Colby Quinones (Original, 2020)

Colby Quinones is one of the first four members of the Revolution Academy’s pilot residency program, allowing him to continue high school online while living steps away from the club’s elite new training facility in Foxborough.

Since joining the Revolution Academy in 2017, Quinones has featured in 65 matches for Under-15, Under-17, and Under-19 teams, scoring four goals and showing his versatility at various different positions. The Bedford, N.H., native has also seen playing time in preseason games with both the Revolution first team and most recently with Revolution II in February.

We asked the Providence-commit to talk about his development with the Revolution Academy, where he is set to graduate from the program in 2021.

What drew you to join the Revolution Academy?

Quinones: “In the spring of 2017, I first joined the Development Academy with [New Hampshire club] Seacoast United. The very first game of the season we played the Revolution Academy. I had a rude awakening for the level of play needed to compete at such a high level. After that game I thought to myself, ‘That’s where I want to be, that's the level I want to compete at on a daily basis.’ As the spring season came to a close, I was asked by the Revolution Academy to join them and couldn't say no. I wanted to be at the highest level of soccer there was in the region and this was the best opportunity for me.”

What has been your favorite part about being a member of the Revolution Academy?

Quinones: “My favorite part has to be the competition we face. When we travel to various events like the GA Cup and Showcases, you get a feeling you don’t get anywhere else. With so many people watching and top teams to play against, there is always something to play for and prove you belong at the top.

“We also get to watch the first team train on a daily basis and getting that opportunity to learn and study the game even more is great. At times we travel with them, like the Vancouver trip [in 2018] where we got to fly on the Patriots plane and have dinner with the first team. These things are great experiences to have and being so close to the first team is incredible.”

You’re committed to attend Providence College in 2021. How has the Revolution Academy prepared you for the NCAA Division I level and why was Providence the right fit for you?

Quinones: “The confidence and experience I have gained from being here will help with college soccer and more. The coaches at Providence and the coaches here at the Revolution have a great relationship and the trust is there. Many graduates from the Revolution Academy have gone to Providence and have been very successful. I also have known the head coach of Providence, coach Craig Stewart, for some time now and we have a good relationship. After visiting the campus, they have what I want both academically and athletically. It is a medium-sized school and fairly close to my hometown and I will still have the option of going back to play for the Revolution if that opportunity comes.”

What are your overall career goals?

Quinones: “I strive to become a better player every day. I don't think I will ever be satisfied with where I am. I am always looking to get to the next level. In the long run, I hope to become a top player in one of the top five leagues [in Europe] and to go as far as I possibly can. Another goal of mine is to represent either the United States or Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has not yet been to a World Cup so if the opportunity ever comes for me to play there, I would do so in a heartbeat.”

What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of soccer?

Quinones: “I have recently started learning how to bake and cook. My blueberry muffins are top, I must say. In the time being, I am home because of the COVID-19 pandemic so I enjoy beating my family in ping-pong on a daily basis. Spending quality time with your loved ones is something big to me because when you play soccer at a high level, you sometimes spend lots of time away from your family, so having the quality time with them is something I look forward to while I am not playing.”

How have you enjoyed your time in the residency program?

Quinones: “The new residency program has been a huge help. Being on site, we can now take full advantage of what this club has to offer. Every morning, we are able to see the first team train live, in person, and that is not something every kid is able to do. We are able to use the gym and get quality workouts in before training begins. Also, being a part of the residency program has helped me stay on track with everything I am doing, from my diet, to my behavior, and I have been pushed by my teammates and coaches that are with me to be a better person and player. 

“I had been doing online courses a year before I joined the residency program. I started that because it gave me more time with soccer and the travel from New Hampshire to Foxboro was starting to take a toll on me. So, academically being so close to everything now has given me more time to get ahead on my studies resulting in me being able to possibly graduate early and start thinking about Providence College.” 

What is a highlight of your time in the Academy?

Quinones: “Something I will never forget is one of my earliest memories with the Revolution Academy. I was on my first trip to Philadelphia and I remember being on the bench for the first game. At the time of warm-ups and all the years before in my life, the position I played was an attacking midfielder. But moments before the game started, I was asked if I could play right back. I said yes because I assumed they needed someone to play there and I wouldn't say no to playing time. I ended up playing well and coach Patrick Ouckama and Jasir Charris said that right back was the position for me. I still joke with Coach Pat about it to this day.”

Describe your experiences playing in preseason games for Revolution II against Hartford Athletic?

Quinones: “This year, I have been spending most of my time with the USL team (Revolution II). Being able to train and be one of the guys makes me feel as though I am a professional and that makes me work even harder. Making appearances in the preseason games against Hartford Athletic was great because it showed me even more what a high-level professional game was like and that that was the next level for me to work towards. Training with the first team and Revolution II is a humbling experience. I am no longer one of the best players on my team and being pushed harder by older, veteran players makes me work extra hard to get to their level.”