Ryan Guy vs. Colorado Rapids

Postgame Quotes: Rapids 2, Revs 1

Jay Heaps, New England Revolution head coach

On what set up their goal:

You work on set pieces. We got one good play, but the rest of it wasn't good enough.

On whether the first half was good enough:

No. We dribbled too much. There's got to be better flow. We as a staff have to be better and the players have to be better. We all have to be better.

On losing a central defender:

It's what we prepare for. It's not like it doesn't happen in games. We have players that want opportunities and they got it. They have to make sure that they deliver. Unfortunately, no one tonight really stepped up. We as a staff didn't step up because we didn't make the right subs.

On what he told them at halftime:

We wanted to play better than the first half. We really felt that in the first half we were second to balls. Some of the things we're good at, we just weren't doing. It's disappointing because we want to keep the ball when we can. We knew it was going to be tough, but we didn't play well at all.

Andrew Farrell, New England Revolution defender

On the play in the first half:

We came out and did well. We got a great goal early on and we defended well. The second half, we knew they were a good team and good at home. There were a few mistakes that we made that they capitalized on it. It's as simple as that. We didn't possess the ball well. We had the lead after halftime and they just came out on fire. They made us defend for 45 minutes. The team's going to score. You can't defend for 45 minutes, especially against a team this good. Even though it's a tough result and we're not happy, it's the first time that we've lost back-to-back games.

On how quickly they're going to move on from this one:

Very fast. Obviously, you've got to get that feeling of loss and then move on. Columbus is a great team at home. Some guys played a full 90 [minutes] so we've got to get those fresh legs going. I think it's a must win at this point.

On how they prepared for Chris Klute:

He's a good player and he's got a good cross from the left side. I think Ryan Guy did a good job at trying to battle him. I think Ryan held his own. [Chris] didn't have as much opportunity to go forward as he usually does.

Ryan Guy, New England Revolution midfielder

On the game overall:

Obviously it's a frustrating result tonight, particularly after having the first half lead and getting off to a descent start. Sometimes in games that are going against you, you get an unfortunate touch or an unfortunate foul. Juan [Toja] certainly put a good ball in. That was fantastic. From there, it was just a very difficult game for us. Things really never clicked and I think it will show from things like passing percentages and stats like that, that we just didn't get ahold of the game tonight. It was disjointed between the defense and the attack. There was just something missing. Saying that, I think we put up a good fight. We're very disappointed to give up the two goals that we did, but then again, games like this do occur and it's how you come back from them. We're looking forward to Columbus right away.

On the disjointed play:

I think it's a mix of variables. The altitude is something a lot of us were contending with. A lot of us are coming in after not playing for quite a while, for 90 minutes. That's how I felt a little bit. Unfortunately I have to take responsibility for that. I was feeling a little bit tired at the end of the game there. At the end of the day, we're all professionals. We have to be prepared. I think a lot of us were. It was just 1-2% of a lack of concentration at times between making a pass and giving the ball away.

Oscar Pareja, Colorado Rapids Head Coach

On the performance in the second half:

I saw the team who wanted to bounce back in the game. I saw the team that had that urgency, when we make a throw in, when we had a corner, when we do a restart. You have to tell the fans that you are urgent to win at home, and I didn’t see it in the first half. In the second half we saw it, and that momentum is a collective effort, with the fans, with the players, and the game rewards you. I saw that chemistry between the fans and the players in the second half due to that.

On starting the second half with Atiba Harris subbed in for Hendry Thomas:

Making the substitution, taking out one of our best players, it was a tactical move [to] give us more mobility. We were going to sacrifice the way we get the ball back in the middle, then we would have another presence up front with Atiba. I thought it worked well.

On Dillon Powers’ game:

Dillon has been very consistent, and that’s one of the things that we are very proud [of] within the club, to have a young guy who has such a personality, and bringing that every game. So he’ll keep growing. He knows that he has a long way to go, but he’s mature enough to have that consistency now, game after game, and we’re very pleased with the way he’s playing.

On the rookies, with the Rapids’ Deshorn Brown and Dillon Powers and New England’s Andrew Farrell:

I think our boys are leading that one. I have to be honest. I think they’re doing a tremendous job. I respect what Farrell is doing there, and I don’t want to make any stupid comparisons at this point, but if you ask me, I have to say the truth. I think Deshorn and Powers need to be highlighted and they need to be rewarded, because sometimes we don’t get that. The young boys are doing a great job in the club.

