Revolution II

Jordan Adebayo-Smith’s mindset this season: “Just be focused and that chance will come.”


Jordan Adebayo-Smith has one thought in his mind: winning.

Now in his second MLS NEXT Pro season, the English striker has taken the jump to becoming one of league’s best. Spending the previous season with New York Red Bulls II, Adebayo-Smith has not only found a home in New England, but a redefined role on the pitch.

“Last year I felt like I was interchanging positions between right wing and striker, but this year I fully focused on playing the role of a nine,” Adebayo-Smith said. “I feel like I can now focus on video more, different movements, different techniques, and I’m just solely focused on scoring goals and helping the team.”

With 12 goals during the regular season, the 22-year-old sits as one of the top goal scorers in the league and has learned to be more patient in his second season in America, and let the opportunities present themselves to him.

“You might go into the game and have less than 20 touches,” Adebayo-Smith said. “It’s just staying focused because all you need is one chance. Just be focused and that chance will come.”

Growing up in Europe, Adebayo-Smith was constantly watching professional soccer.

“Thierry Henry and [Didier] Drogba, always used to have an exciting celebration,” Adebayo-Smith said. “Every time they scored, they’d do the same celebration, so that’s why I wanted to be a striker myself.”

Starting his footballing career in primary school, Adebayo-Smith worked his way up to English-based side Lincoln City, where he stayed from 2018-2020. The former Red Bulls II striker dropped into the English non-league system where he played the 2019 and 2020 seasons.

“A lot of non-league teams will play direct, especially because the pitches might not be the same quality,” Adebayo-Smith said.

Joining the Tampa Bay Rowdies in 2021, Adebayo-Smith is only in his third season in America but can already see the differences in play style between the US and England.

“Obviously everyone’s just trying to get a result at the end of the day but here there’s more thoughts on the technical [side], especially with the Revolution,” Adebayo-Smith said. “We’re more focused on the technical aspect, trying to break teams down, trying to score and trying to keep the ball in their half. I feel like that’s the two different aspects.”


Having clinched a playoff spot for the 2023 MLS NEXT Pro playoffs, winning is the only thing on Adebayo-Smith’s mind, and have been his favorite memories of the season so far.

“Just winning, it’s the best feeling to have, so being around good people all the time and winning.”

Want to know a little more about Jordan Adebayo-Smith? Here’s a couple quick facts:

Favorite TV series: Wizards of Waverly Place
Favorite Cheat Meal: Chick-fil-A (USA), Nandos (UK)
Favorite Artist: Drake (US), Dave (UK)
Favorite Cleats: Nike Mercurial Vapor
Player he models his game after: Marcus Rashford
If he didn’t play soccer what would he be doing: 100 meter runner or math teacher