The Revolution Academy is one of the most innovative youth training programs in Major League Soccer, recognized by US Soccer as one of the top 10 youth development programs in the country. The Revolution Academy trains players of all abilities in all aspect of the game, including ball mastery, speed of play, coordination and balance and movement with and without the ball. These clinics will help players feel comfortable with the ball at their feet where they will see more success on the field.

Developmental Programs

Summer Skills Academy

The Revolution Academy Coaches will create an atmosphere and design training sessions that allow for creativity, individuality, and imagination. Players will be encouraged to train and play with freedom in a unique environment. Focus will be on moves, ball mastery, fakes, feints, finishing, and speed of play.


Elite Programs

RDS Winter 2019

The Regional Development School (RDS) is a multi-layered program for boys and girls, ages 8-16, to receive supplemental training from the Revolution Academy coaching staff. Intended for elite players, this advanced program curriculum is specially designed to help players develop in a professional and challenging training environment. Training in the RDS replicates the MLS Academy environment and is the most successful route to earning a spot on the Academy teams.





2020 Residential Academy (Boys & Girls)

Best suited for elite players and previous RDS participants: Boys Program: 2004 - 2010 / Girls Program: 2006 - 2010

The Residential Academy allows elite players an opportunity to participate in a unique training experience where they live, train and play like a New England Revolution Academy player. The 2020 Residential Academy programs are held at Dean College in Franklin, Massachusetts.



2020 Residential Team Academy

Best suited for DA / Premier / Club teams U12 – U16 | Boys

The Residential Team Academy provides a four-day training experience, where teams can work together to create chemistry, along with developing an understanding of what it takes to train and perform at a consistently high level, in order to achieve success.

To enroll a team into this program, please contact the Residential Academy Director: Karl Spratt – (508-384-9242) /


2020 Full Day Academy

The Revolution Full Day Academy offers players born between 2008 - 2012 the unique experience of developing their skills in a challenging, professional, and fun environment. Players will be inspired by the Revolution Academy coaching staff to improve their skills and creativity, through a number of drills and activities, including small-sided games ending in daily tournament play. Players will participate in unique activities and presentations that will Educate, Connect, and Inspire.


Team and Association Programs

Town Association

This program provides a unique opportunity to have a member of the Revolution Academy technical staff conduct high-level training sessions in your town. The coaching topics can be technical or tactical in nature, and within areas your players could benefit from more support or training.

Order: Call (508) 384-9242 or email

Individual Teams

Teams have the rare opportunity to train like the pros by hosting a team training academy program in their local community. This unique addition to the Revolution Academy is the ideal preseason or in-season training for travel, premier or high school programs.

Order: Call (508) 384-9242 or email

RDS Plus Exercise Videos

Click here to watch a series of exercises that are part of the RDS Plus program.