Postgame Quotes: Union 2, Revs 1

New England Revolution Head Coach Jay Heaps

On opinion of how the game ended

“It was disappointing.”

On where the game started to unravel

“I think it is a harsh penalty. I think we all know it was outside the box. Now if that’s not called does the momentum swing that quick? I don’t think so but that being said, we had our chances to win the game. We had chances to go up 2-0 or 3-0. We didn’t do it, and we left reeling a little bit.”

On if they built on the first goal the way they wanted to

“No, I think we could have had more there.”

On what the penalty did to the team’s psyche

“I think any penalty called against you when you don’t think it’s a penalty hurts the psyche. I think you just want the game to be played and you want the players to decide the game and that’s all you want.”

On what the Union did to create more space and open the game up more

“They switched to a 3-5-2. We felt we had more open chances when they switched and we actually really did have some exposure. Unfortunately they ran numbers in the midfield and were slicing through our midfield a little bit to much and that’s where the game was won when they would go up the middle and then go wide and they were getting some good pressure wide.”

On what adjustment needs to be made when opponent switches formation

“You can go back and look and tell me how many chances we had one-on-one, break away and slide tackles. I thought we did a great job countering but on the critical plays, we have to be a little more tuned in to what we are doing. I felt we had more clear-cut chances.”

On adjustments for team when they have so many chances in games

“I think we need to take a hard long look at ourselves but at the same time, look at the negatives and look at the positives, adjust and move forward.”

New England Revolution Defender Kevin Alston

On if the foul was in the box

“At first no (it was not inside the box) but I haven’t seen the replay. My initial reaction, I didn’t think it was inside the box but I don’t know for sure.”

On reaction to call for penalty kick

“Well, the fact that he ran to the spot first and then switched to inside the box, it was hard for me to wrap my head around it but he made the call. It is what it is and we can’t really do anything about it.”

On disappointment of not getting a result after a strong battle

“Very disappointed, it hurt. I felt like we had chances but we just couldn’t put them away. We fought, we just couldn’t finish and then we gave up a goal.”

On what penalty did to the team psyche

“I don’t think it did a whole lot. I still feel we played well after, obviously it sucks but I feel we coped well and we responded well to it.”

New England Revolution Midfielder Benny Feilhaber -

On disappointment of the loss

“Those are our three points but we missed too many opportunities on the attacking end when we had the lead, played a good first half. Went into the half 1-0 and felt good about it, had chances in the second half to open it up and get to two. Even when it was 1-1 we had the chance to go up 2-1, didn’t do it and if you don’t score in soccer you’re going to get scored on.”

On if penalty shifted the momentum

“Oh yeah, the penalty definitely shifted the momentum but like I said after it was 1-1 we had, I think I remember three or four really quality chances. It shifted the momentum a bit. We still could have won but I really need to take a look (at the replay), I was on top of that play and Ineed to take a look at replay because I could have sworn that was outside the box. So if that was outside the box, that’s a call that just kills us. That’s a tough call for us. That’s harsh. That’s one we are going to have to live with, but that’s a tough one to lose a game on, on a call that could have gone the other way.”