Darrius Barnes vs. Philadelphia Union

Postgame Quotes: Revs 0, Union 0

New England Revolution head coach Jay Heaps

It was good to get a shutout. I thought Matt Reis had a good game. Unfortunately, I don’t think we created enough chanced to win the game. On a positive, though, we got the shutout.

Guys have to step up. This is a good opportunity for player. I thought Dimitry (Imbongo) did a nice job when he went in. Diego (Fagundez) looked good early – faded a little bit – and I thought he was through on that play when there was a phantom call … I still don’t know what happened, but Diego was wide open and through and they called it back.

(Fernando Cardenas) was supposed to be a little bit wider, but he kept drifting inside. Unfortunately, when they’re playing five midfielders and all of a sudden we’re loading our midfield up, we wanted him to be a little bit wider. And you could see the game open up when Kelyn (Rowe) came in because there was width.

(Matt Reis) was our best player. For me, he made good saves. He came out for crosses, made some plays. It wasn’t an easy night for him and he did well.

(Saer Sene’s torn ACL is) a tough blow because he’s had an 11-goal season for him. It’s an opportunity for others to step up, but it’s tough.

A.J. Soares was out with concussion-like symptoms because he was elbowed in the back of the head that wasn’t called … and A.J. had to miss the game because of that. And (Chris) Tierney was an injury as well. Tierney had a little bit of tightness. But both those guys have played a lot of minutes.

New England Revolution defender Darrius Barnes

There were a number of changes all across the field tonight and I thought we did a good job of adjusting. Tonight we came out with some energy and we were playing for one another … the important thing is we got the clean sheet tonight. The past couple of games we’ve been giving up four and three goals, a total of seven goals in the past two games. I think it picks up our confidence in the back and I think we just have to pick it back up offensively. We weren’t that sharp offensively, keeping the ball tonight and it was one of our sloppier nights going forward. But that happens sometimes, we got the clean sheet, we got the point, so we just got to pick it up from here.

We have to piece together our defensive effort tonight with the offensive effort that we had the past couple of games. Hopefully we can try and put that together on Wednesday. I think Wednesday is a must-win for us, we keep saying that but we definitely have to try and get three points by whatever means necessary, whether it’s pretty or ugly. We have to try to get the ball in the back of the net and try for a clean sheet like we did tonight.

(Saer Sene’s) our leading goal scorer, an offensive threat at all times. That’s what he does: he puts the ball in the back of the net. He’s a class finisher, so we’re definitely going to miss him. That just leaves opportunity for Dimitry (Imbongo) and Diego (Fagundez) to try and put their stamp in the game and put some balls in the back of the net. Jay (Heaps) has been talking to us all about opportunities and hopefully somebody steps up and takes it.

Oh, Matt (Reis) was huge. Matt saved us on a bunch of occasions. There were times we thought a couple of their players were offside and Matt bailed us out. He’s been bailing us out all year, he’s come up with big saves and that’s what we expect from our veteran keeper.

New England Revolution forward Diego Fagundez

Oh, I felt great - just focusing on the game and finally getting 70 minutes a game. I was really excited to play and I felt good overall.

(Philadelphia) were just really good defensively. We were trying to go over the top and beat them with speed and nothing was going for us. I think the only thing we should have done more, Jerry (Bengtson) was doing a great job winning the first ball, and I think I should have just followed in behind to try and get the second one.

I think my confidence will be even better. I know (Jerry Bengtson’s) going to be gone so I’m going to have to be hungry these next two days for training. I’m going to show Jay (Heaps) that I’m hungry and that I want to play.

I think one or two goals the next game. I think that’s the thing that we need right now.

Some games you have a good attack and some games you just can’t do it. It all depends game by day.

Philadelphia Union head coach John Hackworth

Frustrating night. Despite us having a lot of the ball and possession, and doing what we needed to do, it wasn’t good enough for a win tonight. I thought the fact that we controlled the tempo so much kind of took our foot off the gas a little bit in the first half, there were really some opportunities to jump on this game and would have opened it up a lot and it I think it would have been a much different second half, so it’s frustrating. A frustrating night.

Let’s just put it this way, I was not happy with the guys in the locker room at half time.

I think at this point, or tonight for me, too many guys were not anticipating. Too many guys were reacting when they had opportunities. It has to be a collective effort for a team. As a group, we should know our strengths and weaknesses – and I think we do – then we know that we have to put numbers in the box and we have to frame it in a way so that when Michael Farfan turns the corner and dribbles into the box that we have guys that are at the back post, and in the middle of it, and at the front post. And those little details were not good enough. When Amobi (Okugo) hits it off the crossbar, we have to be ready to pounce on it and we’re a half second slow right now. So many frustrating moments in times we should have taken this game, but we didn’t. So it’s frustrating.

For me, from the day that I took over and I assumed that I was going to be here and coach the same way, so it was no different tonight for me. I had the support of our ownership the whole time so tonight wasn’t any different. Getting an important win, on the road, in this conference would have been great. I thought that was ours tonight, and it didn’t happen.

