All four New England Revolution Academy teams returned to MLS NEXT regular season play last weekend. The U-19s and U-14s headed to Newton, Mass. to take on FC Boston Bolts while the U-17s and U-15s welcomed Inter Miami CF to Foxborough.

The U-19s defeated FC Boston Bolts 3-0 on Saturday as goalkeeper Matt Tibbetts (2004 – Westborough, Mass.) recorded a clean sheet. The U-14s also won their match vs. the Boston Bolts by a score of 1-0 with Cristiano Carlos (2008 – Chicopee, Mass.) scoring the game’s lone goal.

The U-15s beat Inter Miami CF 3-0 as Max Dressel (2007 – Marblehead, Mass.) recorded a clean sheet with Joshua Poulson (2007 – Hingham, Mass.), Owen Zhang (2007 – Westwood, Mass.), and Peyton Miller (2007 – Unionville, Conn.) tallied. The U-17s lost their match to Inter Miami 4-1 with Enzo Goncalves (2006 – Hyannis, Mass.) notching New England’s goal.                                                                                     

All four Academy teams have this upcoming weekend off and return to action in June for their final matches of the season with the U-14s and U-15s hosting Toronto FC while the U-17s welcome CF Montreal to Foxborough. Seacoast United will also come to town to take on New England’s U-19s. The complete MLS NEXT schedule and all the latest news from around the league can be viewed here. Click here to learn more about the New England Revolution Academy.

Revolution MLS & MLS NEXT Highlights

·      Academy graduate Esmir Bajraktarevic (2005 – Appleton, Wisc.) signed a Homegrown contract on May 23, 2022.

·      Academy graduate Colby Quiñones (2003 – Bedford, N.H.) earned a call up to the Puerto Rico National Team for their first two games of the Concacaf Nations League in June.

·      U-19 goalkeeper Matt Tibbetts (2004 – Westborough, Mass.) and U-14 goalkeeper Max Dressel (2007 – Marblehead, Mass.) each recorded a clean sheets on Saturday.

·      U-14 forward Cristiano Carlos (2008 – Chicopee, Mass.) scored the lone goal in his team’s 1-0 shutout over FC Boston Bolts. Carlos now owns 16 goals on the season.

Revolution Academy’s Latest College Commitments

·      Triton Beauvois (2003 – Malden, Mass.) – Virginia

·      Jack Burkhardt (2005 – Sutton, Mass.) – Boston College

·      Greg Cook (2004 – Las Vegas, N.V.) – Northwestern University

·      Marco Dos Santos (2005 – Methuen, Mass.) – Boston College

·      Malcolm Fry (2005 – Groton, Mass.) – Wake Forest

·      Isaie Louis (2005 – Everett, Mass.) – San Diego State

·      Morris Matthews (2003 – Westwood, Mass.) – Northeastern

·      Andrew Millar (2004 – Cambridge, Mass.) – Vermont

·      Marcos Ojea Quintana (2004 – Riverside, Conn.) – Harvard

·      Jack Panayotou (2004 – Cambridge, Mass.) – Georgetown

·      Matiwos Rumley (2005 – Hebron, Conn.) – Georgetown

·      Zachary Sardi-Santos (2003 – Newton, Mass.) – Harvard

·      Matthew Tibbetts (2004 – Westborough, Mass.) – American

·      Max Weinstein (2004 – Montpelier, Vt.) – Vermont

·      Jason Zacarias (2004 – Billerica, Mass.) – Boston University

New England Revolution U-19s vs. FC Boston Bolts U-19s
Saturday, May 21, 2022 – UMass Mount Isa (Newton, Mass.)
New England Revolution 3, FC Boston Bolts 0

Scoring Summary:
NE – Lucian Wood 18’
NE – Greg Cook 61’
NE – Triton Beauvois 90’

Revolution U-19s: Matt Tibbetts; Zach Sardi-Santos (Gabriell De Godoi 64’), Dylan Walsh, Andrew Millar, Gabriel Chavez (Alexandru Parvu 64’); Marcos Ojea Quintana (Daniel Bede 81’), Morris Matthews, Jack Panayotou; Triton Beauvois, Greg Cook (Kevin Medina 75’), Jason Zacarias.

Substitutes Not Used: Max Weinstein, Daniel Woodward.

New England Revolution U-17s vs. Inter Miami CF U-17s
Saturday, May 21, 2022 – Academy Grass Fields (Foxborough, Mass.)
New England Revolution 1, Inter Miami CF 4

Scoring Summary:
MIA – Brian Destin 10’
MIA – Italo Addimandi 32’
MIA – Bryan Destin 50’
NE – Enzo Goncalves 83’

Revolution U-17s: Kevin Christensen; Steban Betancur (Alex Rapo 71’), Alexi Karalis, Matiwos Rumley (Henrique Dias 78’), Jack LaBelle (Benaiah Hanson 73’); Marco Dos Santos, Giuseppe Ciampa (Diego Xhikneli 45’), Jamie Kabuusu; Olger Escoabar, Carl Laurent (Alejandro Palacio 45’), Enzo Goncalves.

Substitutes Not Used: Ryan Carney, Henrique Dias, Malcolm Fry.

New England Revolution U-15s vs. Inter Miami CF U-15s
Saturday, May 21, 2022 – Academy Grass Fields (Foxborough, Mass.)
New England Revolution 3, Inter Miami CF 0

Scoring Summary:
NE – Joshua Poulson 17’
NE – Peyton Miller 36’
NE – Owen Zhang 56’

Revolution U-15s: Max Dressel; Alvin Depina, Simon Henao, Sage Kinner, Luke Churchill; Joshua Poulson (Owen Zhang 51’), Edwin Flores (Edwin Gustafson 51’), Kevin Machado; Peyton Miller, Tito Nichols, Raphael Alves.

Substitutes Not Used: Marshall Nason Martin, Aidan Reilly, Ian Hecker, Danny Stanger, Nolan Murray.

New England Revolution U-14s vs. FC Boston Bolts U-14s
Saturday, May 21, 2022 – UMass Mount Ida (Newton, Mass.)
New England Revolution 1, FC Boston Bolts 0

Scoring Summary:
NE – Cristiano Carlos 9’

Revolution U-14s: Jose Goodman Millman; Jorge Flores, Thomas Tsouros, Gavin Baer, Trevor Steele; Braydon Fagundes, Bryan Norena, Camilo Moreno Bustamante; Cristiano Carlos, Mesud Ramic, Rudy Figueroa

Substitutes Used: Caiden London, Anthony Anduray, Julian Monteiro, Matias Xhikneli, Luka Hislop, Kaleb Curran, Daniel Jordao.