Social Media Roundup: April 17, 2020 | Farrell takes TikTok game to the next level

Social Media Roundup 2020

New England Revolution players continue to practice social distancing, but they can’t seem to stay away from social media. 

Let’s check in with a few players and see what they’ve been up to while isolating. 

Andrew Farrell continues to slay the TikTok game as he puts out new and entertaining content. This week he dedicated a new video to his teammates, whom he misses dearly. 

It gets better, though. Farrell also created a montage of all the different types of outfits players wear to Gillette Stadium on game day. From rookie looks, to second-year ‘try hards,’ to new contract swag appearances; he nails just about every look.

Teal Bunbury got a good chuckle out of Farrell’s TikTok with the different game day outfits. He said so himself on this week’s episode of the Far Post Podcast. Bunbury enjoyed being on the show, and shared all about the quality time that he’s been able to spend with his wife, two-year-old daughter, and seven-week-old newborn.

Scott Caldwell also had a chance to talk with Revs fans this week, as he joined Elizabeth Pehota on IG Live for a Q&A about the New England Revolution Academy. He answered questions youth players submitted, and even a few live questions from his teammates, including Farrell and Gustavo Bou. 

Fun fact: A fan asked a question during the IG Live broadcast and asked Caldwell, ‘Which teammate would win if you were all on the show Survivor?’ Caldwell said he would be the last one standing at the end of the show.

Farrell and his teammates continue to raise money for charity through gaming during social distancing. Farrell, Matt Turner, Diego Fagundez and Justin Rennicks all participated in this tournament on Twitch. 

Rookie Henry Kessler is having a Friday Game Night as he teams up with Boston Children’s Hospital to help both the young patients and caregivers. Check out his tweet and the New England Revolution Twitter account to find out how you can donate and get in on the fun!

A pair of Revs roomies are also all in on Game Night for Boston Children’s Hospital! Brandon Bye and Jeff Caldwell are ready to go, and even warmed up for the big games by playing chess.

Check in on all the club and players’ social accounts to get the latest on what they’re up to as we continue to practice safe social distancing in the coming weeks.