Kevin Alston vs. Colorado Rapids

Postgame Quotes: Revs 0, Rapids 0

New England head coach Steve Nicol
We didn’t create enough with the bit of ball we had in their final third. That’s disappointing. We have to do better. We’re not going to win games unless we do better with the ball in the final third. With (Ousmane) Dabo in there tonight, you saw what he can do with the ball at his feet. The positive is we didn’t lose a goal. I think they had one shot at goal, but we have to do better. And we need to sign somebody who is more creative in the final third. Obviously we miss Marko (Perovic) – we miss his creativity. But we need to get more, that’s for sure.

(Rajko Lekic) has to keep getting himself into positions to be available for the ball. We lacked that creativity to get him the ball when it matters. The one at the end kind of sums it up: he’s in the right place to put the ball in the back of the net, but he doesn’t the pass. It’s tough for him when he’s not getting great service. But it’s tough on everybody. We’ve had so much of the ball and not to use it well enough hurts us.

We have to sign someone who’s creative in the next transfer window. It’s something we’re trying to do, and we’re looking at now. But we need to do it and be more creative. You saw the midfield – we didn’t give anything up tonight. We passed it a lot better tonight. But we’re lacking creativity in the final third and I don’t think anyone can dispute that. And we need to change that.

We did have three real good chances that we made that we probably should have done better with. But at the same time, we should have created more than we did. That’s the biggest disappointment tonight.

We tried to get (Benny Feilhaber) the ball higher up the field. His eye for a pass we were hoping to exploit that. I don’t think we did, though. We probably did more damage down the right hand side in the first half. But again, we need to get better balls in the box. We moved him back to try to get him on the ball to try to get him to pick out more passes".

New England defender Chris Tierney
First things first, we passed the ball a lot better. We created chances and we worked on trying to keep our patience and pass the ball a lot better. I think the chances tonight were a result of that and I think a slice of luck, a bounce here or ther, and we would have gotten three points and sometimes that just doesn’t happen. But in games like this, you have to take the positives and we definitely created enough chances to win the game. So we’ll take that and we’ll move onto the next one.

If you look at the game, they had probably one or two shots from distance and (Matt) Reis made a great save. Other than that, they didn’t really threaten our defense too much. At the end of the day you’re happy with a clean sheet, but at the end of the day we would have liked to score some goals.

Of course we wanted the three points. At home you always do. We think we deserved it, but at the end of the day, a point’s a point and you have to look forward to Vancouver and not think about this one too much longer.

It’s always difficult to step in without playing consistently. I had to work out the kinks a little bit, but I think I’m capable of slotting in and doing a job here and there wherever Stevie (Nicol) needs me. I played left back and we kept a clean sheet so I’m pretty happy about that, but of course we would have liked to win.

New England defender Ryan Cochrane
I think tonight was probably the best possession performance we’ve had all year. To go from a really flat game we had (at Chivas USA) last week to this, it’s a step forward. We want three points, but hopefully next week we get them.

I think with Benny (Feilhaber) coming in, (Ousmane) Dabo being inserted, I think it’s still a feeling out process a little bit. You bring in two guys who are very capable, but are new players and play a different style then we were playing with in the preseason. I think they both did great tonight. We’ll move forward and be fine.

We did our job tonight for the first time this year, so we’re pretty pleased with that. I think if we get more (possession games), then the defenders will be happy.

New England midfielder Shalrie Joseph
We tried to squeeze [Colorado] early. Being home it allows us to take more chances and to be a little more aggressive, so once he picked it up we definitely wanted to step up our line and defend from that defensive third

(Matt Pickens) made a great save. It was a great ball by Kenny (Mansally). He put it in a great spot. Next time I’ll try to head it more or bounce it on the ground. I just have to put that away. When you have a chance in this league, you just have to make the best of it and tonight I got one. Benny made almost the best of his and it just didn’t fall for us tonight.

It’s been years since we had a good forward since Taylor (Twellman) retired and had that concussion. We need a goal scorer. Rajko (Lekic) is still learning a little bit - learning how to play with each other. Not just him but all of us in general and I think once he gets [another] goal, he’s going to open up for a little bit. But it’s all about finishing our chances. Possession-wise we looked good tonight. We’re moving the ball. There’s stuff we still need to work on and try to improve on but it’s looking positive and we can take a lot from tonight. It’s still disappointing that we didn’t get that three points tonight, but there’s a lot we can take.

(Ousmane Dabo’s) first touch and his technique are second to none. You can say that he allows me and Benny (Feilhaber) to be a little bit more free. When Benny was on the left he drifted out a little bit and when he came inside he got a lot more of the ball. We’re going to have to work it out, whether it be him, Pat (Phelan), Stephen (McCarthy), even me or Benny, it’s going to be three good guys in the middle and we’re going to make the team a better team.

We have A.J. (Soares) on the back four being on the attack all season and we haven’t allowed him breaks in the games where he can catch himself. Tonight, I don’t think any of them complained about chasing. We did a lot of good stuff with the ball in terms of being patient and in terms of moving it into good areas and it’s just unfortunate that we just couldn’t find that one tonight, but we can take a lot from tonight and be better next week.

