Shalrie Joseph vs. Houston Dynamo

Postgame Quotes: Revs 2, Dynamo 2

New England Revolution head coach Jay Heaps

Thanks for being here. Unfortunately I don’t think we played our absolute best, but we still had a chance to win the game. We did some things well, and some things not so well. All in all, I liked the way we fought at least – we competed – and one of the things going forward is I want to make this a tough place to play and I think we did that tonight. I think the Houston Dynamo knows they played us tonight. Unfortunately, they got out of here with a deserved point. I’m not saying they stole a point. They deserved the point.

Saer (Sène) – a great second goal and a penalty kick. I thought Saer was really good on that side of it. But we still need him to evolve and get a bit better at holding the ball for us. I think in the first half, a couple of key give-aways we were defending on. But other than that, he’s really coming into his own and I like the way he’s competing.

It’s one of those things where you go over it and over it and over it and over it and over it and over it and over it. It’s disappointing. I saw and I want to look at it when I’m a little more level-headed, but I’m disappointed in that. I’m flippin’ mad if you want to know the truth, flippin’ mad.

I thought Ryan Guy had a very good night plugging away holes. Losing Clyde Simms, that’s a tough one because he’s so good for us clogging up spaces. I always go back and watch Clyde Simms and I always say he had a great game and then I go back and look and I go ‘Wow, he really did have a great game.’ I think Ryan did some good things tonight and I like him for that role. Clyde moves so much that you’ve got to have guys that move like that and Ryan did a very good job … I think (Clyde Simms’ absence) hurt us in the sense of a comfort level. We never really seemed comfortable with it. When you’ve got guys like Benny Feilhaber, Shalrie Joseph, Lee Nguyen, they need to know there’s cover. Ryan did a good job, but they’re still learning where each other are going to be. We trained hard in that set so they were comfortable, but they never really got to understand each other there.

New England Revolution forward Saer Sène

Yeah, I scored two goals tonight but I’m sad. I’m disappointed because we take on a new importance on this game and we must take these two points. Yeah, how do I say it? I scored goals but I can’t enjoy it.

I’m a striker and in the practice, he and me, we shoot the penalty kicks and today I get the foul. I’m a striker, I want to score and he told me he wanted to shoot but I told him, ‘Let me kick it.’ And he let me take the penalty kick and I scored, yeah.

Yeah, I kept the ball (from Geoff Cameron) and saw the space (on the second goal). I ran to the goal first, and then I looked to my right side to see if Blake (Brettschneider) is here. He wasn’t there and I took the chance, shot, and scored.

New England Revolution defender A.J. Soares

They threw numbers forward and it was just one play that, as a back line, we weren’t quite tight enough and close enough to our men, both (Stephen) McCarthy and I. I couldn’t have been close to (Brian) Ching on the ball and he could have been closer to marking whoever it was. Just one little breakdown over 90 minutes and that’s kind of what cost us two points out there.

We knew coming in that (set pieces) was a big threat of theirs, and we ended up fouling way more often than we wanted to. We didn’t really execute that part of the game plan, but other than that we did defend tightly and we did defend set pieces other than the one. It’s unfortunate, but it’s a strength of theirs like I said, and they’re going to get chances off of it, and they just happened to get a goal out of it tonight.

It’s kind of how the game goes sometimes. They throw numbers forward when they’re losing and you know you just have to battle it. They’re a team that’s good at battling just like we are and unfortunately, tonight they got one back on us. But I think our performance overall - I wouldn’t say it was our most attractive performance - but we did grind, we did battle, and we just have to continue going forward positively and if we play like that we’re going to win games.

New England Revolution midfielder Ryan Guy

I felt good, fortunately I got through the 90 minutes injury-free. I knew coming into it that I had big shoes to fill. So I did my best basically to do what Clyde (Simms) does for the team and I think Shalrie (Joseph) and I held the midfield well. I think we struggled a little bit in the first half as they had two wide midfielders that came in a lot and kind of confused us. But in the second half we made alterations and I thought we dealt with them well for the most part.

