Youth Playoffs: Day five notes

Back on the 9 a.m. game schedule, the U18s had an early breakfast this morning before hopping on the bus to Pizza Hut Park for their third and final game of the Showcase. You can read about the 2-2 draw with Internationals in today’s youth postseason update.

The U16s arrived during the game to show their support, and both teams returned to the hotel together. Lunch was eaten in shifts, and the players enjoyed a few hours of free time in the early afternoon.

Later in the day, the players and staff piled back onto the bus for a team activity: bowling. While skill levels varied, the boys clearly had a good time, creating their own styles and exhibiting a healthy sense of competition.

The players began to wrap up after a few games, and the staff took over a couple of lanes for a competition of their own. Under-18 coaches John Frederick and Deven Apajee, along with goalkeepers coach Karl Spratt, made up one team, while Under-16 coaches Bryan Scales and Gary Hall ended up with me (Communications Coordinator Missy Wade) as their third member. Buoyed by bowling machine Coach Frederick, the U18 staff came away with the win, earning bragging rights for some time.

The bus returned everyone to the hotel before 4 p.m., with some time before dinner to spare.

After some fun was had at the expense of a late staffer, dinner was served at the trip’s third restaurant. Once everyone had their fill, a few players were encouraged to stand up and tell jokes, which sent everyone back to the hotel with a smile on their face.

Each of the teams held meetings when we arrived back at the hotel, and the rest of the evening was free.

Tomorrow, the U16s meet Pateadores at 11 a.m. local time for their final game of the Playoffs. With a result, the Revs could possibly qualify for Finals Week in Milwaukee, Wis., in July by a number of permutations based on the outcomes of other games within the group.