There just has to be improvement of the quality all over the field. I think that once our level goes up a little bit, once we start pushing each other a little more in practice, and having the 11 on the field week in week out and training together I think we’ll be better. It’s all about our quality, our technique and once we get it we’re going to be a better team.

Colorado head coach Gary Smith
I’m extremely pleased with the way the guys acquitted themselves. We’ve had a tough week. It’s our third game in seven days. It’s never easy coming here (to New England). The pitch is sometimes difficult to adapt to, and I think the downpour during the day made it extra lively. I’m very proud of the way my guys adapted to the surface and the competitive nature of the game. I thought we maintained some good possession. Losing Caleb (Folan) was a bit of a problem during the game, but in the two young guys we have in Andre (Akpan) and Quincy (Amarikwa), we’ve got two promising and bright individuals. I thought they lead the line extremely well.

… I have to say, we’re going through a difficult period, with Caleb (Folan) coming off of a groin injury. If we can just keep adding points to the board, we will be good. Those bodies will be back and we’ll be in a good position, and all the better for it. Worst, I think there will be one or two of us who will be a little disappointed that we couldn’t have put more pressure on their goal. All and all, it’s a clean sheet. It’s three unbeaten, it’s another point to the tally, and it’s the end of a very, very long week. We’ll all be very pleased to get back home.

When you’re playing games regularly, and this is our third in a week, the guys just hit auto-pilot a little bit. One or two changes within that starting 11, but the guys are just in flow. There’s no training preparation time. It’s just a matter of identifying some areas on the field in which we need to be effective and areas on the field that (New England) might look to be effective. I thought that for long, long periods of the game we showed a very good attitude to the work. We were well organized. (We had) good shape and showed discipline as a group, and that’s not easy when you’re playing your third game in seven days. These guys have gone through an awful lot. We’ve gone to two different time zones. We’ve managed to play on a level pegging with a good team, a competitive team.

I expect like most people that when you are playing a team at home, there are going to be one or two moments that they are going to get an opportunity. They might open a door and look to finishing a chance that they have. It’s kind of rapid. We had two or three decent efforts at goal. The cross bar for New England, and the last one where Matt (Pickens) made a great save and Tyrone (Marshall) made a great block. In 90 minutes, I would have settled for that. If someone had said they are going to have two efforts at goal that are really going to cause you a problem - maybe Shalrie’s (Joseph) header, maybe we would have done better with it. All and all, I think we gave a good account of ourselves in difficult circumstances.

To be expected, Steve (Nicol) probably said, ‘We’ve got to get at them a bit more.’ The first half was a bit of a game of chess, not many chances at all. I thought they were feeling us out a bit. We lost big Caleb (Folan) (that) makes a difference. I’m sure he said to them, ‘We’ve got to get onto the front foot and put them under more pressure.’ They tried to do that, but I thought on most occasions, we repelled it well. We defended well. We stayed strong. We played out of pressure and kept the ball nicely rather than giving it away again. There were still our own moments that we might have made a little bit more of, but we’ve got so many bodies changing in and out because of injuries. It’s very difficult to find serious fluency at the moment.

Colorado midfielder Jeff Larentowicz
I think a draw is probably a fair result. I think the play happened mostly in the midfield and it was just a battle in there. They probably had the best chances hitting the cross bar.

(Shalrie Joseph’s) always tough. When I played with him, I knew it was going to be tough for the other team because he is a lot to handle and he was tonight. His position now is different than when I was here. He is a little further up the field, but they have three guys in there at all times, and it was difficult.

I don’t think they were too worried about me. I think they just wanted to do their own thing, and when I was there, I was there, and when I wasn’t, they were happy I guess.

They bring Sainey (Nyassi) in at halftime, and he has a lot of speed down that wing. They put (Benny) Feilhaber in the middle, and he’s a possession-type player and an attacking guy. Sainey (Nyassi) got forward and (Benny) Feilhaber got in the box and it was almost a goal. I think that was probably the difference (between the two halves).

(Benny Feilhaber’s) a good player because he picks up the right spots and gets the ball in the right spots. When he does, he can find the pass that unlocks us. He almost did a couple of times, but they were offside or skipped out of bounds. When he’s out wide, I think it’s easier for us to contain him.

We’re hoping that when we get home, that Omar’s (Cummings) sprain isn’t as bad as we think and that Conor (Casey) is close to recovery, but if not, we are going to need to hope that Quincy (Amarikwa) can continue to recover from his ankle sprain and depend on those two young guys. We play every day with Quincy and Caleb (Folan). We know what they do and they’re very good players. It might seem a little abnormal to the opposing team, but to us, it’s normal.

We would have liked to have won, but you can’t walk away from a game hoping that you won without developing enough chances, and I don’t think we did.

(New England) kept pressure high. They played the ball forward a lot, and when they play the ball forward, it gets knocked down and if they can win the second ball in the midfield, the team pushes up. They did that, and they used their outside backs to keep the pressure on top of us. When they do that, it’s hard for us to advance out of our defensive half.

(New England’s) back four were tight on our front two, and whenever that happens it’s going to be difficult to keep the ball.