Darrius Barnes vs. Toronto FC

Postgame Quotes: Revs 0, TFC 0

New England Revolution head coach Steve Nicol

We had what, 19 shots, 11 corners? Free kicks. We’ve had plenty of the ball in the final third and we haven’t produced that bit of quality that’s needed. And that pretty much says it all. The tried to break on us, we knew they’d try that. Couple of wee bits and bobs that might have done better with, but overall, we were the team that was pressing. But it really is down to the final third and we didn’t have the quality when it was needed. 

We need to score goals. We put pressure on them, which we wanted to do, make it hard for them. We did that. But again, we come back to the crux that we’re just lacking that killer pass or that killer finish or killer run … we were just half a yard short. 

Again, there were two the final pass was too much on it. That’s how close and how far away we are from scoring goals. We’re almost, but almost doesn’t get you goals. But we have to keep banging away, and all it’ll take is a break, or a good ball or a finish or something and you hope that it’ll kind of open the flood gates and we’re start putting the ball in the net more often. 

We just need to be encouraged that we have plenty of the ball in the final third. We have to be positive, and we were as positive as much as we’ve been to get into the final third. But we just didn’t have that quality when it was needed. 

New England Revolution midfielder Sainey Nyassi

I think what I was doing was all I need to do. The game was a bit sloppy, we didn’t move the ball well, but we’ll get there – hopefully. All we need to do is finish our chances and move the ball well and play as a team. Hopefully we’ll get there.

That’s what I was trying to do, get forward, make some crosses. I think it was a little bit sloppy when I came in, but moving forward was the only thing we need to do positive about it. 

It’s kind of frustrating for me. Even if I’m on the bench, I have to be mentally ready whenever I get in and do what I have to do. But as a professional player, you have to be mentally strong even if you’re not starting. I’ll be fine. What I want is to get back in that starting spot, but coming from the bench, I’m fine with that for the time being. Hopefully I’ll get back in the starting 11. 

New England Revolution defender Darrius Barnes

I feel like the backline held its own tonight. We pretty much limited Toronto’s chances for the duration of the night. We were just a little bit unfortunate tonight. It’s the story of these last few games for us. We can’t finish and if we don’t put balls in the back of the net, we’re not going to win. We’re just going to put this one behind us and continue to work and continue to look forward because we have a big game on Saturday against Chicago. 

Continue to build off of this. I felt like we had the majority of the ball this game. We just have to get that last piece together, that finishing touch. I believe when we get that monkey off our back and we get the ball in the net the first time, it’ll start rolling a bit. This team just has to get some confidence going forward and I believe we’ll be alright and get that first three points we haven’t had in a while.

I don’t mind playing anywhere in the back. Whenever my number’s called, I’ll be ready to fill in whereever my team needs me. I definitely feel comfortable at left back. It’s a matter of getting the right positioning and being on the same page with my left mid, which tonight was Chris Tierney and Kenny Mansally. It’s just a matter of filling a spot the team needs. Didier (Domi) went down and luckily enough, we have some depth where we can call in anyone to fill in that position. 

Toronto FC head coach Aron Winter

Overall. A point away but it’s otherwise good. We wanted more … but also we had a lot of chances and we’re better for it. A couple times they had some good opportunities but still one point is good.”

The result is good but I’m waiting for a victory because every time to play a tie, it’s good but it’s not changing anything in the standings.

Well Alan (Gordon) has been very good and he’s important for the team. You saw it today and it’s really good because he gets good opportunities and was at sometimes not sharp at that moment but still it was his first game after a while he was away. At the end he was a little bit tired but it’s important because we have to take care and prepare him for the next game.

Toronto FC goalkeeper Stefan Frei

Well a point. It’s not three points, but I think today with three points is doable. You got to stay positive. I think the good thing is it’s the second game in a row on the road where we come out to fight for 90 minutes. We kept it pretty clean in the back, played fairly decent I think defensively as a team - just looking for that little luck and spark up top.”

I think as a keeper you always have to be sharp no matter what. As you see on the top teams, that’s very difficult because you get maybe one or two opportunities all game for you where you have to be ready. So, today I had a couple crosses where I had to come out, a couple shots I had to save so it was pretty decent to stay engaged and even if I don’t get those shots across I have to make sure I’m switched on.

I think, as a whole team, we have to stay positive and look at the fact that we worked fairly decent. Of those seven shots I think there were maybe one or two that were threatening. Other than that it was pretty routine, so that’s a very positive thing for the team to look at as a team defensively.