I think it says a lot (that the club made the announcement during the recent stretch). But I’m thankful for this opportunity and I’m going to try to make the most of it, and continue what we’ve been doing over the last two and a half months. I think if you look at our record and you look at the way we’ve played, we’ve had some difficulties scoring goals, but I’ll take our soccer any day.

I’m encouraged by that. I’m encouraged by the way we’re playing. We just have to continue it, and the last part is that we have to execute. We have to take our chances.

There are some growing pains here, for sure. And as well as we play sometimes, we make some bad mistakes. (There are) little places where we need to be more mature, more disciplined, we lose our heads in moments where we make bad decisions and that’s growth. We have to mature to get better.

It was great that Carlos (Valdes) was able to (play). We wouldn’t have played him unless he was 100 percent. Our back line had a relatively ... we weren’t under much pressure during the first half so it’s kind of ...  teams can lull you to sleep back there. New England is a good team, they have some very good players that are dangerous when they want to be, and I was a little concerned that we were being too casual in the first half. They came out and tried to attack more in the second half, as did we, so the game opened up a little bit. So in the end for us to get a shutout on the road. Yeah, that’s important.

I was pleased with our ball movement. I thought we circulated the ball very well. We went side to side, we went up through. Our rhythm was great; we really dictated the tempo of the game for long stretches, and that takes the pressure off the defense. But when those moments come, you have to be ready for them. I think that’s been a key for us in the last two-and-a-half months, for sure, that we’ve been able to be a team that can roll the ball around and dictate a little bit of what’s going on on the field. We just have to do a better job.

We needed to respect New England, they’re a good team. We’re at New England, and you could tell in the last 10 minutes they were pushing. They wanted to get three points as bad as we did. So it wasn’t an opportunity where we (were going) to make a foolish decision by taking off players that were playing very well and attacking. If you talk about Brian Carroll and Michael Lahoud, Brian Carroll probably had the best chance in the whole game. And Michael went up and down box to box today and had a really strong performance, so I have no problem with those guys at all.

It’s good to have Freddy (Adu) back here in this opportunity and we’re trying to get it across to all our players that we want players to be consistent in training and games and whoever is called upon, we want them to play as a team and for the team. Freddy was important, he always is important, he’s important for us every game. But it was nice to have him back.

Philadelphia Union defender Sheanon Williams

It’s a good job by us. After a disappointing result last week, we wanted to make sure that we limited chances and didn’t really give up anything. But obviously, we didn’t get the result we wanted so it’s not all positive

I’m sure it’s got to be frustrating, everybody wants to score goals. It’s frustrating. What’s most frustrating is that we come and play extremely well, and we have the ball most the time, and we have really, really good chances, but it’s going to happen. Not everything’s going to go in, but it’s frustrating when you play like that and you don’t get the result you want.

Like the stats show they didn’t really have much and we had a lot (in the first half). But you can pass the ball around all you want and if we don’t score goals, then it means nothing. So, we just have to work on getting a bit more dangerous and finishing off our opportunities. It’s good that were making opportunities. Now we just have to make sure we finish them.

It’s always exciting to come back and play in front of my family and my friends. I’m from here, so it’s always fun to come back. It’s a great city and I love it here.

I think since Coach Hackworth has taken over he’s done really good. And you can see it in the way the team’s played that it’s definitely been more exciting to watch. We haven’t gotten the results that maybe we wanted to or ended up where we wanted to be, but it’s been a lot better to know he’s going to stay on with us next year. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to it, and not looking past this year, but next year I’m sure we’ll be looking to do better things.

I think all the guys have really taken well to Coach Hackworth and he’s a great coach. He knows what he’s talking about and he knows how to get the best out of us, which he’s shown while he’s taken over. I think he’ll continue to push us and well get better from here.

Philadelphia Union defender Amobi Okugo

It was off the corner. Freddy (Adu) put a great ball in. I made the run and headed it. I thought it was going in, and it hit the post. So it was unfortunate.

It’s frustrating, especially away from home. We played really well and we had the chances. We just need to find that extra push, that extra sense of urgency to be more lethal in front of goal.

Whenever you get a shutout its good for Zac (MacMath), it’s good for the back line in terms of confidence and in terms of structure. I think the back line has done pretty well the last few games, just a few mishaps here and there. And it was good to get a shutout, but we didn’t win so.

It’s frustrating (not scoring). I feel like it’s coming, it’s coming. But I still have to make up for my own goal, so I’m still trying to get a goal whenever I can. But it’s unfortunate because you’re getting closer and closer, so your just hoping it’s going to come sooner or later or whatever to help the team to get a win.

I thought (John Hackworth being hired full-time) was going to happen sooner than later. It’s good it happened. It’s good for him. It’s good for us to have that stability. To have someone we know and have someone who will practice what he preaches and not say one thing and do the other. He’s very honest and he’s a good coach with his resume, so hopefully we can build on it, end the season right.  Hopefully give him a winning record under his tutelage, and build off this season into next season.

(Coach Hackworth is good at) Communication, attention to detail, and stuff like that. Those are a couple of his strong points. Keeping everyone involved. Whether it’s the 18th guy on the roster or the first guy on the roster, everyone’s involved throughout the week in training sessions and he does a great job in that. So everyone’s ready and knows the game plan and stuff like that.