Youth Team Notes: Dec. 4

Monday was the Revs' day off from Showcase play, so the travel party had a chance to sleep a little bit later. Breakfast was at 9 a.m. in the hotel, and the group met up again at 11:00 for a brief trip to the beach.

After a stretch and prehabilitation session on the sand, the players went for a swim. The weather made for a perfect beach day, and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to soak up some of the Florida sun.

Lunch was followed by a three-hour study hall session, during which time players caught up on their homework in quiet places around the hotel.

Later, the group returned to the same Italian restaurant for dinner. The rides to and from became a highlight in a few of the caravan vehicles. Coach Scales and Coach Frederick both played the name-the-artist game with the radio scan button in their cars, and it was an instant hit.

Once back at the hotel, the teams met to prepare for their third and final games of the Winter Showcase. The U18s and U16s will take on North Meck SC (N.C.) on Tuesday, playing simultaneously at 11:15 a.m. on adjacent fields.