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USOC Quotes: Revs 4, NYRB 2

New England Revolution head coach Jay Heaps
We had a lot of guys that were ready to go. You could tell that we started really well. I thought it probably should have been a little bit better. We probably could have been up 2-0 when they scored. Unfortunately, it was a battle the rest of the way. We created a lot of chances and scored some goals.

Kelyn Rowe – when he shoots in on goal, it's usually going in. He's got one of the best shots I've seen, right or left foot. He was fired up for tonight. Right from the open, his touch was on. His movement was good. His pressure was good. He had a nice night.

We saw (Tyler Polak and Gabe Latigue) in the Open Cup last week and two weeks ago, and I thought they did a nice job then. Tonight, Tyler played his position, left back. Gabe's more natural position was a little bit more attacking and I thought both guys did an excellent job. They had to go 90, and they knew they were going 90, and I thought they adapted well to it.

New England Revolution midfielder Kelyn Rowe
It just seemed to be right in the past two (Open Cup) games; I guess the past three games in the Open Cup, last year as well. The guys gave me space. I think in the first [goal], great layoff, and I think [Gabe Latigue] gave me the ball, and I saw an opening and thought ‘Might as well’, it’s the first couple of minutes of the game.’ I wanted to test the goalie. The second one, I think Gabe Latigue made a run inside and pulled the defender out and I thought, again, ‘I mean, I made the run, may as well shoot it’ and it ended up going far post.

It’s a lot about confidence. I’ve obviously grown in that aspect this year and it’s something that’s bringing my game out fully: taking players on, taking shots, giving players opportunities to score, other than myself. So I think it’s really grown in Boston into something good.

They’re just shots that went in. The first one, obviously, left foot. I thought I’d catch (Ryan Meara) near post. Last year, I caught him far post. I thought he’d think I was going there again. I got a lucky bounce over him so that was nice. And then the second one, right foot, left post – I’ve always been taught to do that as a kid.

Every practice, every time I step on the field, every game is a statement for me to either hold a spot or to get a spot and right now, it’s to get a spot. And so, Jay (Heaps’) obviously taking this as a real game and a game that’s obviously a positive for me and so I hope as games go on, I see more time. As long as I keep playing – like I said, every practice and every game – every time I step on this field, it’s proving myself.

(The first goal celebration) was (meant for John Odom, Matt Reis’ father-in-law who was badly injured in the Boston Marathon bombings). John Odom is a very strong man, obviously. He’s been through a lot and we’ve obviously been there for Matt and supporting him and supporting the whole family. I think seeing him here tonight gave us that lift just to start the game and we wanted to give back to him a little bit. I wanted to give back to him a little bit as well – to say we’re there for him.

We want to carry in our shutouts, obviously. The defensive work has been amazing throughout the whole back line, plus Bobby (Shuttleworth), through the midfield and even up top – great defensive work. We’re obviously scoring goals except for that last game. We’re hoping some of these goals would have come on Saturday, but they didn’t. So we want to be able to keep going and right now, we’re on the streak where we haven’t lost. That’s a big thing for us right now, that streak of not losing, but we want to get that win. Three points on the road in Vancouver would be great for us.

New York Red Bulls head coach Mike Petke
I am not going to make excuses. Like I said, we lost to a mediocre team because we were way less than mediocre. They deserved to win today.

We did more of a 4-5-1 defense today and 4-3-3 attacking. I did not think that our outside midfielders grasped exactly what we were trying to accomplish. They were way too deep at times with big gaps, especially in the first half.

To me (New England) are the same team as when we beat them 4-1 and they are the same team as when we tied them 1-1. But, they have that confidence right now. They are playing with confidence and that is a dangerous game.

New York Goalkeeper Ryan Meara
I thought it was one of our better weeks of practice. After the break, everyone came back in a good mood. There was just great energy in practice. Tonight, it’s just hard to figure.

I’ll have to watch the tape and then figure it out, because it was very disappointing, especially against New England. We had a good team out there. We just couldn’t get it done.

We came up here. There are no excuses. Once you get on the field it’s another game. Whether it’s turf or we’re playing here or whether it’s at Foxborough or Red Bull Arena. It’s just another game. When you’re out there, (the conditions) are the last thing on your mind. I think tonight they were better than us, just plain and simple.

It doesn’t help when they score in the first five minutes. We’re just trying to settle into the game a little and before we know it, we’re down 1-0.That threw a wrench into things, but I thought we weathered the storm a little bit and even when it was 3-1, we came back 3-2 and had them on the ropes. I think pushing for that third goal to tie it up we let up the fourth goal.