New England Revolution Academy Highlights | October 26, 2023

10_26_23 Academy goal celebration

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (October 26, 2023) – Earning six wins across eight matches, all five Revolution Academy teams were back in action last weekend taking on New England FC and Bayside.

The U-19s earned two 3-2 wins with Bryce Flowers (2005 – Sharon, Mass.), Gabriel Chavez (2005 – Wethersfield, Conn.), and Olger Escobar (2006 – Malden, Mass.) all finding the back on the net on Saturday vs. NEFC. Enzo Goncalves (2006 – Hyannis, Mass.) tallied a hat trick on Sunday to lead his team to victory over Bayside. Max Weinstein (2004 – Montpelier, V.T.) earned the start on Saturday while Ryan Carney (2006 – Dunstable, Mass.) and Sean Cory (2008 – Wrentham, Mass.) split time in net on Sunday.

Cristiano Oliveira (2008 – Somerville, Mass.) put up a two-goal-and-assist performance on Saturday en route to his team’s 3-0 win over NEFC. Aiden Reilly (2007 – Pembroke, Mass.) sealed the deal with his goal in the 56th minute while Julian Chapman (2008 – Maplewood, N.J.) earned the clean sheet in net. The U-15s fell in their matchup with NEFC, 2-1, with Judah Siqueira (2009 – South Easton, Mass.) tallying a penalty kick in the 75th minute.

The U-14s earned an 8-2 victory vs. NEFC with Brandon Velez (2010 – Concord, Mass.) netting a hat trick. Lucas Pereira (2010 – East Merrimack, N.H.), David Sellars (2010 – Holbrook, Mass.), Jude Chisholm (2010 – Cambridge, Mass.), Alex Gomes (2010 – Bridgewater, Mass.), and Radeen Alavi (2009 – Southborough, Mass.) also found the back of the net in the match. The squad went on to fall to Bayside, 1-0, on Sunday.

The U-13s added two wins to their 2023 fall season with a 3-1 victory over NEFC and an 8-1 win over Bayside. Rikelme De Almeida (2011 – Easton, Mass.) continues to shine at the U-13 level, tallying four goals over the weekend. Nolan Nairn (2012 – Springfield, Mass.) added three of his own while Davi Pereira (2011 – Revere, Mass.) put up a one-goal-and-two-assist performance on Sunday.

MLS NEXT fall action continues as the 17s and 15s are set to host Inter Miami CF Academy on Saturday with all five teams taking on BW Gottschee on Sunday. Click here to learn more about the New England Revolution Academy.

New England Revolution U-19s vs. NEFCU-19s
Saturday, October 21, 2023
New England Revolution 3, NEFC 2

Scoring Summary:
NE – Bryce Flowers (Eric Klein) 8’
NE – Gabriel Chavez 36’
NEFC – 79’
NE – Olger Escobar 84’
NEFC – 90’

Revolution U-19s: Max Weinstein; Alex Parvu, Henrique Dias, Eric Klein, Steban Betancur Lopera (Alex Rapo 68’); Gabriel Chavez (Enzo Goncalves 46’), Tyler Flowers (Giuseppe Ciampa 60’), TJ Kahoalii (Ayden Kokoszka 68’); Jamie Kabuusu (Kian Charris 73’), Bryce Flowers (Malik Akin 60’), Olger Escobar.

Substitutes not used: Kevin Christensen.

New England Revolution U-19s vs. Bayside U-19s
Sunday, October 22, 2023
New England Revolution 3, Bayside 2

Scoring Summary:
NE – Enzo Goncalves (Alex Parvu) 15’
NE – Enzo Goncalves (Ayden Kokoszka) 25’
NE – Enzo Goncalves (Gabriel Chavez) 43’
BAY – 58’
BAY – 60’

Revolution U-19s: Ryan Carney (Sean Cory 46’); Alex Parvu (Steban Betancur Lopera 46’), Kian Charris, Mason Sullivan, Jamie Kabuusu (Alex Rapo 46’); Giuseppe Ciampa, Tyler Flowers (Eric Klein 60’), Ayden Kokoszka (TJ Kahoalii 60’); Enzo Goncalves, Bryce Flowers (Henrique Dias 70’), Gabriel Chavez (Malik Akin 46’).

