Postgame Quotes: Revs 2, Union 0

New England Revolution head coach Jay Heaps

I thought it was a good game for us, complete from front to back. Philly’s a good team and they’ve shown that they are a good team on the road. I thought that in the first half they showed why: they sit in and they let you attack, they give you chances and then they break. When they break they break well. I thought Danny Cruz did a nice job. I thought the Michael Farfan shot that Bobby (Shuttleworth) saved was pretty good. Then from there I thought we dictated a lot of the game. I thought we were playing some good stuff from midfield. I thought that Kelyn (Rowe) and Lee (Nguyen) did well. Kalifa (Cisse) cleaned it up behind them. Overall, I thought our front to back movement was pretty good. I thought that we felt the goal coming it was just a matter of when.

I thought tonight we put a lot of confidence in Kelyn (Rowe) and Lee (Nguyen) to step up there and be two kinds of playmakers, with Kelyn trying to penetrate, pick up loose balls and Lee to be more of the playmaker in the terms of with the ball at his feet. The two of them have a nice style. I think they did a nice one-two tonight. I think Lee has a nice way of playing balls and Kelyn reads it pretty well. Diego (Fagundez) had a nice night not only finishing off the goal, but overall in terms of the build of play. In terms of his commitment defensively, you see we want to be more offensive, but there are some responsibilities defensively and Diego fulfilled those tonight.

Those are the things you work on all the time. The first goal I think was really a nice goal. It was a nice one-two play, stuff we see a lot from our guys that we know they are capable of. Lee (Nguyen) breaks a nice pass to Kelyn (Rowe), who breaks the baseline and then finds Diego (Fagundez) and Diego finishes it one-time. Those types of goals are what we strive for and work for. We had opportunities in the first half and you could see it just felt that it was going to come. We were about to sacrifice a live chicken pretty soon if one of those go in, in the second half. I thought overall the performance, the gutsiness of the performance, to stay with it and not give up. I thought at halftime I looked into the guys eyes and thought we were going to have a good half.

We were disappointed in the way we started that match in New York. We worked a lot this week on that final third. Overall when we come home, after a loss, it was a night where we had to draw a line in the sand. Tonight has got to be the time when we get forward and attack, but also defend tough. You saw Maca (Stephen McCarthy) and Jose (Goncalves) the way they battled today. They were really though all the way around. (Chris) Tierney would get forward, but also he had to defend. (Andrew) Farrell was forward a little bit, but for me he did a nice job defensively. Across the line I think that everyone had to dig in deep. It is not easy. I thought we weren’t playing that well (earlier this season), but we were getting some results. We could not score. The backline has had absorb a lot of that over the last few weeks. Tonight they continued to fight, but we had the goals to help them.

One of the things about this league is that it's really tough and here's a guy who came from the Premier league, played at Reading, played at a couple big clubs and so the league, it takes awhile. Someone like Kalifa (Cisse) is really good and you can see that when we're in possession. He can really switch it left to right, he can read the game, he's good in the air. I think the first few weeks have been him settling in and understanding what we want to do in front of him. Tonight was why we got him. I think he's tough. He gets in some hard challenges which we like but also he has the finesse with his feet to hit the ball over 20, 30 yards to really open up some defenses and give us some lines.

I’ve got a smile on my face so that counts. It's tough. I won’t sit here and tell you these are professional sports, how can you level out the ups and downs? It's been an emotional couple of weeks. I think you saw that tribute. There wasn't a dry eye on our team and I think you saw us come together as a group. We've been dealing with some stuff and I think on top of that like you said, we haven't been hitting our peak performances offensively. It took a lot from our guys tonight and I think being a coach, I'm really proud of the group and the way they came together, the way they responded from the outside world to kind of breaking us. Negative criticism, slumps, those are things that are going to happen as professional sports, but on top of that we had the emotional pull and so I commend our guys and I'm a really proud coach to see the way they battled and stepped on the field tonight.

I don't want to speculate right now (on Andrew Farrell’s status). I know he was getting looked at by the doctor. It's tough because we have a quick turnaround. We have a game on Thursday night so we have to be smart but I don't want to speculate because I don't know."

New England Revolution goalkeeper Bobby Shuttleworth

We had a lot of good chances in the first half, unfortunately we weren’t able to take advantage of any of them. Philly’s a good team and they’ve got a lot of very dangerous attacking players. They don’t need much space to get a shot off, so just trying to stay in the game as much as I can even if we have possession of it.

It’s just a comfort thing. The more games you get in a row, obviously the more comfortable you get, the sharper you feel. The guys across the backline were great tonight. I thought the communication between all of us was really good. Getting the shutout is just a plus.

I think there’re moments in the game that are really important and I think (the save on Michael Farfan in the first half) was one of those important moments. Hopefully going along I can make saves that will keep us 0-0 and we can score goals.

I think this year more than any other year we have a lot of depth and there’s a lot of competition for spots. I think that’s what it is. I think there’re a lot of guys who can step in and do a job. I think this year you’re seeing that, especially across the backline. There’re a lot of guys who can play back there and a lot of guys who can play multiple positions. There’s definitely a lot of competition back there and a lot of guys ready and willing.

