Quotes: Impact 1, Revs 0

New England Revolution head coach Jay Heaps

Heartbreaking. Disappointing. Not good enough. So we’re struggling to find the way the way a little bit and it’s a really bad loss at home.

(Jerry Bengtson) looked a little tired. He’s been in Honduras for the last four, five days – he came back the other day. He had a training with us and two days with us. But also, we were just trying to change it up a little bit. We needed fresh legs in. That was really it.

It’s the third game in a row we’ve made a mistake and it’s come down and cost us.

We were just trying to open them up a little bit, trying to get some gaps. When Lee (Nguyen) gets the ball, he’s going to be fouled so we tried to create a little bit … we wanted to get Ryan (Guy) a lane to penetrate and open up a little bit of space. And to do that you have to go long a little bit just to keep them honest. And as the game settled in a little bit we had our chances – hit the crossbar, hit the post, no penalty call on the handball which was clear as day. Unfortunately, we’re talking about a disappointing loss.

In the past, and what it felt like in this game, both. A couple of missed touches when we could be in a good spot and then the chances that we have, we hit the post.

New England Revolution defender Chris Tierney

Yeah, it was a tough game. I thought we started the game pretty well and created enough chances to score a goal and we couldn’t get that bounce in the moment. It seems like when we do make mistakes we’re punished. So it’s disappointing but we have to dig deep and fight hard here down the stretch.

I think Jay (Heaps) said we’ve got to shake it up a little bit. Guys have been comfortable in playing, expecting thier spots and at this level you have to earn it and now it’s become clear. I think there are a lot of guys who are good players and can contribute and at least give 110 percent, and I think Jay will look to get those guys on the field.

I think unless all of us are 110 percent committed, we’re not going to win, so I don’t know if enough of that fight was there for us. I thought there were some other factors too, a couple calls that didn’t go our way and a couple bounces, we hit the post a couple of times. So it’s bad luck but you make your own luck.

Just that final ball is lacking. I think we’re getting into decent spots, we have good spells of possession, but when we get into that advanced third of the field it’s just about putting the ball on the money and committing to getting runs in the box and we haven’t been doing that lately. We just have to have that full commitment to lay our bodies on the line, make those runs, and do what it takes to score goals.

New England Revolution midfielder Clyde Simms

Give their goalie some credit. He made some big saves tonight, he had a very good game tonight for them and him and the post and crossbar kept them in the game, I believe.

We did a good job sticking to our game plan tonight, which was we wanted to start a line of pressure at the top of the circle and force them to make turnovers, which we did a few times in some dangerous spots, and really got after them. Those were some of the chances that we created and I thought we did a really good job at that. Once again tonight the problem was getting punished for another mistake. Other than that we didn’t give up too much, so it’s very frustrating.

I wish I could tell you the answer to that and if we did have the answer it wouldn’t be a problem for us. We have to do better though. I think we did do a better job at creating chances tonight, which we struggled with last game or two. The difference is just putting those away.

One thing we really concentrated on this week was playing one and two touch. I think a lot of times we get the ball out wide and no one really knows what’s going to happen. We have some really crafty guys that like to take guys on, and those are times that guys want to get in the box for those crosses. Tonight we got more balls in the box, guys were anticipating the ball a little better tonight so it’s definitely a step in the right direction we just have to keep working on it.

Unfortunately that’s the problem with injuries, and I think the last four or five games we’ve been adjusting to other teams but we’ve kind of decided to get our own identity and stick with it. And that’s how we’re going to get better. I definitely think tonight was a step in the right direction we were honestly just unfortunate not to finish on our chances and they punished us on one of the few that they had.

Montreal Impact head coach Jesse Marsch

I think it was a workman-like performance. The guys dug in, they stayed disciplined, they bend a little bit but they don’t break. Maybe we get a little bit fortunate with a couple of calls, but in the end, I think that we made our breaks this game and dug in and stuck together.

I think Sanna’s (Nyassi) in a confident place for sure. He understands we have a lot of confidence in him even though we’ve been using him from the bench. When he comes into the game he provides a real spark to the game and he’s a threat, a real threat. We’re pleased with where we are as a team. We’re not too high right now. We’re going to keep going and keep working and keep pushing this thing and see where it ends up.

I think that’ll be an amazing test for our group to play against a team like that (San Jose). That’s a team that never quits. They compete like hell all over the field and they make it hard on whoever they play against, so it’s going be a really big challenge and I think we’re excited for it.

I think what you saw is, again a goalie that is very sure in how he makes his plays. I don’t think we need to talk about anything else right now but Troy (Perkins). We’re happy to have him here. We think he makes us a better team. I think he makes a really big save on the header and bails us out. And for the most part he was very sharp on the night.

Maybe, but more than anything its continuing to move along. And if you have a confident goalie behind you and if you have confidence in him, then I think that gives our center backs, specifically, a lot of confidence that they can be aggressive to make plays.

I think we’re three (points behind) because Chicago won. Chicago goes to 38 (points) and D.C. (United) is at 36 (points). You know the table is so hard to interpret with the games in hand, which is almost good for us, because we can just focus on one game at a time and we don’t have to look and worry and everything else. It’s just one game at a time, and we keep moving ourselves along and we’ll see where it all ends up.

Montreal Impact midfielder Hassoun Camara

We were very happy about our game. It was a difficult step to come to this field. We had to be ready physically and mentally to fight against this team, because they have very good players. We are very happy to go from here with the three points.

We knew Jerry (Bengtson) is a very good forward, so Matteo (Ferrari) and I had to be ready for him. We knew he would give us some problems, but we think the whole team did a good job. We had to be smart collectively, and this is what we did.

We played very well, because we played together and we want to fight for each other. We did a good job about that, and I’m happy. We have to do the same thing in our next game against San Jose.

It was incredible. Sanna (Nyassi) is a very, very good player, and he is very important for us. When he goes on the field, he doesn’t think. He goes on to help us, and this is what he did. It was one of the best goals of the year, and I hope he has goal of the week, because he deserves it.

We didn’t need this to be confident. We know that we have good players. We have a very good group, we have to be smart, and we know where we want to go. I think that we can do well. It is the first year. Some people say we’re an expansion team, but we know where we are and where we want to go. We’ll keep going.

Montreal Impact forward Sanna Nyassi

I think it was about good defending, we made some good saves, and then we tried to counter. I picked the guy’s pocket, ran through the defense, beat the guy and took a shot.

It’s all about whenever you have a good game, you keep it going. Be consistent with your performance, and then I think that gave me a lot of confidence. I want to keep that going.

It’s about teamwork. My teammates help me a lot. They make sure they communicate with me. It’s about being in good spots when I have the ball so I can a lot of options. That’s really helping me too.