Headline News - Feb. 17



Kyle McCarthy reports on the team assessment made by Head Coach Jay Heaps in this Boston Herald article. Having completed over half of training camp, Heaps notes, “Now it’s about taking what we did out there (with) some of those mistakes, learning from them and start to put together a finished package so when we start play on March 10, it’s a lot more developed than it has been.”
With the season opener at Buck Shaw Stadium only weeks away, the Revs are using every opportunity they can to make improvements. Kyle McCarthy notes that Wednesday’s second friendly against Boston College offered the team another chance to evaluate where they need to improve in the coming weeks.
The title says it all, Major League, Major Mileage.” According to the infographic created by The Bootiful Game, the Revolution travelled an astounding 52,574.88 miles last season – the equivalent of circumnavigating the world 2.111 times.