Capturing the mythical creature

We’ve got a Bigfoot situation on our hands here in Tucson.

No, we didn’t actually spot a Yeti, although that would be pretty cool. We’ll post that video if we do. What we do have is Benny Feilhaber talking about an allegedly breathtaking goal he scored during yesterday’s training session. The problem is – much like with Bigfoot – we didn’t capture the goal on film. So all we have to go by is Benny’s vivid description.

With some prodding from anxious onlooker Chris Tierney, Benny was adamant that he mention this alleged goal during yesterday’s post-training interviews. Now it’s up to you to watch and decide if it actually happened. I suppose it wouldn’t be all that outrageous for Feilhaber to score a highlight-reel goal. There was that whole 2007 Gold Cup Final against Mexico thing.