DONATE | DeJuan Jones and teammates spreading love through giving with Back to School with the Revs

8_23_22 Jones celebration

For the past three years, former New England Revolution forward Teal Bunbury led a Back to School with the Revs initiative through the club's bible study group, raising money to help families in the urban Boston area with clothing and supplies as the new school year begins. This year, DeJuan Jones is taking the lead, and he's asking for your help to reach as many families as possible in a time of need.

"This is my fourth season with the Revs and I have always felt appreciated, and I feel blessed to be part of a club with such incredible people," Jones said on the Back to School with the Revs fundraising page. "We've been able to help so many families over the years, and I know that we can continue adding to that total this year, too!

"Kindly join me and my teammates in donating to such a great cause. Please understand that any amount you donate is appreciated and will be instrumental in aiding a family to a great start for the academic year. Thank you for your endless support. God bless!"

Last year the initiative raised $15,000 for the Teal Bunbury Foundation, used to purchase $300 Target gift cards for 50 families, who were treated to a shopping spree last September. Jones and his teammates have set a similar goal this season, and still have a ways to go in reaching their target ahead of August 31.

Consider donating HERE if you have the means, and stay tuned for more Back to School with the Revs content to see how those donations have impacted families in Boston.