The Junior Revs program is a FREE membership program for kids 15 years old and younger. As a member, you receive special perks and giveaways! 

Membership Includes:

  • Monthly Junior Revs Newsletter
  • Exclusive access to events and promotions
  • End of the year prize pack
  • Discount on Revolution Academy camps and clinics
  • Opportunities to participate in exclusive Junior Revs only clinics


How much does it cost to be a Junior Revs Member?
It is completely free! On match day, all you have to do is head to the Junior Revs tent (located in Fan Zone), sign up with one of our Brand Ambassadors, and you will be entered into our Junior Revs database.

How long does the membership last?
Junior Revs memberships are valid until you turn 15! Once you turn 15 you are no longer eligible to me a member.

How do I get my end of the year prize pack?
Prize pack items are based on the amount of matches attended during the season. For every home match you attend, be sure to check in at the Junior Revs tent in Fan Zone. You can check into the match with one of the Brand Ambassadors or by scanning the QR code on the sign.

I don’t see my question, who can I ask?
You can email with any questions, comments, or suggestions. You can also email him just to say hi!