Sene vs. Columbus Crew

Postgame Quotes: Crew 4, Revs 3

Revolution head coach Jay Heaps

On the wild game:

“It was some of our best stuff and some of our worst stuff all wrapped into a first half and a game. Just looking at the stats you give up three shots on goal and they all go in in the first half, you kind of scratch your head little, but tip of the hat [to the Crew],those free kicks were world class.

On conceding the foul that led to the free kicks:

“I think the first foul was not a foul, I’ve seen the film on that, the second one was a silly time to foul there, there was no need [to foul].

On creating chances:

“I think we had more chances in the first half. I think we did a nice job in creating chances in the first half and probably should have punished them more than just twice. Like I said, though, tip of the hat to a team that is playing well and is confident. Arrieta and Higuaín are really helping the Crew attack. They’ve always defended well, they’ve always worked hard so when you add those two players they are really tough to beat.

On the second half changes:

“I felt like we created a couple of chances in the second half. I think it was the right type of change at the right time. Unfortunately, when we got back into it, we turned off our play.”

Revolution defender Chris Tierney

On processing the wild match:

“It was a tough one, we did well going up two goals, unfortunately they got back into it. It was a crazy game. Bottom line is, even though we are happy scoring three goals away from home we have to avoid giving up four.”

On having a bit of luck:

“I think we had a few slices of luck and the game was going our way a bit. Then the two [Higuaín] class free kicks, the second of which I don’t think was a foul, but that is unlucky but you have to tip your hat to two class goals like that. We had a good feeling going into the game, we did a lot of good things, but some mistakes hurt us and unfortunately we couldn’t get it done.”

On the coach’s message going into the second half down a goal:

“Just keep doing what we were doing and create chances. We could’ve been ahead three or four to start the game, so we wanted to keep playing the way we were. Our game plan was working so we knew that we could get back in the game, which we did, but unfortunately we couldn’t hold on.”

Revolution midfielder Ryan Guy

On the wild match:
“Unfortunately it’s something that we’re used to at this point, it’s a rut that we need to get out of. I think we showed a lot of good things tonight, but we also showed a lot of disappointing things. I think that there are things that are happening over and over that we need to change. As a squad we need to concentrate on the positives”

On the positive start and things starting to turn their way:

“I think it was something of an ego boost and I think that was to our detriment tonight. I wouldn’t call it a mistake or a miscall but unfortunately they got a goal back. It is unfortunately something of a regular thing for us, they [our opponents] get a goal and then another one and it just went from there.

Looking ahead at their busy home stretch:

“We got to just bang them out and do what we can and get some points. At this point we’re scratching for our lives but we’re looking forward to it.”