Revs vs. Union

Postgame Quotes: Union 1, Revs 0

Jay Heaps, New England Revolution Head Coach

Thoughts on the game:

We are disappointed we gave up the goal at the end. I thought we played well enough to get a point and get out of here but it’s a tough way to lose a point on the road.

General performance as a whole:

I thought we were a step better in the first half but in the second half we couldn’t get into the game until they scored. And after they scored I think we had good chances, I thought we could cut the game to one to one. I thought that was a fair scored but this game isn’t fair.

One play making the difference:

Unfortunately they made it , we didn’t, and unfortunately we put a lot of hard work into going on the road and being solid and getting to half time 0-0 and making sure we come out and have an opportunity to win game or at least come out of here with what we thought was a fair result. That is where we lost it, inside. It was a set piece goal and we don’t want to give those up.

Similarities to Chicago game:

I think it hurt us a bit we couldn’t get it out of our end. The wind was howling up there so we were trying to play angled balls. But you need to credit them they kept us under pressure for the first 15 minutes to start the second half and we couldn’t get a foot on the ball or keep possession and they wore us down and got a goal.

Change at half/Clyde Simms substitution:

It was a little bit of an issue with a muscle and it was precautionary because it was such a heavy field and we wanted to make sure it wasn’t a long term issue.

Dorman’s play:

I think Dorman and Scottie both making their debuts did a nice job. Dorman’s got experience and it shows. Scottie obviously is a methodical player and thinks about the game and that shows. He took very good spots and played very good balls.

Reis and Cece not playing:

Precautionary. Some of the knocks they took in the Chicago game just didn’t heal quick enough. It was more precautionary. They could have played if we wanted to but we didn’t want to lose them for a longer time.

AJ Soares, New England Revolution Defender

Similarities to last game:

I thought we had a really good game plan going in. We had the better chances overall. We had a couple special players from our guys up top. Sometimes it goes like that. I think if we finish a chance early on it changes the game. But I was proud of the guys for defending hard playing hard it’s not an easy place to play. We did alright. We had one play we gave up on of their really good goal scorers a little too much room and he is going to finish it. McInerney has proven he can finish a ball with his head really well. We gave him a little too much room and he punished us.

The feeling of the game, one play being the difference:

I mean that’s pretty much how soccer goes. One play is usually the difference sometimes its two plays. But like last week it could have been us. We had the chance that it could have been our night. It could have been 2-0. I’m happy we created those chances, our attack is looking good. If us as defenders keep defending hard and keep providing the guys up top with good balls they are going to do some stuff and I think our results will be more positive.

Not giving Philly a lot:

Yea they had that one set piece. You know, set pieces determine the game a lot of times and you got to get in the black on those. We gave up one and didn’t score any so that’s how the game goes.

Scott Caldwell, New England Revolution Midfielder

On his debut tonight:

It is obviously great getting a start its great getting my first minutes but obviously we lost and that’s not the result we look for. We need to put that in the past now and look to next week, our home-opener against Kansas City.

When he was told about the start:

Yesterday maybe. I was ready and it was pretty good. It was exciting stepping on the field for the first time and we need to just get ready for next week.

What he hoped to do:

Just try to defensively clog up passing lanes, win balls when it gets in my zone, and when we get balls get on it as much as possible and move it and let out attack make the chances for us.