Saer Sene vs. Toronto FC
Photo by: David Silverman

Postgame Quotes: TFC 1, Revs 0

New England Revolution head coach Jay Heaps

Not the result we wanted. A little bit disappointed in how the game went. We were upset to give up the goal early. It was a little bit of a loose ball and they pounced on it. The game never found rhythm. It was shameful, to be honest. The game just got stopped and stopped and stopped and stopped, and we just felt like we could never get a rhythm. In the second half, we had I don’t know how many corner kicks, but enough corner kicks to score a chance and we didn’t. It’s disappointing and the locker room is pretty upset. We’ve got some work to do.

It’s a tough one getting hit like that. Hit with an early sub early really changes what you need to do the rest of the game and how you utilize your subs. The shape at the end got too narrow. They packed it in and we couldn’t break them down wide. Credit them: they defended all their set pieces well and we had a lot of them. They did a nice job on all the crosses.

(Shalrie Joseph) had some swelling in his knee. He missed the first couple of days of training – and it was precautionary – and then I thought he did a really nice job in the minutes he played the other night and I didn’t want to risk him going forward on an injury.

It was a short week of training since the game was Sunday. We didn’t do much on Tuesday that week so by the time we got everyone’s legs back … we worked (Jerry Bengtson) with the first team a little bit. When you add new players, the cohesion takes a little bit of time. Fortunately for him, he’s leaving to go the Olympics, unfortunately for us we lose him for a couple of weeks.

I think it’s clear what’s happening: we’re trying to play and getting fouled. And you just want that to be taken care of early so it doesn’t turn into what happened in the second half where no one on their team has a yellow card, except for one player who they sub out. And now their entire team is free and available to chop anyone down and kill the play whenever they can.

Corner kicks are hard things to defend. We work on things. Actually, I think the more corner kicks you have the easier it becomes (to defend). We have four or five plays that we run on corner kicks – different movements – and after 11 of them, you pretty much exhaust them. It’s like running the same play in basketball, you start to get a ryhthem and you start to know. So we tried to change it up, we just didn’t do enough. We ran out of ideas and they defended well.

The set pieces were not good enough all the way around. It was very disappointing. Corner kicks I thought were OK, but when we’re talking about free kicks, the chances we had were short, they were over. That to me is disappointing.

New England Revolution defender Chris Tierney

They got that early goal and we knew what it was going to be. They were going to try and get that early goal and then bunker in, which is what they did. Credit to them, they had a game plan to try and get one and then defend for 90 minutes and they did. It wasn’t good enough from us we didn’t move the ball fast enough. We created enough chances but didn’t take them. We’re disappointed.

It’s just a matter of executing during the game. We had a few that got cut out and weren’t great, so it’s disappointing, but that’s a small part of the game. We had enough chances on set pieces to score goals with plenty of good service in there, and we got one on goal. There’s two aspects; the service has to be good and we have to attack the ball and we didn’t do any of those.

(Losing Stephen McCarthy) hurt us. We kind of lost our rhythm after that. To start the game, I thought we were OK and then he went down and it took us a little while to get (Shalrie Joseph) on. He’s obviously a fantastic player, and credit to him for coming in cold, but it threw our rhythm off and we had to adjust from there. We should have been able to get the job done and we didn’t.

That’s their game plan: they were trying to slow the game down and they were trying to take fouls and be strong. Like I said, credit to them they did that. It’s a game plan that we put in place a bunch last year so it’s classic smash and grab. It was a good road performance from them, they were strong defensively and they probably wanted it a little more you could say. They were the first to a lot of second balls and challenged hard and we weren’t able to match that.

We come away angry and hopefully use it as fuel to get us three points when we play on Wednesday.

New England Revolution defender A.J. Soares

It’s a tough one. It’s tough for (Shalrie Joseph) to come in cold, kind of right in the heat of it. Everyone’s starting and been warming up super hard and the game always starts fast so it’s a really tough situation for him to come in and I just hope (Stephen McCarthy)’s OK. You never want to see someone get hit in the head like that it’s always a tough thing.

It didn’t change the plans too much. It was just a switch, guy for guy, but like I said it’s a hard situation for anyone to come into a game cold, just a couple minutes in. I think that was probably the toughest thing right there. Anytime Sharie (Joseph’s) on the field we’re going to be better, not that he’s better there than Stephen, but it’s good to have your captain out there. It wasn’t the end of the world.

It was hard to get into a rhythm. They did a good job of breaking the game up once we got a hold of it, wasting some time, fouling us, but that’s just part of the game. It’s tough to get a rhythm, but you have to get a rhythm, you have to impose yourself onto them and you can’t let them dictate the pace of the game. I think we might have let them dictate the pace a little bit. We could have done a better job during the game.

They’re aggressive but I wouldn’t say they’re overly aggressive. They’re a physical team but they weren’t unfair at all. They played physical and it was a good battle. They did a good job tonight and they were physical but nothing unfair.

Obviously we want to be better in the first half. Over the 90 minutes we’re confident that we’re going to score more goals than them but tonight it just didn’t happen.

