Alec Purdie

A few minutes with ... Alec Purdie

You’ve been with the team for a few months now. How has the transition been from playing college soccer at Indiana to coming here in New England?
It’s good, but it’s been a pretty big change. It’s different. It’s nice now because you go for two hours a day, train hard and it’s good. But as far as on-the-field goes, I’d have to say the speed of play is what’s been different more than anything. The college game is physical, just as the professional level is, but the speed of play is definitely what has been the biggest transition. But so far so good, I’ve had a couple of appearances and I’m just trying to get some more time and build on that.

How helpful was it having Kevin Alston and Mike Roach here in New England, two guys you played with at Indiana?
Obviously it was nice, especially at the start having some familiar faces, people that I’ve known to get on with. I’d never been to Boston and I stayed with Kevin for the first couple months and he got to show me around a little bit. When you come into something new, it’s nice having some people you know and it also helps that all the players and the coaching staff were so welcoming and they made me feel at home as soon as I was here. And this is my new home now and it’s been great.

What do you consider to be your strongest attribute as a player?
I’ve played forward my entire life and recently I’ve found myself out wide. I love going forward, and I’ve always known defending wasn’t my strongest suit, so I try and make up for it going forward. I like to play quick, I like to combine and I like to go at goal.

Would you say defending is what you need to improve the most as the season progresses?
Yeah, it would be nice. Just like the other day (during training) on the second team I found myself playing a little outside back and filling in numbers. You know it will always help and it can never hurt to round your game out so I’d say that’s the thing I need to work on the most, for sure.

Do you like the new possession-oriented style of play that Jay Heaps has implemented this season, especially since it involves getting guys out wide involved in the attack more?
Definitely. Everybody enjoys playing that kind of soccer, especially as an attacking player. The more you have the ball the less you have to defend and a great attack is the best defense. So it’s great when we’re keeping the ball and that’s when we’re at our best. So for me, I love it. It’s a great way to play and the more you have the ball, the more chances you’re going to get, too.

There are a lot of unique hairstyles on this team and you had a pretty decent one of your own for a while with the Mohawk. What’s the reason behind shaving it off?
It actually happened the morning after the Man United-Man City game last October I’m a diehard United fan. We had 6-1 I think it was and I was taking quite a bit of stick from my teammates so I just decided to do something drastic. I was only going to keep it for a few weeks and it ended up sticking for a few months, but it was just time to go. It was overdue.

You majored in broadcast sports communications at Indiana. Any interest in someday being up in the booth calling games?
We’ll see. I’ve always envisioned myself being up there, but right now I’m just playing it by ear and trying to extend my career as long as I can and see where it takes me.

What cleats have you been going with this year and why?
I’ve always preferred light cleats. I like the adi-zeros because there light. I guess they make me feel a little quicker and a little faster on the field