New England Revolution U-17s vs. NEFC U-17s
Saturday, October 21, 2023
New England Revolution 3, NEFC 0

Scoring Summary:
NE – Cristiano Oliveira (Josh Poulson) 18’
NE – Cristiano Oliveira (Josh Poulson) 34’
NE – Aiden Reilly (Cristiano Oliveira) 56’

Revolution U-17s: Julian Chapman; Sheridan McNish (Simon Henao 46’), Sage Kinner (Tommy Tsouros 68’), Damario McIntosh, Eli Ackerman; Edwin Flores (Gershom Matimano 68’), Bryan Norena, Josh Poulson; Cristiano Oliveira (Joaquin Garcia Zilinskas 68’), Raphael Alves (Cliff-Grova Rwabira 59’), Aiden Reilly (Javaun Mussenden 59’).

Substitutes not used: Owen Beninga.

New England Revolution U-15s vs. NEFC U-15s
Saturday, October 21, 2023
New England Revolution 1, NEFC 2

Scoring Summary:
NEFC – 32’
NEFC – 58’
NE – Judah Siqueira (PK) 75’

Revolution U-15s: Reinner Fidelis; Aarin Prajapati (William Spaulding 51’), Nathan Jackson (Levi Katsell 46’), Makai Harr (Brian Brooks 58’), Luke Nuspl; Alex Glassman (Paolo Tornberg Ayala 35’), Braydon Fagundes, Kenny Mills (Ivan Villalobos Lopez 46’); Josh Macedo (Kaleb De Oliveira 58’), Judah Siqueira, Jonathan Cante.

New England Revolution U-14s vs. NEFC U-14s
Saturday, October 21, 2023
New England Revolution 8, NEFC 2

Scoring Summary:
NE – Lucas Pereira 13’
NEFC – 16’
NE – David Sellars 22’
NE – Jude Chisholm 28’
NE – Brandon Velez (Frankie Caruso) 40’
NE – Brandon Velez (Frankie Caruso) 56’
NE – Brandon Velez (Frankie Caruso) 58’
NE – Alex Gomes (Shayne Dos Santos) 71’
NEFC – 75’
NE – Radeen Alavi 77’

Revolution U-14s: Charles Wallace; Jude Chisholm, Kauan De Campos, Niaz Sacirbey, Tobin Farmer; Frankie Caruso, David Sellars, Kaisei Korytoski; Shayne Dos Santos, Radeen Alavi, Lucas Pereira.

Substitutes Used: Mason Yang, Brandon Velez, Braedon Anderson, Logan Azar, Alex Gomes, Stefan Gorea.

New England Revolution U-14s vs. Bayside U-14s
Sunday, October 22, 2023
New England Revolution 0, Bayside 1

Scoring Summary:
BAY – 22’

Revolution U-14s: Mason Yang; Alex Gomes, Makai Harr, Niaz Sacierbey, Stefan Gorea; Kauan De Campos, Logan Azar; Braedon Anderson, Brandon Velez, Lucas Pereira.

Substitutes Used: Shayne Dos Santos, Kaisei Korytoski, David Sellars, Frankie Caruso, Jude Chisholm.

New England Revolution U-13s vs. NEFC U-13s
Saturday, October 21, 2023
New England Revolution 3, Bayside 1

Scoring Summary:
NE – Rikelme De Almeida 19’
NEFC – 33’
NE – Jason Kamerzel-Smith 46’
NE – Nolan Nairn 65’

Revolution U-13s: Zach LaPierre; Dalu Nwazojie, Vaughn Scholz, Asher Bremser, John Munko; Brennan McWeeny, Boston Kahoalii, Davi Pereira; Rikelme De Almeida, Navayush Gurung, Arthur Bernardino.

Substitutes Used: Sawyer Yoder, Jason Kamerzel-Smith, Nolan Nairn, Noah Previtera, Landon Ho Sang.

New England Revolution U-13s vs. Bayside U-13s
Sunday, October 22, 2023
New England Revolution 8, Bayside 1

Scoring Summary:
NE – Nolan Nairn (Sawyer Yoder) 1’
NE – Rikelme De Almeida (Davi Pereira) 3’
NE – Rikelme De Almeida (Davi Pereira) 5’
NE – Davi Pereira 26’
NE – Rikelme De Almeida (Landon Ho Sang) 35’
NE – Boston Kahoalii (Arthur Bernardino) 43’
BAY – 57’
NE – Nolan Nairn (Noah Previtera) 60’
NE – Navayush Gurung 68’

Revolution U-13s: Charles Wallace; Sawyer Yoder, Dalu Nwazojie, Asher Bremser, John Munko; Noah Previtera; Rikelme De Almeida, Davi Pereira, Nolan Nairn, Jason Kamerzel-Smith; Landon Ho Sang.

Substitutes Used: Vaughn Scholz, Brennan McWeeny, Boston Kahoalii, Navayush Gurung, Arthur Bernardino.