Day three in South Africa (Tuesday, March 27)


The Revolution Under-16s played their second game of the 2012 Future Champions Gauteng tournament on Tuesday.
The group met for a 9:30 a.m. breakfast at the hotel, and then had some time to prepare before departing for the Nike Football Training Center at noon.
A full game story from the Revs’ action-packed 3-3 draw with School of Excellence can be found on
Despite the tightly-contested and sometimes heated match, the teams shared a heartwarming moment before boarding the buses back to the hotel. What started as a few players from each team posing together for photos turned into a good portion of each side taking one large group picture. The players then continued to break off into smaller groups – some of which started to include staff members upon request – really highlighting the shared cultural experience of this tournament.
Upon arriving back at the hotel, the group learned that the building was experiencing a power outage. Largely unaffected, everyone enjoyed a postgame meal by candle- and flashlight before returning to their rooms to quickly freshen up.
Before long, players and staff were back on the bus and en route to Nelson Mandela Square. Everyone posed for more photos in front of the Mandela statue, before doing some souvenir shopping.
Power had been restored by the time the group returned to the hotel for the night and had dinner. Then, after a team meeting, the players returned to their rooms to relax before bed.
The Revs will take on K-Stars (Zambia) on Wednesday at 4 a.m. ET. In-game updates will be available on, while live video can be found on