Road Trippin' ... New York City

The result of this past weekend’s meeting with the New York Red Bulls was utterly forgettable, but the trip itself was rife with memorable moments.

It all starts, of course, with the many tributes to the victims of last week’s Boston Marathon bombings. The New York Red Bulls deserve huge credit for putting together a touching pregame ceremony which included both teams walking out onto the field with Boston-sports favorite “Dirty Water” (by the Standells) playing over the Red Bull Arena sound system. It was pretty special.

But most special, by far, was the pregame march into the stadium. Groups of supporters from both clubs met at the top of Riverbend Drive and exchanged heartfelt messages of support before marching together toward Red Bull Arena, chanting and singing the entire way. It can’t fully do it justice, but we captured the march in this video.

Before Saturday’s emotional events in Harrison, N.J., I had the chance to get into New York City for a bit on Friday afternoon along with fellow Far Post podcaster (and yes, my boss), Jason Dalrymple. Because our hotel is located in New Jersey, this was actually the first time I ever had the chance to visit NYC while on a Revs trip, although I’ve been to the city many times before.

Considering we were on a road trip as the Revolution’s digital department, we figured it only made sense that our first stop was at the MLS Digital offices, where neither Jason nor I had ever been. It was great to see their office space in NYC, but even better to visit with the brains behind

From the MLS Digital offices we popped over to the next block to visit MLS headquarters, where we made the rounds with another set of league staffers whom we hadn’t seen in a while. The offices, I must say, are really impressive, especially for someone like me who geeks out at anything MLS related.

With a couple hours to kill between our visit to MLS and dinnertime, we made our way through Times Square – I get why it’s annoying to people who live in NYC, but it’s still cool to me – and weaved our way over to 30 Rock, where one of my closest friends, Matt, works for NBC Sports. He’d told us that if we wanted to stop by for a tour of the studios he’d be more than happy to be our guide, so we obliged.

After checking us in as guests, Matt brought us on a private tour, with stops in the studios for Saturday Night Live, Football Night in America and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Cool, right? It never hurts to know people.

I can tell you that every studio was way, way smaller than I expected, mostly because the building was originally built as radio studios. Camera tricks just make everything seem much larger on TV. Hopefully the pictures below convey the size.

All in all, our Road Trippin’ experience in New York City was a massive success, especially since we eventually made our way back to Jersey in one piece. Now to start brainstorming for Portland …