Clyde Simms speaks out on racial injustice | "We cannot fight this thing alone"

Clyde Simms

Clyde Simms spent nine years in Major League Soccer - including two in central midfield for the New England Revolution - but he has spent his entire life bottling up his experiences as a Black man living in the United States.

Not anymore.

Simms took to Instagram this past Sunday with a powerful post, detailing his story and the racial injustice he has encountered throughout his life, ultimately calling for everyone to take action.

"We have to change this," he said. "All of my friends that are not of color, we have to do better. We cannot fight this thing alone. I know many of you aren't racist but we have to go a step further and, TOGETHER, become anti-racist. We first have to acknowledge that there is a problem in America and in our communities. We then have to become a group just no longer stands for it. In any capacity!"

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