New England Revolution midfielder Clyde Simms

Yeah, it was really simple for me. I think the injury (to Stephen McCarthy) hurt us. We are never ready for a substitution that early in the game, and we have had a lot of continuity with our back four. So I think that threw us off a little bit, and there was a little bit of an adjustment period, switching things around and unfortunately they got the goal in that adjustment period. We were fighting back from there. We did a good job creating chances, we were all over them getting corner kicks and everything. Their goalie made some big saves and we were just a little unfortunate tonight not to put one away.

The one thing I do like is that we fight all the way to the last whistle. We’re still creating chances until the last minute, which is a good trait, and we’ve been fortunate to steal some points back in Toronto and here against Seattle. It’s a good trait, but we got to learn as a team how to start off right and play a full 90 minutes.

They’re at the bottom of the table trying to make their way up and we’re fighting to get into playoff position. It’s the last half of the season; the games are going to get tight and chippy. I think it’s good, and if we can somehow make our way into the playoffs we’ll be used to those types of games and we’ll have an advantage.

Toronto FC head coach Paul Mariner

Coming to New England is always difficult. Sometimes the turf field can get into your head, but I thought the boys matched up incredibly well tonight. It was a bit of an onslaught second half but if you look at the chances we had first half and the chances we had on the break second half, I’ll take it. It’s a fantastic win for the boys when you consider what we’ve been doing over the past few weeks as far as travels concerned, and tough games on the road, and it’s just an amazing performance from the boys tonight.

Someone’s going to have to step up and become a goal scorer for us. You know Luis (Silva) has two in two, you can see what a good player he is. I fear the worst for Danny (Koevermans) and I’ve got my fingers crossed, but I spoke to the doctor from New England, who I have the highest regard for, and it doesn’t sound too good.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. And you know we’ve been talking about the banks. We started off 4-4-2, and then we went to 4-5-1 then later on we just had to try and stem the tide a little bit so we went back to 4-4-2. New England were pressing and pressing, and had some chances. (Milos Kocic) made a couple of great saves for us, but having said that, we could have had more goals on the break. You see it in world football all over. (Jose) Mourinho did it with Inter and you know how that went so why can’t we do it.

If you look at the back four, the average age of the back four is what 21, 22 - quite remarkable. They’re learning on the job and they’re learning very quick. I thought the screen in front was fantastic. A couple of boys thrown right into the deep end tonight, Aaron Maund and Andrew Wiedeman came in and did great shifts, so it bodes well for us.

We had a wonderful evening on Thursday for Terry Dunfield. Terry Dunfield scoring against his old team, which is fantastic for Terry. And for me to come back and get a win is a wonderful thing. Obviously I feel sorry for Jay (Heaps) because his team was going in the right direction, and still will go in the right direction. But the memories I’ve got of this football club and the people around this football club are well documented. I had a wonderful time with Mr. Kraft, and Jonathan (Kraft), and Sunil (Gulati). One I always look for the results, but when we play Toronto I obviously want Toronto to win.

When you consider the number of games we’ve played and the number of sessions that we’ve had. We haven’t had many meaningful sessions, but I think it shows the game intelligence of the players. The players really touched the front board and I’m delighted for them. I’m pleased for myself, but it’s more important for the fans back home. The fans back home are going absolutely crazy, and the players.

I have a bit of a saying, “I never get too high and I never get too low.” It’s another day at the office for us and we just got on with it (after the de Guzman trade). I think the players have heard me say it probably too many times. Whatever’s thrown at us we just get on with it. Another game on field turf and traveling and different bed and flying and all that sort of stuff, but we’re just gonna get on with, and welcome to the MLS.

You always fear for the worst. We saw it was a handball and fortunately the referee saw it.

When you’ve got a young side, they need encouragement and they’re like sponges; they’re absorbing a tremendous amount of knowledge. All I can do is be their little cheerleader. Hopefully there’s a little bit more information going in than just a pure cheerleader, but they’re a great group to work with. I couldn’t wish for a better group.

Toronto FC goalkeeper Milos Kocic

We felt great. We didn’t feel tired like last away game we had against Philadelphia. We were tired and we lost. Today, this away game for us was great. It was a great team effort, everybody stepped up for each other and that’s all I can say.

I felt like we should have stepped up a little bit more. We gave them the ball a lot and let them play a lot. They played a lot of chances. We shouldn’t give so many set pieces and corners. I think that is the only thing we can improve on for next game, but otherwise I think everybody was fighting for each other. We were all fighting for Danny Koevermans who unfortunately got injured. It was a great team effort for him.
Confidence. We have a home crowd next game and obviously we need to win against Colorado to compete for playoffs.

Every game in MLS is physical. Every team is tall, strong and fast. Every game is another challenge and tonight the Revs didn’t play bad. They played a great game, but we were just one goal better.

Toronto FC midfielder Luis Silva

That’s part of soccer. Especially on the road, it’s tough. We got an early goal, and we had about 75 minutes to work defensively. We had other chances too, that we should have put away. I think that the effort was there, and we’re happy with the win.

I just got kicked a little bit, but no (I didn’t get an injury), I was fine. Obviously everybody was working hard, your legs are that tired, but no I’m fine.

I got the ball from Reggie (Lambe), played it to Danny (Koevermans). There was a similar goal in the offseason. I gave it to him, kept my run going, got a nice little pass back, took a touch and just put it away from the keeper.

(Danny Kovermans is) definitely a great player, and he has been playing fantastic the last few games, so it hurts. But obviously this game was for him.