Tyler Polak with Jay Heaps and Mike Burns

A few minutes with … Tyler Polak

Tyler Polak is one of the Revolution’s four rookies this season and made his MLS debut in the team’s season opener at San Jose on March 10. The Lincoln, Neb., native took a few minutes to chat about his experience with the Revolution so far.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve taken from your MLS experience so far?

I would definitely say the pace is a lot higher and more intense. I played in college, and those guys are big, but they didn’t really know how to play soccer and move the ball around but these guys do. They know what they’re doing, they’re thinking two plays ahead and it can be hard to keep up but I’m just trying to get used to that.

How has coming into a club with a lot of new faces, both coaches and players, helped your transition into MLS as a first year player?

It’s definitely helpful. Jay (Heaps) as the new coach and a lot of other guys, I’m making a lot of friends, and it makes it easier to ease into. It was really easy because everyone is kind of new and we’re all on the same playing field.

You’re from Nebraska and played college ball at Creighton. What stands out about New England?

There’s a lot more things to do around here, especially being close to Boston.

What has been the biggest difference in the style of play in MLS so far compared to other levels that you’ve played at?

The guys are just bigger, they have a lot of speed, a lot of athleticism. It’s been a lot different. Also, just guys being two, three plays ahead

Who’s your favorite player and what team do you follow?

Cesc Fabregas, he’s my favorite player. And I follow Arsenal. They’re kind of struggling right now but they’ll get back into things.

Any consistent game day routines?

Not really. I don’t have any superstitions. I like to keep things fresh.

What’s your best soccer memory from Creighton?

Definitely us winning against USF in overtime. It was really awesome, the crowd was really into it and they just went wild after we scored.

Go-to time killer for road trips?

I have a lot of movies on my computer so I try and watch those. And if it’s not that I have Temple Run and Zuma, those are pretty fun games.

The March Madness tournament is well underway. Did you have Creighton going all the way?

No. I tried to be realistic. I [had] them beating Alabama and then losing to UNC.