Rajko Lekic vs. D.C. United

Postgame Quotes: Revolution 1, D.C. United 0


On the importance of the win:

[The win] was big for us. We haven’t had a lot to be happy about this year and after our performance against Philadelphia on the weekend, we were really down in the dumps and it just shows a lot of heart and resolve in these guys. I still think this team is good enough to win and we definitely showed it tonight.

On weathering D.C. United’s early barrage of shots:

Whenever you’re playing away from home that is usually the key – you have to try to keep it at zero for as long as you can and that’s what we did tonight as a team. As the game goes on more and more that it’s zero-zero, it’s only going to frustrate the home team and help out the visitors and that’s kind of what happened today.

On Charlie Davies’ missed penalty kick in the first half:

[The missed penalty kick] was huge because we didn’t have to play from behind and also I thought even though it was maybe the correct call, I thought it was kind of a harsh call because Pat [Phelan] really didn’t know anything about [the call], but those are the rules.


On the game:

[The game] was amazing. Obviously the game wasn’t easy, the conditions were tough for both teams. We had kind of a plan to just try to sit in a little, conserve energy, and try to get [a goal] and luckily we got it.

On Charlie Davies’ missed penalty kick changing the game:

I felt like this is [the game to win]. If there’s a game that we’re going to win, now it’s going to be this one. The way things have been going [with] horrible luck and bad bounces – we got that [missed penalty kick] and I think the whole team was like, alright this has to be the one. So I think definitely [the missed penalty kick] was probably a game-changer.

On closing the game out in the final 20 minutes:

I’m thinking are there any subs left [laughs]? I think we tried to kill the game and we did an alright job of it. We took [the ball] to the corner a couple times and it’s not pretty, but sometimes you have to do it when you’re on a run like this.


On the game:

We obviously got a break with [D.C. United] missing the penalty, but we haven’t had a break since I think we played them last. Everything we’ve gotten with our team we’ve had to claw to get, so we got a break there but at the same time we did make some chances. We could have scored before we did. [Matt] Reis also made a couple of great saves early on which makes a huge difference and then we just gritted our teeth and battled it out which when you’ve been on the run we have and you see guys doing that, it’s just tremendous.

On his team’s defensive play in the second half:

We picked up good positions [in the second half]. [Josh] Wolff and [Dwayne] De Rosario are getting long in the tooth now, but they’re smart and if we let them get those in those seams then it can hurt us and we did a good job of stopping that in the second half.

On the play of Matt Reis:

[Matt Reis] made a couple of saves at a real important time which gave us the strength to go on and win the game.


Overall thoughts on the match:

[New England] got through a half and then they got a set piece. And that’s what they do - they get set piece goals, it’s the one thing they are dangerous with.

Dallas took a lot out of us. I was hoping that we could recover physically, but there were some zombies out there at times. You go through these summers and you have games when back-to-back is going to be tough. They had one on Sunday, but we put a lot into our game. I think Stevie Nicol will tell you they didn’t put a lot into their game. So, I think that played a part tonight.

On his team’s offensive chances:

We put a good effort in for the first forty-five [minutes] and the goal didn’t come, and then physically we tanked. I was disappointed we didn’t get through it a little bit more and find a way to get a result. We created very good chances, and they created pretty good chances too. Again, you get these summer games were you are back and forth, you give up chances, you get chances – but you got to do well with yours. [New England] did well with one of them, and we didn’t do well with any of ours. It doesn’t really matter if we had more chances, because they took advantage of the one they had. 

On Charlie Davies’ night:

[Charlie Davies] missed a penalty kick – I’ve missed them, we’ve all missed them. I’m not too worried about that; I thought he played better today. I thought he was pretty good running off the ball. It was just that final stuff that failed him tonight, but he got into some good spots and he was dangerous.

Looking ahead to the Everton friendly on Saturday:

We need to check out who is healthy and be respectful to Everton because they are a great team and we want to put forth our best group. We’ve had many games, so we need to see who is healthy and do the best we can.


On the loss:

[New England] began to sit back and then they had a nice set piece [in the second half]. I think they only had two shots on goal tonight, and they put one of them in the back of our net. I think if we score first in that game then obviously it changes things and forces them to come out and attack us.

On United’s failure to convert numerous offensive chances:

[Matt] Reis came up with some big saves – we missed a couple of opportunities, and sometimes that’s just the nature of the game. But if we put those changes things and we open [the game] up and score a couple more [goals].


On his final match for D.C. United:

I’m very sad to leave [D.C. United], but I have to do this. The game today wasn’t good, but we put our best on the field and tried to get the points at home.

On looking back at his time with the club:

There were some very good friends that I made in [Washington], and the last three years have given very good memories. My heart is still here, even when I go to Australia.

On his relationship with the fans:

[The fans] support us so much, they never stop singing. I have to say thank you for this, they did a great job every time I came out here.