Postgame Quotes: FC Dallas 1, Revolution 0

Matt Reis- Goalkeeper for New England Revolution
Thoughts on tonight’s game

“We didn’t have that much possession.  We gave them the ball a lot and they got a lot of opportunities.  We made one mistake and costs us the game”
After a level first half, what was the mindset going into the second half?

“We had done well keeping it 0-0, but still needed to keep better possession of the ball.  If we kept better possession we would have given them less chances and have the ability to create chances ourselves.  It was also trying to get forward more and keep them under pressure, we didn’t do that.”
What’s the key to turn it around?
“Scoring goals.  We haven’t scored a goal in a couple games and with us if we make one mistake it usually comes back to haunt us.”
Thoughts on the Texas heat tonight
“It wasn’t as bad as it can be here, but it is a little bit of a change for us.  We aren’t used to the hot and humid weather.  It is taxing on your body, if you don’t have the ball a lot and your chasing all night it makes it that much harder.”
Zak Boggs- Midfielder for New England Revolution
Thoughts on the game
“They were in our half most of the game, we didn’t get much possession and when we did we didn’t keep it long, and we didn’t get that many chances because they (FC Dallas) were coming at us the whole time.”
Thoughts about the team’s defensive shape

“I thought our defense shape was good.  They definitely did very well moving off the ball.  We talked at halftime that we needed to pass players along better, talk better and I thought we did that.”
Thoughts on the heat

“We knew that this was going to be a tough place to play and it’s a very good team we came against and the heat was for both teams, both teams had to deal with that.  The second half was much more favorable for them.”
Steve Nicol- Head Coach of New England Revolution

Overall thoughts on game
“A lot of the problems we had tonight were giving the ball away.  We either gave it away or didn’t give a good pass when we were not under any pressure.  We turned it over too many times and away from home, that is always going to lead to the opposition scoring”
Thoughts about defensive shape and problems of the game.
“The goal was disappointing, shape was ok, when you turn the ball over under no pressure, Dallas took advantage. When we gave the ball away, when you turn the ball over so much your encouraging the opposition to come after you, its hard enough when your away from home.”
Six days till New Revolution play again, what they must do from tonight to Friday when they take the pitch again.

“We get back on the training field and try to get better passing the ball.”


FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman

“It was really a good performance on FC Dallas’ part. The thing we didn’t do is in the first half we didn’t put away our opportunities. That always makes a team and especially the coaches very nervous because when you don’t finish your opportunities, you get frustrated and the opposition starts to believe you can’t score. So they start to throw more people forward. This was one of those games that if you don’t win, you make a mistake and they score… one of those games that you just hate yourself and you can’t sleep because it’s a game you should have won [based on] the way you played. The shots were 16-3. That should tell you something about the game itself. Our boys came out in the second half as focused as they were in the first.”

On the Marvin Chavez goal…
“This was his first goal of the year and it couldn’t have come any better. Watching Marvin many times during games, he has that speed to get around the corners, running at the keeper and he just gets there and hits the ball as hard as he can sometimes right at the keeper, sometimes over the goal. Tonight he showed some composure late in the game to keep it low and score the game-winning goal.”

On possession…
“It’s something we’ve been working on. It’s nice to be able to say we’ve been working on something and then see the progression. I really thought it was better tonight. New England hasn’t won a game on the road, so it’s tough for them. They may have a mental barrier about being on the road. It was extremely hot, like a sauna. If it’s hot for the coaches sitting there, you can imagine what it is like for the players out there giving you everything they have. At the same time, I don't think the weather conditions affected us as much. We’re either used to it or a little stronger mentally and being at home we wanted to win. So we got the three points.”
On Kevin Hartman’s 100th career shutout…
“Fantastic! What a terrific accomplishment. I don’t know who the second person is (all-time in MLS) as far as shutouts, but I’ve got to believe it’s quite a ways from what Kevin has. I think it shows a great career, a person who has been very loyal to MLS and didn’t take opportunities to go internationally and a person who last year when we picked him up he was a player that Kansas City did not bring back. So, I think it was a huge loss for them when you see the type of player he’s been for us. I’m really very proud of him and pleased for him and his family.”
FC Dallas goalkeeper Kevin Hartman

On holding on to the clean sheet…
"We were very persistent. We continued to attack and possess the ball. We played them in a pretty hostile environment in terms of the heat, and it really worked to our advantage."
On earning his MLS record 100th career shutout…
"It certainly is something I'm extremely proud of. I feel like I'm part of something here in Dallas. I feel like I've played on some great teams in the past where guys would work both sides of the ball, and shutouts are always something that takes more than just a goalkeeper."
Forward Marvin Chavez

On turning down Gold Cup call up from Honduras…
"It wasn't a very easy decision to make. I had to think a lot about it, but I thought about this group and the injury problems, and I'm happy with my decision."
On scoring the game-winning goal…

"I beat the defender to the line and inside the box. I then saw Milton [Rodriguez] open, but I was confident I could score. Luckily, I made it."
Defender Ugo Ihemelu...

On shutting down the NE attack…
"They have some solid, creative players and Shalrie [Joseph] in the middle to help create chances. We just stayed organized tonight, kept up the communication and helped each other. It all starts with communication and I think we've been getting better at it as the season progresses and that's been crucial to our success so far."