Unfortunately with the first goal, I think this is going to be something of plague for us this year and I’m hoping we can do what it takes to cut it out. I think that’s probably three free kicks in similar positions that we’ve been scored on so that’s definitely something we’re focusing on and trying very hard to cut out. The second goal, just a lapse in concentration from a number of us and we’re definitely disappointed with that. But I think overall, we’re happy with the fight that we showed, happy with the changes that we made in the second half and with different players coming I think we still looked good.

It’s a home game, good night. I think maybe the way they play changed our rhythm a little bit as teams can do that. Some nights don’t exactly come off like you’d like them to. But I think on the whole, we did have flashes of how we do play and how we normally play. I think sometimes you just need the ball to bounce your way and it didn’t all the way tonight.

Houston Dynamo head coach Dominic Kinnear

We came back twice which is good to see. It's been a tough stretch for us. We played some real good stuff in the first half, and to go down a goal and get one back is good. Then I think we gave up a pretty silly goal, but we fought back hard to get back in the game. All credit to the guys. I think we scored in the 87th, 88th minute so their effort was fantastic tonight.

I didn't think it was so rough, to be honest. It's hard to comment on it when you don't think it's very rough. It's a physical game and I don't think anything was overly physical today.

It’s [Will Bruin's] fifth goal. I think he's tied for what he did last year, so Will is off to a good start this season. And Luiz Camargo scored his first goal for us at the very end so it's good to see Luiz get on the score sheet. I'm sure it's going to give both guys confidence as we continue the season.

It was a preseason game, maybe three years ago or so, and we just threw him back there during the halftime and he looked pretty confident and pretty good. We decided to stick with it and he's adapted to it very well. We had him playing in the midfield last year up until the end. We put him in the back and he seems very comfortable back there, he's good on the ball and a good defender. And he's now getting looks for the National Team. I think it's well deserved and I hope he gets a chance to stay and play well for them.

I think (Geoff Cameron) came in and was a little unheralded as they say – last pick of the third round – but he's come here and done well. He's made a name for himself and MLS and it's nice that the National Team coach is taking a look at him. He should be proud of himself and hopefully continue to not only be involved in the squads but to be involved in starts and play in some important games for the US.

Houston Dynamo forward Will Bruin

We were playing well, and then unfortunately they got the penalty kick call. I think we have faced a lot of adversity and we have been down in situations, but we’re a team that doesn’t give up, we fight back, and in this game, we kept our cool. We got that goal, and I think we pretty much controlled the rest of the game from then on.

We knew we were playing well (in the first half), and we had a lot of chances that could have made the score 2-1 or 3-1 if we had put the ball away, but we didn’t. We knew that we had 45 minutes left to play, that it was going to be a battle, and that we had to keep the intensity up.

LA comes into Houston on Saturday, and it’s a 1:30 game, so it’s going to be hot. We need to recover for a week because we have played four games in 11 days. It’s been busy for us, so we are going to take care of our bodies this week and be ready for Saturday.

We’re a team that has good camaraderie. We stayed together even when they took that 2-1 lead, and we still knew that we would be pressing forward. We had confidence that we would get another goal, and we did. We’re a team that fights for 90 minutes.

Houston Dynamo midfielder Adam Moffat

It was our fourth game in 10 days and we knew we were going to have a week off of rest after this, so we gave it everything we had. Coming here is never easy with the turf. We were happy we didn’t lose with the way the game went, but we also believed that we could have won as well if we had better possession and some better chances.

We felt as though we had been dominating the first half, so it was just a matter of continuing to create chances. We went behind with that third goal and it was disappointing, but we always battle back and we never give up. Were never just going to give up. It was good we got a goal, but we were disappointed that it wasn’t three points at the end.

We had about five minutes in total to try and get that last goal. Then we finally got that tying goal, which was great. It was a great goal by (Luiz) Carmago, who is one of our substitutes. It’s great when substitutes come onto the field and make a difference, especially a goal. So it was good for him. It was also good for Brian Ching who made a great pass to him. It was a good finish overall. We would have loved to get a goal after that. We had a little bit of time left and felt like we had the upper hand. It didn’t end with another goal, but at least we got that one.

We will be heading back home for the next game, and typically we are a better team at home then on the road. We’re undefeated in three games now, so we would like to keep that going. We don’t want to just be undefeated, but we want to win the games as well. We have a little bit of a rest time here, with a seven-day period until our next game. Hopefully we’ll get going this week and get a win against L.A.