We’ve been talking all week. We had a good week of training, moving the ball really well. We needed to start scoring goals. We were creating chances, but that final pass, that final shot just wasn’t there for us. Finally tonight, I’m sure for everyone, it’s such a relief to see a couple goals go in and to build upon that for next week.

I’m always trying to keep a line where I think I can get to a ball and just play through. No matter what, if we have possession of it, if they have possession of it, I’m trying to put myself in a good spot to be able to react and end the situation.

Towards the second part of the first half, they started finding gaps on us a little bit. Especially Danny Cruz was able to find a couple of thru balls. That lively conversation was more just, we got to sort that out and figure it out going into the second half.

I thought everyone along the backline and Kalifa (Cisse) and everyone had a really good game and the communication was great. They had their chances, but I think we did well to kind of snuff them out as the game went on.

New England Revolution forward Diego Fagundez

We’ve been waiting for something like that for a while. We all wanted it and it was up to someone to make a play and Kelyn (Rowe) just gave a good ball to me and I just had to finish it and that’s how it all started.

We knew as soon as we got first one we had to settle down and just have to go for the attack and as soon as we got that first one the game opened up and Lee got the second goal.

Yeah, (Lee Nguyen and Kelyn Rowe playing centrally) actually worked out very well. You can see Lee and Kelyn making plays and attacking with Jerry (Bengtson) and then me and Ryan (Guy), all five attack at once, it kind of helps Jerry and I to go forward and try and score.

It felt amazing actually. We saw the stadium pretty filled out today. So, getting this win for Boston and Kevin (Alston) probably felt good for everyone.

Every game you start and play, you definitely get confident more and more. So, every game I play and do something to help the team my confidence goes up.

Philadelphia Union head coach John Hackworth

Well I thought New England was the better team tonight. So congratulations to them, Jay Heaps and his staff and his team. They were the better team tonight. With that said, that was not reflective of the kind of game we’re capable of playing at all: probably our worst performance on the year so far. In a lot of ways just frustrating that we’ve been playing so consistent and at least the way we try to play and tonight wasn’t the same.

I just think we’re a team that has to do things on both sides of the ball collectively. We didn’t do that tonight. We were fortunate to not be down a goal in the first half. Yet we had chances too and we didn’t take them well. (Bobby) Shuttleworth makes a couple of really good saves as well, keeps them in the game. Then I thought we came out in the second half and we were actually playing much better. We had good numbers forward on both goals and I just watched them and there were little details and guys just stopped playing. That is not reflective of our team usually.

It’s not the same, it’s not the same. Look we understand this league is tough that way. You have games where you are not your best. Certainly on the road if you don’t rise to the occasion, especially on an emotional night like tonight for New England and this community. It doesn’t help that we struggle a little bit with the turf. All those things said, it wasn’t our best.

We just need to go back and review this game. Look at the game film, come up with a plan, just try to hammer home the things we’ve been doing well. Know that tonight on a lot of levels, this is not acceptable for this team.

Philadelphia Union midfielder Michael Farfan

Yeah, it was a hard loss. I think it could have gone either way. They had some chances in the first half, we had some chances in the first half and we were just unfortunate not to get the first goal and come out of here with at least a point … I think it was kind of both ways. With their one goal, it was a deflection and kind of just fell in a lucky spot for them. Like I said I think it could have gone either way.

It was a very emotional game. I mean to start the game with a nice little tribute to the tragedy that happened here. Our condolences go out to all the people affected by it, but in the end it’s just a game and you kind of forget about those things.

Philadelphia Union midfielder Brian Carroll

Disappointing. We didn't really play like we're capable of. Part of that was due to them, part of that was, who knows why. It's a long year, it's a disappointing result but we have to move on and be better in the next one.

I thought there were a lot of things that we could've done better. It just wasn't our night, for whatever reason, offensively, defensively, possession of the ball making plays that we normally make. It just wasn't there tonight. They were the better team on the night.

It's hard to imagine what people are going through, still. Watching the video before the game, it doesn't matter what part of the country you're from I think it touches everybody. It was their night.

Philadelphia Union defender Jeff Parke

Disappointing. They’re a decent team, but we made them look a lot better than they were. Gave them chances, and they punished us. It's a game that we felt like we should have come up here and at least gotten a result, and now we go home with zero points. It's disappointing.

It changes things, but at the end of the day, we still have to be a good enough team to weather that and be able to respond and not go two down. We didn't do enough tonight and we didn't create enough chances. I felt like we had a couple, but on the day, they had the better of the game.

I just think they were a more hungry team. We didn't come out and play our game and they took the game to us.

They just opened us up and put us on our heels and attacked with numbers. They made it difficult for us in the back. We didn't follow runners and didn't do enough to keep them wide. They came at us up the middle, played it wide then played it across and there's a couple of goals after it. They had a couple of chances, as well. On the whole and on the day, they were better and created more chances.