Headline News: Reaction

Julian Cardillo of Boston.com discusses the Revs’ 1-0 loss against TFC on Sunday. The Boston.com blogger states that TFC played incredible defense, while also noting in his three thoughts on the loss, including the idea that a poor start may have ended New England’s hopes for a win much too early.

From the Boston Globe, Nick Ironside provides his insight on Sunday’s match, describing the loss as a “frustrating battle” for the Revolution. Anthony Gulizia also touches on the MLS playoff race and how at this stage in the season, the Revs cannot take any game lightly.

Brian O’Connell of ESPN Boston notes that the Revolution was facing a different Toronto team. Toronto FC’s cast of characters posed a unique challenge to the Revs in Sunday’s 1-0 loss and was able to frustrate the Revs from start to finish.