A.J. Soares vs. REAL SALT LAKE

Postgame Quotes: Revs 3, RSL 3


Overall thoughts on the game:

“The fireworks were out there on the field even before after the game. My take away from the match is that I’m really, really, really proud of our guys. I just couldn’t be prouder of the fight they put in. To suffer a penalty kick and a red card decision in the first five minutes of the match, to be down two goals and a man, and to fight the way we were and to be dominating the game a man down in that situation is remarkable, to say the least. For them to come back the way they did to get to 2-2, then have another disappointing decision against us and a free kick goal scored off of that, and fight back again to get 3-3, it’s a huge, huge credit to our group.”

On receiving an early red card:

“As a coach you have a lot of belief in your group. You’ve been through so many situations, you’ve been together so long, we’ve been through just about every situation – maybe not that one – but just about any other type. So I felt like we could get through this and we can get all three points, and that’s what I told the team at halftime. I think in some ways we have to feel a little bit hard-done that we didn’t get all three, because we certainly had the majority of the chances.”

On the play of Fabian Espíndola and the other substitutes:

“We needed a player that could come in and break down defenders on his own and we know that that’s Fabian [Espíndola]’s capability. I felt like all the substitutions did a real nice job tonight to continue to raise the level.”



On his equalizing goal in the 83rd minute:

“At least I got it so we didn’t lose the game, but we could have gotten three points …”

On going down a man in the 3rd minute:

“It seemed unfair to me because, on top of being on the wrong side of the penalty, we were left with one man less. And then we just had to try to get back into the game from the beginning and try to move forward playing and defending with one less, which was difficult.”



On fighting back after going down two goals:

“In terms of that, fighting back with so many things against us, it shows a lot of the character that we have in this locker room. You’d like to come out and get a fair chance to play the game and really see who’s the better team 11-v-11.”

On the 67th minute ejection of New England’s Ryan Cochrane:

“It was interesting because we were down a man for that long, but yet it didn’t seem like we were down a man. We were able to keep possession. So after that happened it was just going to be a continuance of what was going on already, and that was us keeping the ball and creating chances and getting some corner kicks.”

On game-changing moments:

“When it comes down to it, the game changes. Two minutes in, it’s a totally different game. I wish it was soccer players, the guys on the field, that could be the reason that games change and not the officials.”



On playing a man down for sixty minutes:

“Obviously you’re tired. I mean, we were outplaying them down a man, and that starts to take its toll in the second half. I’m sure we had more possession than them even down a guy, which is a credit to our work rate. We’ve got to fix the other things and clean up the mistakes. There’s no doubt if it was 11-v-11 who would have won that game.”

On battling back for a draw:

“The heart on this team, the fight and everything, was phenomenal. The work rate was great and guys moving around and just doing whatever had to be done to get some kind of result. Hopefully, at the end of the season we’ll look back and this will be one point gained instead of two points lost.”



On the result:

“I feel like we just threw two points away.”

On earning a result on the road against RSL:

“To be honest, what made it so hard today was ourselves. I don’t know what to say, I’m absolutely flabbergasted at what just happened.”

On moving forward after the draw:

“We have a break, so we need to go home and think about all the things we should have done better today.”



On the result:

“It’s tough, it felt like a loss. Going up early 2-0 and they’ve got the red card early, I feel like we should have done better with that. We shouldn’t have let them creep back into the game like that. It was tough, it felt like a loss.”

On playing with a two-goal lead:

“We can’t shy away form our game, we can’t just sit back and let them come at us. We were a man up, so that’s when you have to keep pushing and use that man-advantage to our advantage.”

On the early red card to Nat Borchers:

“It changes everything. It changes their dynamic, it doesn’t change our dynamic too much, but it puts us in a position where we can attack more and go after the spot they had open. Anytime a team gets a red card and goes a man down, that changes the game.”



On taking the early 2-0 lead:

“Going up so early, it definitely helped us relax a bit and allowed us to get a little more defensive. The first one we got lucky and Benny [Feilhaber] just snuck in and Rajko [Lekic] put away the penalty, and the second one was a great free kick by Chris [Tierney].”

On what cost New England the full three points:

“Other than the altitude, RSL is just a great team. We just made mental mistakes and they cost us tonight. We should have walked out of here with three points. We should have done better as a team to hold on to the lead.”

On the impact of the two red cards on the game:

“There were some calls tonight that were suspect. The red card to start off with seemed kind of early to give the red card, but once you make that decision, lots of cards are going to come out for 90 minutes … but you can’t complain or take it out on the referee. We had a two goal advantage and a man advantage and we weren’t able to pull it off tonight.”



On the 3rd minute red card for Real Salt Lake's Nat Borchers:

"At that moment, on the field, I saw him kicking the leg of Benny [Feilhaber] and subsequently get the ball. …I have not seen a replay. But like I said, what I saw live, on the field, yes [I believe I got the call right]."

On if he reviews calls after a game:

"Usually, things don't play in my mind forever. So [the call] was made, done, over … move on."

On the 54th minute handball by New England’s Kevin Alston:

"[The ball] hit him on the left arm. He jumped with his arm up and deflected the ball. I mean, you can say 'slightly,' but nevertheless his hand hit the ball, in my opinion."