On Nick LaBrocca:

I thought he was excellent. He’s the player that we were looking at at the beginning of the season, and we know that Nick can do that, because he has experience and has a lot of talent. Today was one of those games where Nick stepped up and gave us what we needed, so I’m very happy for him.

Nick LaBrocca, Colorado Rapids midfielder

On coming back to get the win:

It’s the fun of the game. As soon as you start worrying about chances that you don’t get, you start hesitating and then you’re never going to score one of those so that’s a good thing about this team is even looking at some of the games where we could have won, it doesn’t faze us, we keep going and we keep attacking the goal and we’re going to be alright. 

On his goal:

Yeah, I saw [Goncalves] coming, he was closing down my right foot so I figured I’d try and hit it over the left, and luckily there was enough space in there to just let one rip. 

On whether getting more players forward in the second half changed the game:

A little extra urgency too, and the speed of play I think picked up a little bit, and especially the second half with altitude, those gaps open up and we expose them, which helped us. 

On shots hitting defenders:

No I haven’t thought about it, just keep shooting and sometimes they’re going to hit defenders, sometimes they’re not, so today was a good day for that.

On finding space in the middle of the field:

It was just the pockets. Our build up was very good and as the game went on we kept picking up the pace and picking up the pace and we were able to get more and more gaps. Everybody was able to get in and everybody was involved and everybody was dangerous. It’s one of our advantages. It’s tough for teams coming here and the more can pick up the pace then the harder it is for visiting teams.  

Dillon Powers, Colorado Rapids midfielder

On the own goal:

I just took a corner so I was out on that right side and the ball was over on the left for a  while so I hung back out of the sight of the defender. It finally got switched back over and I just tried to get the ball in the box and take on my man and get something hard across the box and sometimes that happens.

On playing more of a holding midfielder in the second half:

I’ve played that position a lot in college, that’s where I mainly played. The forward role is something that I’ve been developing more over this season but I’m very comfortable in the middle.

On media suggesting he could win Rookie of the Year:

It would be a nice accolade, I think more importantly is getting this team in the playoffs and that’s my number one goal.

On playing against fellow SuperDraft pick Andrew Farrell:

He went to Louisville, he was in the Big East. We played every year and have a pretty good relationship. So it was kind of fun, especially because I started on his side so we were kind of joking around during the game. It was fun.

On how he’s feeling midway through the season:

I think after those six games that we had on the road in 22 days, it was definitely a certain level of fatigue there. But this last weekend we had off, which was very nice and I kind of got my legs back under me so now we can make a good push in the playoffs.

On facing Seattle on Saturday:

We definitely need a result there against a conference opponent. It’s very tight right now, that playoff race. We want to get in there and we don’t want to look back. I think we’re just going to have to go in there with a strong mentality and maybe ride the [momentum from the] last four games that we’ve had.

Marvell Wynne, Colorado Rapids defender

On playing his 100th game with the Rapids:

It feels pretty good. This team’s been around [since the beginning of the league] so being here and being able to get 100 games is something that, again only 15 players have done and it feels really good. Especially good knowing that we got a win from it. It felt good. It is a milestone and a presentation of some sorts. It’s an award. It’s a compliment in terms of: this organization wants me here and in these 100 games I’ve come to like this organization as well and hope that we can keep things going.

On the comeback win at home and its meaning for the team:

It’s a great little push knowing that we can come out and play a decent game for both halves and get a victory. And coming from behind always speaks a lot for a team’s integrity and how we don’t want to stop at any point. We felt good out there playing so now we’ve got to take it to a very difficult place and hopefully get a result in Seattle.

On his comfort level in his role:

I feel very comfortable, especially today. I felt like I had a lot of room. I felt like I was able to do a decent job in the offensive side of things as well a defensive. So at any point where I can get forward and help the team out in both directions, I’m all for it.

On the Revolution playing defensively after scoring their first goal:

Once they get back, all that does is leave more space for the defenders and midfielders to get up and attack them more. They’re going to turtle, try to get everybody in the box but we’re going to keep hammering at that shell until we get a break and we got two of them tonight.

On the change in play style in the second half:

We realized when we came back into the locker room [for halftime] that along the outsides we were getting a lot of time and space and crosses so we go outside and we tried to get the balls into the box. You saw right away, Atiba [Harris] got that cross in, boom, and instantly we kept going and got our breaks.