Matt Reis interview

Postgame Quotes: Revolution 1, Galaxy 1

LA Galaxy Head Coach Bruce Arena:

On the result:
“I think on the night, our team played very well. Obviously, conceding a goal in the opening minutes put our backs to the wall. I think we responded well and got a goal back and probably had another goal, although the referee doesn’t agree with that. I think we played well. We could have scored a bunch of goals. We fell short there, but overall the passing of the ball, creating chances, defending was good. We just didn’t get that second goal. I thought we did a lot of good things tonight. Overall, it was a positive performance. Certainly, we are not happy with a point. This is a game we should win.”

On the disallowed goals:
“You can’t reward the goalkeeper for dropping the ball. I don’t understand that one, but perhaps the other ones were offside. We created a number of chances and didn’t get the second goal, whether legitimate or not. We didn’t get it so we didn’t get the three points.”

On the conditions:
“They were good enough for us to win this game. The conditions were difficult, but I think we made them more difficult by conceding a goal in the early going. I think we showed a lot of character in the way we responded and the way we kept pushing forward to try to win the game.”

On the play of Juan Pablo Angel:
“I think he did well. He played close to 30 minutes. It is the first time he has actually been on the field in 11 days, so I think he played pretty well.”

On the play of Paolo Cardozo:
“I think he did well. He still has a way to go. He is a good little player. I think that tactically he has to have a little bit better understanding of how to play with us, but certainly he is a player with a very good first touch. He is a good passer of the ball. We have to get him to expand his dimensions in terms of his passing and movement off the ball.”

On New England’s goal:
“We did a poor job. The ball came back to Perovic. I don’t think we put him under any kind of pressure. He plays the ball back in and we should have been pushing out of the goal. We are well aware of the player that is going to get at the end of crosses. It’s Joseph. There is no secret there. We just did a poor job on the entire play, a poor job giving the ball away maybe 30 seconds before that that resulted in a corner kick. We didn’t do well in the opening minutes of the game and it cost us points.”

LA Galaxy Midfielder Landon Donovan

On the conditions:
“It is enjoyable for us. For everyone else it is difficult. I actually thought we did a good job considering the conditions and trying to play through it.

On the disallowed goals:
“The one that Reis dropped is not a foul. I don’t think anyone in here can claim that that is a foul, including Reis. If you saw his reaction, it was pretty obvious. We certainly scored enough goals tonight to win the game. Unfortunately, like in all sports, it isn’t always just the other team you are playing against. It makes it difficult sometimes. We could also have been a little bit better with our chances. The goal that Mike [Magee] scored was offside, and Juan’s was probably offside, close but probably offside. We still feel we did enough to win the game.”

On the play of New England:
“They defended. I think their objective was pretty clear from the beginning and we let ourselves down by giving up an early goal. We were kind of climbing uphill from there. They had no intention of winning the game. That’s how we knew they were going to play. That’s how Steve Nicol coached teams play. Give them credit. They did what the set out to do.”

LA Galaxy Midfielder David Beckham

On the conditions:
“It was tougher tonight because obviously you had the wind, you had the rain. It was a constant heavy rain, not just a drizzle. I would say the conditions were difficult, but it is the same for both teams. It is difficult to play beautiful football in that kind of weather. I think at times we played well. I think we deserved to win the game. We created enough chances and I think one of the goals should have definitely counted, the one that Reis dropped, but it happens. We are happy with the effort that the guys gave and the chances they created. Obviously, disappointed to not get the three points.”

On the fan’s support:
“They were brave coming out in these conditions. We have to thank them for the support and thank them for showing up tonight because 95 percent of our fans get behind the team, but to come out in this kind of weather means a lot to our team.”

On the play of Juan Pablo Angel and Paolo Cardozo:
“Obviously, Juan coming on, his play speaks for itself. He is such a talent and has such character. His experience is going to be great for the players and for the team. Paolo is a young player. He is still learning the game, but he came on and he kept the ball well, passed the ball, penetrated well towards their goal. He is going to be a very good player.”

On his play:
“I think I put quite a few crosses in tonight, but the wind played a big part in the ball not arriving in certain positions. I think tonight in the conditions, we still felt as if we could have won the game. Obviously, that is disappointing in the home opener, but I think what we can take from the game is the effort that the guys put in and the chances that we created tonight.”

LA Galaxy Goalkeeper Josh Saunders

On the result:
“It just didn’t fall our way. We created a lot of opportunities on the attacking end. Defensively, we were solid. I only touched the ball three times. It was unfortunate that we didn’t get the win.”

On New England’s goal:
“We got out a little bit late clearing the line, and allowed them to just come in on top of us.”

On the fan’s support:
“I thought it was great. In LA, usually the rain scares people away, but the fan support was awesome. People stuck around for the whole game. We can’t ask for any better from our fans.”

On the conditions:
“It was different. Your mindset changes a lot. You go from catch to punching. Obviously, the ball is kind of a bar of soap. It was more difficult for him [Matt Reis] because he had to handle the ball more than I did, but at the same time, you just change your mindset and play really conservatively, and try and get the ball away from you as much as you can.”

New England Revolution Head Coach Steve Nicol

On the team’s performance:
“I think the manner in which we did it was a team effort. We were in good shape, we defended well, we picked good spots. We are unlucky not to score more than one goal.”

On the backline:
“We needed to get the back four higher up the field. Obviously we played against the wind in the first half which makes it easier for them to squeeze and put you under pressure so that helped us. We had to get the back four up the field to condense that a little bit. It was important that [Zak] Boggs and Kenny Mansally got into position to receive the ball when we actually won the ball back and they did that pretty well. I thought that Boggs did a great job. They all did a great job and it was a great point. Half the time you don’t get them but today I think we got what we deserved.”

New England Revolution Midfielder Shalrie Joseph

On tonight’s game:
“It feels good starting the first game of the season getting a point on the road against a huge team like LA. Coming down here and getting a point is good for our confidence.”

On his shot that hit the post in the second half:
“I should have definitely done better. It should have been 2-1. I think Zak [Boggs] hit a shot and I was just following him up. Being in the box, Stevie told me to push on a little bit. Once it fell to me I tried to keep it low and on the target. I should have done better and scored it to put us up 2-1 to help win the game.”

On his goal:
“Marko [Perovic] just played a brilliant ball. Once he puts it in the air I can go get it. He put it in the perfect area and all I had to do was steer it in. It was just a great ball from Marko and I finished it. It definitely settled us down a little bit having the early goal. It helped our confidence and it helped us relax a little bit.”

New England Goalkeeper Matt Reis

On tonight’s result:
“It is always good to get a point on the road. If you look at it at the end of the year if you get a point out of every road game that is great.”

On the rain:
“The conditions weren’t really conducive for good soccer. It was more of a great battle. Roll up your sleeves and put your galoshes on. That kind of suited us with getting a point.”

On the backline:
“I think they did really well. We shifted in slight and covered. They really didn’t have too many chances. It is something to build on.”