Lekic vs. Chicago Fire

Postgame Quotes: Revs 1, Fire 1

Revolution head coach Steve Nicol
It’s disappointing. To be honest, it feels like a loss, coming in at halftime one down when we should be three up. Defensively we’ve been great this year; tonight we defended terribly. But saying that, going forward we created chances. We could’ve had three first half. We had a couple of chances second half, obviously (Kenny) Mansally’s clean through (on the quick restart) – so we really could’ve put the game out of reach.

The last 10 minutes, I’d have to say the midweek game caught up with us. We ran out of legs. We tried to get forward, when you’re doing that when you’re tired, you’re going to leave holes. (Matt) Reisie made a couple of saves the last 10 minutes. Other than that, I thought we pushed the game all the time. We’re disappointed, yeah to make the chances we did. And (Rajko) Lekic nearly gets it there at the end with a fantastic effort. But that’s just how it’s going at the present time. We have to keep banging away. Certainly can’t have any complaints making chances again, but we need to start putting them in.

(We’re missing) a wee bit of something – a wee bit of composure, a wee bit of quality. We’re not kicking the backside off it, but there’s a fine line between picking up maximum points and not.

(Rajko Lekic’s goal) was huge. Since coming it’s been hard for him playing up from on his own to begin with. That’s never easy for anybody. The finish tonight, on the one hand looks simple, but if you panic it becomes a lot harder. But he kept his cool and just stroked it away and just finished. And obviously the end, he almost pulled one out his you-know-what.

I think (Ryan Guy) did great when he came in. That sticks out. He was alert on the goal line – that’s why he’s there, but you still have to make the header (save), which was obviously great. And he looked dangerous and decent on the ball going forward.

I have no problem with (Shalrie Joseph’s quick restart) whatsoever. It’s a great ball, he’s put Kenny (Mansally) clean through with a goalkeeper to beat. I mean, what more do you want?

The doctor looked at (Benny Feilhaber) again and just felt that, with that type of injury, three weeks was pushing it. Had it been a cup final, he’d have been available. But we’ll always listen to the doctor’s advice. So that’s why he wasn’t in the 18.

(Chicago has) pace … so if we’re in bad spots, it’s going to be harder to deal with. Had we been in better positions, we wouldn’t have had such a problem with it.

Revolution forward Rajko Lekic
We got to score goal finally, but it gave us only one point, and we really need three points. I think we played a good game. We were fighting all the game. Sainey (Nyassi) played a good game with many crosses, we just have to keep on playing like that.

I saw that Pat (Phelan) was going to shoot. I was thinking if he missed the ball, I was all alone and I can get the ball in a free position and then make the goal hopefully. And that happened. So I made the goal like that.

I’m a, how d you say it, passionate guy. And I want to win games, every game. Like the team, that’s normal, but I’m showing it more than the other guys. In the last game, it was maybe a little bit too much. I just want to win games, nothing else.

Revolution midfielder Sainey Nyassi
We could have been up by three goals in the first half and that would have been really helpful; three goals up and make them climb up the hill. Unfortunately, we couldn’t finish our chances in the first half. I would say that … all together, we were positive throughout the game. So we’ll keep our heads up.

Stevie (Nicol) put that confidence in me. He told me (Gonzalo Segaras) was slow and he’s a smart player. He uses his experience, so Stevie told me to always go by him, and that’s what I did and it was successful.

Me gaining a lot of confidence being the starting 11 was something I really wanted. But coming from the bench a couple of games back, I was positive being outside and still had confidence. Starting, I think, will really help me a lot being out there. I think that’s what I wanted, but hopefully I’ll stay in the starting 11, hopefully.

Fire head coach Frank Klopas
It’s always good on the road and we came in with the goal to push and try to win the game as always, but it’s never an easy place you play. So, in the end, we take the point and then we’ll focus on the next two home games.

I think that they played a little direct in the first half and we didn’t do a good enough job tracking with runners and gave them opportunities. They had some good looks in the first half and our goalie kept us in the game. Then obviously we got the goal on the counter which we felt we had opportunities to get at them in that way. And we didn’t have a good start to the second half but then I felt that we pushed the game in the second half and we were the better team with the chances we created, and in the end, look, we’ll take the point, like I said.

In the end I said, look, depending on how the game goes, I have players on my bench that I believe in and I’m going to use them. They came in and they gave us … more energy and more movement off the ball and just tried to push the favor towards our side and I think we did that and we created chances. Unfortunately the ball didn’t go in the net and Matt Reis made some incredible saves. He showed his class.

I believe in the players. It’s a new group. It’s a lot of new players so it’s going to take time for them to gel. But I think you need continuity. The one thing that we addressed right away is team defending as a group because we were giving opportunities and we adjusted certain areas and tried to stay compact, even though today the game was kind of wide open. I just try to give the players confidence and I think that’s the really important thing and let them know that I believe in the team. I’ve always shown that depending on how the game goes … I try to bring guys in and push the game and help us. I’m able to do that and I think that the players know that I try to give them confidence in that way also.

Fire goalkeeper Sean Johnson
Overall I think we did a good job on the night. You have to look at it as both teams had their fair amount of chances. The game was, I think, a good game. It was back and forth, it was exciting. Defensively, I think we were ok. We gave away a couple opportunities but just the same on the other end. We had a few opportunities to score so coming out with a result, I think we’ll be happy with and we’ll move forward as long as we keep chugging away and getting points, especially on the road now. Now we’re back home for two games ,so I think it’s important to pick up a point, go back home and recoup and get ready to play Salt Lake on Wednesday.

I think the counter for the goal I think was unbelievable. Dom (Oduro) did a great job to finish. On the defensive end, I think Logan (Pause) on the post came up huge. That’s why we have a person on the post because that ball was going right in right there and Logan was there and came up big. But I think as a unit, everybody on the night did a good job of pressing to get the win tonight. We came up a bit short, but like I said, we’ll be happy and move forward.

Fire forward Dominic Oduro
I think it was a breakaway from Patrick’s (Nyarko) end. Again, we’ve been working on this transition. He saw me make a run, through ball, took the guy on the run, I saw an opening and I just put the ball right there.

We’ve been working on trying to get the ball into the net in that second half and creating a whole lot of chances. I think we should have buried a couple of them - very disappointed in that. But we just have to keep moving forward, just keep working on that and hopefully we get better.

I think right now we’re just trying to start every game how we started, how we progress in the second half. We just have to get out mentality right. We have two strong games coming up, Salt Lake and New York. Two strong teams and we have to find that gear right there, shift gears to hopefully get things going.