Day six in South Africa


The Revs played their first placement game on Friday, so it was back to the game day routine.

The day began with breakfast at the hotel, and the team then boarded the bus for the trip to the Nike Football Training Center. 
Unlike earlier in the week, it was only 61 degrees and rainy for kickoff. But buoyed by the previous night’s performances, the Revs debuted a chant of their own in the tunnel.
A full game story from the Revs’ first win of the tournament – 1-0 against Aspire (Qatar) – is available HERE
After returning to the hotel, the team ate lunch and took a trip to a nearby grocery store to stock up on snacks and drinks. 
Dinner was served shortly after, and all of teams boarded their buses for another tournament-wide excursion.
Still in good spirits after their victory, the Revs continued to practice their chant on the bus. But as soon as the team’s new CD of African dance music was on, it became a dance party instead. Everyone got involved: the self-proclaimed good dancers, the self-proclaimed bad dancers and coach Deven Apajee. 
Tournament organizers had arranged for the group to see the South African musical Umoja at the Victory Theatre. A journey through the history of South African music and dance, the show told the country’s story through song, focusing on “the spirit of togetherness.”
The Revs returned to the hotel after the show and met briefly to discuss Friday’s match against Aspire (Qatar). Kickoff is at 4 a.m. ET and as always, in-game updates will be available on, while live video can be found on