Postgame Quotes: Revolution 1, Whitecaps FC 1


Midfielder Pat Phelan

“It was a circus. Second one of the year for us. I mean uh. …first things first you know… one man up two men up. We just didn’t come out with the right mentality at half time. We made a huge mentality change at that point so you know as crazy as the game was with everything that went on the first people we have to blame is ourselves. Great atmosphere. Fun to play and the crowd definitely kept them in it. That’s a big draw for them and another disappointing draw for us. The good thing is we pulled one back but at the end of the day it still kinda feels like a loss.”

Forward Ilija Stolica

“First of all the biggest impression for me was the great fans, the great crowd that you guys have here. It’s a great feeling to play in front of a full stadium. I wish that we had much more teams in MLS and I’m happy that we have Vancouver in the league. Second impression is like you saw the game, result one one it’s tied. It’s ok for us but according to the _____ we have the advantage, in one moment we had the advantage of two man and then afterwards of one man. I think we should to get the advantage a little bit more but ok we are still satisfied with one point especially we stay unbeaten in this league. We had four games, three games we tied and one game we won. It’s fine, we you see all the facts, I think we have to be satisfied with that point.”

Head Coach Steve Nicol

“Where do you start. I don’t really want to say too much. Let’s just say you won’t see too many games like that. The decision making was poor. The execution was poor. We should be happy I guess…. At the end of the day you should have a smile on your face but it kinda feel like we let some points go. I guess if you put it down to chances in the game, it was probably a pretty fair result. We felt we had enough of the ball to be better but, as I said, when it mattered we couldn’t come up with it.”


Teitur Thordarson

“It’s a different feeling since last time, but it’s a point. Under the circumstances, the way we managed to reorganize and get through the game I think we did quite well. If you look at the game through 90 minutes I don’t think it’s deserved that we finished 1-1.”

On ref’s decisions
“I don’t want to comment on that.”

On Hassli second yellow
“It is a mistake from my side, and I know that. It shouldn’t have happened, but that’s how it is.”

On starting Harris and Camilo
“Our two strikers did very well [against Sporting KC] and they deserved to start again.”

On players stepping up
“We have had to go through the depth of the group much earlier than I thought we’d have to, and it’s good to see players step up. We’ve seen already that the players coming off the bench really give us something.”

Jay Nolly:
“We’ve given fans three awesome games. First one we were late in scoring, second one we came back, and this one we held on and showed heart. I think that’s the character of this team and what the club has put together. We’re trying to stick together and work hard for 90 minutes each game.”

“Guys had to put in a ton of work. We’d pretty much used all of our subs for the second half. But we lifted eachother up to get eachother through.”

“John played great; he kept the team going and working hard. He was a big part of the second half.”

“We’ll take our point and head down to Houston to get points on the road.”

Atiba Harris

“The ref is going to call what he sees and that’s it. I thought we did well as a team and even though we went down two guys, we kept pushing.”

“We just want to take the positive out of it. Defensively, we were very organized. Going into Houston, we’ll have 11 guys. And we’ll come out with 11 guys.”

“We worked hard as a unit and I think that’s what helped us. John is a leader and he kept us organized at the midfield which really helped us.”

“We’re a bit disappointed with the goal in the last minute, but it’s a long season and we have lots of points to get.”

Jonathan Leathers

“Every single game something crazy has happened; we battled and it’s been exciting. Everyone wanted that point at least. We were close to three points which would have been tremendous, but having nine players, a point isn’t bad at all.”

“The fans are unbelievable. Everybody gets that extra 20% boost from the fans. Every team that’s come here has been in awe of the fans. It’s a great set up - you can’t beat it. It helps a lot; even when we’re fatigued, we push through and we play for them.”

“I like the night game – it’s more enjoyable with a faster surface. I personally enjoy it very much; it’s what I’m used to.”

John Thorrington

“Guys showed a lot of character digging deep one man down and then two men down. It was a result of hard work that got us the point. Obviously anytime you’re up 1-0 you want to come away with a victory but the back four defenders were solid and Jay came up with some great saves and took some pressure off. It was a good test of our fitness, and I think we can hold our heads high in how we accepted the challenge once we had the two red cards.”

“Being two men down is a big challenge – being down 3-0 in the 73rd minute on Saturday was even more of a challenge and we came behind from that. That’s the kind of attitude you need to win in this league, and it’s the attitude the team has shown.”
“We don’t use being an expansion team as an excuse. We want to win and we know we can win. We’ve shown a lot of depth with the injuries and red cards. The key now is to get healthy. We’re not just 11 players – we’re a group of 28 guys who have earned a spot on this team.”

“It felt great to get out there and the team has done really well well. You never want to see your teammates go down with an injury. But I think everyone can be proud of their performance.”
“I don’t think when Teitur named three captains he figured that only one would be available – but that was the case tonight. When the chips are down, that’s where experience helps bring the younger guys through what was a tough situation with two men down.”

“For the fans to stand up and cheer us off the field – that really helps. They’re loud, passionate and excited and that translates for how we want to play.”