Reis' Charity Golf Tournament a success

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – It should not come as a surprise that the Matt Reis Charity Golf Challenge isn't all about golf.

What may provide a bit of a shock – though perhaps not with Reis prominently involved – is that the golf part isn't all about the golf, either.

“We have a few good golfers on the team and a lot of average golfers on the team,” Reis told “Fortunately in my tournament, it's not necessarily just about golf. There are a lot of other components. The ability to juggle and the ability to pantomime is paramount.”

Every abstract skill counts on a day when more significant factors were at stake in Monday's event at Butternut Farm in Stow, Mass. Reis said he partnered with the Johnny Damon Foundation to start the tournament last year and give back to the community that has supported him for much of his playing career.

It worked well enough last year to raise thousands of dollars for local charities and spur efforts to bring it back for a second year. The day out involved a golf tournament, a silent auction and an awards dinner to benefit several local charities.

“It's a great time,” Reis said. “We're raising a lot of money for local charities. We're once again giving to Children's Hospital in Boston and the MS Foundation. We're going to save some money to find some local charities to give to. It's one thing I've found in my old age: it's nice to take what I can do on the soccer field and help some people out who are in need. It's always a good feeling.”

Several of Reis' teammates and a smattering of local celebrities shared in the good times and the hijinks for a good cause.

“It's a lot of fun,” Reis said. “It's a chance for the Revolution to do something great.”

Full video recap to come on Thursday, Sept. 20.