Road Trippin’ … MLS Style

During the Revolution’s preseason trip to Tucson, Ariz., staff and players had the luxury of an off day approximately halfway through our two-week stay. Many in our travel party (smartly) used the day to sleep in, relax by the pool and generally recharge for the week ahead.

But I, along with four other Revolution staffers, decided to experience a bit of the local landscape by hiking through Sabino Canyon. We’d talked about a hike the year before, but never had the time. Now was our chance. We took a short guided tour through the canyon to the base of the mountains before hiking our way back, keeping our eyes peeled for rattlesnakes and mountain lions along the way.

Luckily we avoided interaction with any such wildlife, but what we did encounter were some of the most stunning views I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing firsthand. With the backdrop of a clear blue Arizona sky, we hiked through a canyon punctuated by rolling mountains, cacti and … well, lots of cacti.

As our hike finished, I was overjoyed that I’d taken the opportunity to experience something I could’ve only experienced in Arizona. I definitely had one of those “what a beautiful country we live in” moments and decided immediately that I wanted to experience as much of it as possible.

As it happens, my job provides plenty of opportunity for travel. We’re on the road approximately 20-25 times a season, visiting spots all across North America from Texas to California, from the Pacific Northwest to the Midwest, from Colorado to Canada.

Convenient, I thought. I’m typically afforded a bit of free time in the mornings and early afternoons on game days, so I set a rule for myself that I would experience something unique to each city we traveled to this season. Then, as I do with most thoughts which pop into my head, I posted it to Facebook. Because that’s what people do.

In the comments section, a Revolution supporter (thanks, Eric!) made a fascinating suggestion. Why don’t I document all of my experiences and post them to the blog? It would interest him, he said, and perhaps a few others, as well.

After a quick discussion with my boss (Far Post Podcast social media master, Jason Dalrymple), the “Road Trippin’” blog series was born. On each road trip this season I’ll use my free time to experience something unique to that destination, and follow up with a quick blog post (with pictures and perhaps video) to keep fans up to date. Perhaps my experiences will even prompt you to travel to an MLS city to catch a game and experience the sites.

I’m assuming many of you have already traveled to some of the cities we’ll be visiting this year, so I could actually use your help. Any suggestions as to what I should do in any specific cities? Anything I can’t miss or you’d like to see? Let me know …