position     Height             Birthdate                 Hometown                           Former Club

8            Issac Angking                 M                 5-8                    01/24/2000             Providence, R.I.                    Bayside
4            Calvin Aroh                     D                 6-0                    02/21/1999             Glastonbury, Conn.             Oakwood
64         Andre Bois                      D                 5-11                  09/15/1999             Provincetown, Mass.           Crusaders SC
29         Joseph Brito*                  M                 5-2                    02/17/1999             Bolton, Conn.                       Oakwood
2            Chris Ciullo*                   F                  5-0                    06/14/2000             Mansfield, Mass.                 Blackwatch Premier
26         Alex Clarke                     F                  5-3                    12/13/1999             Windsor, Conn.                    NYRB
33         Laszlo Dorogi*               F                  5-6                    02/22/2000             West Boylston, Mass.          NEFC
16         Evan Glass*                    D/M             5-5                    08/20/1999             Boxford, Mass.                     SF Vikings
17         Connor Haskell*            D                 5-7                    05/04/2000             Medfield, Mass.                   MPS
1            Sebastian Jaramillo*    GK              5-7                    06/07/1999             Dracut, Mass.                       Benfica USA
31         Brandon Jones              D                 5-9                    03/28/2000             South Hampton, Mass.       BAA
42         Daniel Jones                  M                5-5                     01/06/1999             West Hartford, Conn.          FSA               
18         Prince Loney-Bailey*    D                 5-6                    10/31/1999             Cambridge, Mass.               Hammer FC
20         Tyler Melo*                     M                 5-3                    05/05/2000             Stoughton, Mass.                 MPS
45         Poom Mera*                   M                5-4                     06/15/1999             Swansea, Mass.                  Bayside                                                                
47         Trey Miller*                     GK              5-8                  02/16/1999               Monson, Mass.                     Western
51         Justin Rennicks              D/M             5-9                    03/20/1999             South Hamilton, Mass.       SF Vikings
29         Amos Shapiro*              M                 4-11                  01/11/2000             Worthington, Mass.             WUP
22         Alex Shertenberg*         M                 5-6                    06/23/1999             Westwood, Mass.                FC Bolts
38         Andrew Talcott*             F                  6-0                    04/23/1999             Westwood, Mass.    Scorpions
57         Matthew Uek                  M                 5-4                    10/31/1999             Westwood, Mass.                Scorpions
58         Travis Van Brewer*       D                 5-4                    03/31/1999            Wilbraham, Mass.               Western United
13         Edward Walsh*              GK              5-10                  02/26/1999             Westwood, Mass.                Scorpions

* - Denotes that player has graduated the Revolution Academy’s elite training program.

Under-14s Coaching Staff
Gary Hall               Head Coach
Kyle Teixeira        Assistant Coach
Jasir Charris         Assistant Coach

Note – Youth Team coaches are formally “assigned” to a particular team for record-keeping purposes with U.S. Soccer, but in practice, all coaches work with players in all three age levels.