New England Revolution Academy Highlights | March 15, 2024

3_15_24 Academy action

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (March 15, 2024) – The Revolution Academy Under-15, Under-14, and Under-13 teams continued MLS NEXT spring season action over the weekend, hosting Intercontinental FA and Valeo FC. New England’s three youngest Academy sides found the back of the net 29 times to secure five more wins on the year. 

The U-15s put up seven goals in their shutout win over Valeo FC on Sunday. Judah Siqueira (2009 – South Easton, Mass.) netted a hat trick with Paolo Tornberg Ayala (2009 – Revere, Mass.) recording a brace in the match. Ryker Fauth (2009 – Milford, Mass.) and Reinner Fidelis (2009 – Peabody, Mass.) split time in net to secure the U-15’s fifth clean sheet of the season.

The U-14s tallied 14 goals between their two matches over the weekend, earning a 3-1 win over Intercontinental FA and an 11-0 clean-sheet victory over Valeo FC. Rikelme De Almeida (2011 – Easton, Mass.) tallied three goals between the two games with seven more players finding the back of the net on Friday and Sunday. Lucas Pereira (2010 – East Merrimack, N.H.) scored once in each match, bringing his team-leading goal scoring total to 16. Charles Wallace (2010 – Burlington, V.T.) started in net for the U-14’s seventh clean sheet of 2023-24.

The U-13s tacked on two more wins and now stand at 19-0-0 in regular season play during the 2023-24 season. Arthur Bernardino (2011 – Shirley, Mass.) netted a hat trick in his team’s 6-2 win over Intercontinental FA on Friday, bringing him to a team-leading 20 goals on the season so far. Jason Kamerzel-Smith recorded a goal-and-assist performance in Sunday’s 2-0 shutout win over Valeo FC. 

The U-15s and U-17s are set to host Intercontinental FA on Friday night before the U-19s, U-14s, and U-13s take on Cedar Stars on Saturday. The Revolution U-13s and U-14s will head to Providence College on Sunday to face FA Euro to close out the weekend. Click here to learn more about the New England Revolution Academy.

New England Revolution U-15s vs. Valeo FC U-15s
Sunday, March 10, 2024
New England Revolution 7, Valeo FC 0

Scoring Summary:
NE – Judah Siquiera 5’
NE – Josh Macedo 17’
NE – Ivan Villalobos Lopez 20’
NE – Judah Siqueira 29’
NE – Paolo Tornberg Ayala 40’
NE – Judah Siquiera 48’
NE – Paolo Tornberg Ayala 63’

Revolution U-15s: Ryker Fauth (Reinner Fidelis 41’); Braydon Fagundes (William Spaulding 50’), Nathan Jackson (Tobin Farmer 41’), Alex Glassman (Makai Harr 41’), Sheridan McNish; Paolo Tornberg Ayala, Josh Macedo (Kaleb De Oliveira 50’), Ivan Villalobos Lopez; Judah Siqueira, Levi Katsell (Zack Chaib 50’), Aarin Prajapati (Lucas Pereira 50’).

New England Revolution U-14s vs. Intercontinental FA U-14s
Friday, March 8, 2024
New England Revolution 3, IFA 1

Scoring Summary:
NE – Lucas Pereira (Brandon Velez) 30’
IFA – 49’
NE – Davi Pereira 73’
NE – Rikelme De Almeida (Kaisei Korytoski) 75’

Revolution U-14s: Charles Wallace; Alex Gomes, Kauan De Campos, Niaz Sacirbey, Stefan Gorea; Frankie Caruso, Logan Azar, David Sellars; Brandon Velez, Lucas Pereira, Braeden Andersen

Substitutes Used: Tobin Farmer, Rikelme Almeida, Kaisei Korytoski, Davi Pereira, Shayne Dos Santos, Alejandro Garza, Jude Chisholm

New England Revolution U-14s vs. Valeo FC U-14s
Sunday, March 10, 2024
New England Revolution 11, Valeo 0

Scoring Summary:
NE – Rikelme De Almeida (Kaisei Korytoski) 7’
NE – Rikelme De Almeida (Davi Pereira) 13’
NE – Jude Chisholm 36’
NE – Davi Pereira (Kenny Mills) 41’
NE – Kenny Mills (Korytoski) 42’
NE – Shayne Dos Santos (Davi Pereira) 49’
NE – Logan Azar 55’
NE – David Sellars 59’
NE – Kenny Mills (Braeden Andersen) 71’
NE – Jude Chisholm (Lucas Pereira) 72’
NE – Lucas Pereira (Chisholm) 73’

Revolution U-14s: Charles Wallace; Jude Chisholm, Kauan De Campos, Niaz Sacirbey, Alex Gomes; Frankie Caruso, Shayne Dos Santos, Davi Pereira; Kaisei Korytoski, Alejandro Garza, Rikelme De Almeida

Substitutes Used: Lucas Pereira, Braeden Andersen, Kenny Mills, David Sellars, Logan Azar, Stefan Gorea, Dalu Nwazojie

New England Revolution U-13s vs. Intercontinental FA U-13s
Friday, March 8, 2024
New England Revolution 6, IFA 2

Scoring Summary:
NE – Arthur Bernardino (Brennan McWeeny) 11’
NE – Arthur Bernardino (Boston Kahoalii) 21’
NE – John Munko (Landon Ho Sang) 25’
NE – Marlon Quijada (Landon Ho Sang) 52’
NE – Arthur Bernardino (Marlon Quijada) 61’
NE – Jason Kamerzel-Smith (Navayush Gurung) 65’

Revolution U-13s: Pilling; John Munko, Dalu Nwazojie, Vaughn Scholz, Asher Bremser; Noah Previtera; Navayush Gurung, Boston Kahoalli, Brennan McWeeny, Landon Ho Sang; Arthur Bernardino.

Substitutes Used: Sawyer Yoder, Nolan Nairn, Jason Kamerzel-Smith, Marlon Quijada.

New England Revolution U-13s vs. Valeo FC U-13s
Sunday, March 10, 2024
New England Revolution 2, Valeo FC 0

Scoring Summary:
NE – Jason Kamerzel-Smith (Landon Ho Sang) 26’
NE – Navayush Gurung (Jason Kamerzel-Smith) 32’

Revolution U-13s: Pilling; Sawyer Yoder, Vaughn Scholz, Asher Bremser, John Munko; Noah Previtera; Jason Kamerzel-Smith, Marlon Quijada, Navayush Gurung, Nolan Nairn; Landon Ho Sang.

Substitutes Used: Dalu Nwazojie, Brennan McWeeny, Boston Kahoalii, Arthur Bernardino.